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I miiiiiight be just a teensy bit too obsessed with Twilight >:3

Status Update

So, unfortunately, I have a lot on my plate in terms of schooling right now. I’ve been enrolled into a boarding school with strict technology rules, and that means that I might only have about three hours or so of free laptop access in a week, I’m also beginning to prepare for a few important exams coming up soon, so most of that laptop access will probably go towards preparation and the like. I’ve decided to put my larger projects of hold for now (TYP, MEF), and I might go back to it after year 12, when I don’t have to board anymore, but I think the main problem for me is that, because I keep improving on my writing, I keep feeling the urge to rewrite what I’ve written, meaning my progress is ever stunted. I might be able to scrap together a few one-shots from time to time if I can, but nothing is seriously in the works yet.

I have taken down said works, because I don’t know if I’ll ever finish them or not - whatever decision I make on that topic won’t really apply until I reach the end of high school but it is becoming increasingly likely that I’ll begin a new fic instead if I come back on here.

That said, if anybody wants a downloaded copy of any of the two, feel free to PM!


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Can you say that these stories are gone forever, or will you ever continue to write these fanfics?

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Hey guys, sorry for the late reply. I’ve written up a quick status report at the side for anybody interested, if you would still like to reread MEF or TYP, hit me up with a PM and I’ll send you a copy c:

Hopefully, both Young Princess and MEF were good reads.

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