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I miiiiiight be just a teensy bit too obsessed with Twilight >:3


It is Heartswarming Eve, and filly Twilight Sparkle wants to stay at the empty castle with Princess Celestia, refusing to go home with her parents even after the monarch has sent all the staff back to their families. But why?

Twilight's answer leaves Celestia contemplating all the ways that make the lavender unicorn so special.

Thank you to the wonderful readings by Lonely Fanboy48 over here and one by Agent0Fluffy over here!

And also, a Russian translation by GreatDragonLord over here!

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Very nice! You keep the focus on Celestia and Twilight, and keep it simple and heartwarming.
A pleasant Hearth's Warming tale, for the middle of Summer! Good job!

And then she grew up into a jerk who needed to relearn friendship by getting booted all the way to Ponyville.

This was a very heartfelt story. Loved it!

Haha, Thank you!

This was so adorable and perfect and well-written, I'm definitely not about to cry

Aww, Thanks for checking it out!

And then she became sole ruler of Equestria and became lonely herself until a filly Luster Dawn reminded her she was lonely. And Repeat.

Adorable fic, I'm totally attracted by the filly twilight.
But still hurt me because it reminds me that twilight will suffer the pressure after ruler Equestria.
Whatever, I don't care about the hurt like this as it's so sweet.
And congratulations your Featured!

Kinda breaks cannon a bit. But a nice story. Good job :)

So who was in the castle? A robber? An intruder?


I wonder if my heart just weakens around her or if she's just that perceptive?'


:fluttercry: This is so sweet!

A well earned favorite :)

There's no way I'm not liking this story. This was one of the sweetest things I've read on this site and it very much deserves to be featured. Congrats!

Thank you so much!

I not crying, you are! :fluttercry:

So this is what tears of joy tastes like. Not cold, salty and bitter, but sweet, pleasant, and warm.

This was a sweet little story that warmed up my heart. Have a like and a fave!

This is absolutely adorable. An instant favourite for me.

Imma cry. You gonna make me cry. So sad, and so happy at the same time. :'3

Yeah, that did poke at my mind throughout the story. :rainbowlaugh:

I think it can be explained through young Twilight's selectiveness in what she chooses to care for, though. Enamored in her studies and asocial to most though she may be, those who do manage to find themselves as part of Twilight's personal life are cared for deeply by the little filly, only amplified by the small number of such ponies (and dragon) she had in her life before the events of Friendship is Magic. Take Shining Armor for example, her BBBFF.

This was heartwarmingly beautiful :twilightsmile: I’m always a sucker for a good Twilight and Celestia story. A much needed happy piece during these times!

AAAAAaaaa, my heart is melting and my eyes are watering! :fluttercry:

Great work! :twilightblush:

Lovely work! It was a very heartwarming story.

Might consider doing a fanfic reading of this trending story at the end of the year. Your getting a Christmas gift from me from all I know.

That would be amazing if you could, Thanks!

I know you probably want me to do it now but this is a Christmas related story and doing it seven months earlier isn't my top priorities on my Youtube Channel.

Of course, perfectly understandable!

I dunno. It makes perfect sense to me. Twilight is an introvert, and more than a bit anti-social, but that doesn't mean she's uncaring. it just means she's happy with a much smaller inner circle than most...but once someone's in that inner circle, she'll move heaven and earth to try and make them happy...even if moving heaven is supposed to be their job.

Comment posted by Meowofy deleted Jun 27th, 2021

I didn't say I didn't like it. Just had a giggle.

My heart man... fuck. :heart:

It was very cute, but filly Twilight really has no right to be this perceptive about friendship of all things.

Hmm, I think her perception comes with knowing a pony very well, she is very well read so unless she’s disracted, she’ll be able to see the little details. She also really cares for Princess Celestia so her signs of sadness won’t have escaped her.

Short and sweet. Even an introvert like Twilight understands that no one should be alone on the holidays.

Comment posted by Meowofy deleted Sep 21st, 2021

Poor Celestia. That little filly's love is the only thing she has.

Comment posted by Meowofy deleted Jun 27th, 2021

This is a truly amazing little gem. Take all my likes before my chest explodes with the heartwarming tale.:twilightsmile:

' 'Starswirl insisted on spending Hearth's Warming studying, even Sunset Shimmer went out to party the night away, and she didn't even have any blood relatives...'

Can we get a fanfic on how that party went? Also, this hit right in the feels.

Hi there! We have completed a review of your story on My Little Reviews & Feedback. I hope you find the feedback helpful. :twilightsmile:

Simple, but nice and heartwarming story. Also don't listen people who says that "You're so warm, Princess!" is unprofessional! This statement is fact, not opinion and Twilight loves facts :D

This was some very nice fluff. You should be proud.

Maybe a bit out of character?


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