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Great things never come from comfort zones.

Mistress of the Everfree - Progress Chart

TMistress of the Everfree Forest
The Everfree Forest - a wild, unpredictable place known for its dangers to ponykind. How is it then that a sole mare can control the Mother of Nature? Who is the Mistress and how will Celestia react when she finds her?
Meowofy · 12k words  ·  466  18 · 2.3k views

New Prologue - [X] - 2000 words
New Chapter 1 - [X] - 4000 words
New Chapter 2 - [X] - 4300 words
New Chapter 3 - [X] - 3400 words
New Chapter 4 - [ ] - 0 words
New Chapter 5 - [ ] - 3500 words
New Chapter 6 - [ ] - 3000 words
New Chapter 7 - [ ] - 2000 words
New Chapter 8 - [ ] - 8800 words
New Chapter 9 - [ ] - 6800 words
New Chapter 10 - [ ] - 4800 words
New Chapter 11 - [X] - 6200 words

In Progress

[Old Note] (Original story line the same, details and new scenes added in between makes the original number of chapters too little with a too big word count; will split it up into reasonable chunks for chapters for the sake of balanced uploads. In the end, the story still ends where it did before rewrite, just with more meat, plot and detail in between.)

(Rounded to the nearest hundred to allow room for editing if need be)

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If you ever need a new friend, you can go here for a list of new users.

Offer them advice and company, they'll need all the help they can get if they're a new writer or maybe they just need a friend to offer them reading recommendations!

Think about being the first to follow them, support is very encouraging and drives many writers. I remember on my first day somebody sent me a PM welcoming me into the community!

After all, Friendship is Magic!

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Does anypony anybody else have trouble remembering to call ponies peoples people in real life?

A Little About Me! (old)

Hey everybody! :pinkiehappy:

My name is Meowofy, and I joined FimFiction on the 16th of April, 2020. I am an amateur writer so my stories are probably very badly edited and in need of work. Just keep in mind that I, myself am still learning too!

Name : Meowofy (Not my real name for privacy)
Country : Australia
Languages : English, Chinese, French, Japanese
Pets : None
Favourite Colour : Purple
Favourite Pony : Twilight (I know she's overrated)
Favourite Food : Hawaiian Pizza
Hobbies : Reading, Drabble Writing, Arts
Instrument : Violin
Preferred Season : Spring
Birthday : 20th September

I hope we can be friends!


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Heh, I did indeed. My good friend Cyonix drew it for me.

D-did you change your pfp? I recognize the name, but not the pfp:pinkiegasp:

Yes I did, and thank you, that means a lot!

Hehe, yeah, for some reason the Meowofy username was already ‘taken’ when I signed up even though I couldn’t find a user to the name so I had to add MLP but my friend popped over to my house (We’re neighbors) the other day just to tell me that apparently the name was available again.

I mean...Where'd the MLP go? :moustache:

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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