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I miiiiiight be just a teensy bit too obsessed with Twilight >:3


Princess Celestia spends time taking care of a familiar sick little filly, and along the way, learns a lesson mothers - blood or not - all one day learn.

Took inspiration from Melt, go check it out - it was adorable!

Featured No.2 on 22/08/21, and No.1 on 23/08/21! Thanks guys!

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I find this terribly lovely all the same...canon just does not win my heart as much as fan Celestia. She just is better as a character often more complex and enjoyable to read. So kudos! And hope you feel better, darling!

Ps. I definetly went through a momlestia faze. Still their I suppose because people tend write her ,so well often in these moments. But, now I am more abolish the monarchy kind of faze. Faise? Fase? Faize? I am sure I spelled that word wrong?

Ppa. Oop's ...Diararchy... :)

Nice and warm work! They relationship as teacher and student (and as a two allied souls) look great!

Aww, that was so sweet.

What a sweet and kind story. It helped me to cheer up and make the day a little brighter. Thank you for writing it :twilightsmile:

"Phase" is the spelling you're looking for. ("Faze" means to stun someone, "Fays" is the plural of "Fay". AFAIK, there are no other homonyms)

That was a lovely story. A quiet moment between student and teacher, heartfelt. Very nice. :)

I also-also found out that I can write nothing but Twilestia.

And there's nothing wrong with that. All that means is you've found your niche -- your specialty.

Many authors on Fimfiction have one of their own. Off the top of my head, Admiral Biscuit's is slice-of-life, Starscribe's is transformation, JawJoe's is thrillers, and mine (if you're curious) is language barriers.

That said, this was a lovely piece of fluff; thanks for getting it out!

D'aw. Thumbs up from me!

Super sweet, a very tender moment between these two. Lovely work

Oh man, my heart cant take this.

So adorable awwwww

“Can we go play in the snow again now?” Twilight rubbed her stuffy nose and blinked at the alicorn pleadingly, only her slight shiver detracting from the scary effectiveness of her puppy-dog eyes.

“Absolutely not!” Princess Celestia inadvertently snapped, allowing a frown to pass her features as she fluffed up her wings again, pulling the blanket underneath her plumes higher on the filly’s back whilst drawing Twilight herself closer to her own body - if such a thing were even possible.

Yes, Twilight was looking better, but that was not an open invitation to make her sick again! Especially when she hadn’t even recovered yet!

Yet, one single glance at her student’s hurt look was enough to pile another mountain of guilt onto her withers, making her soften and sigh. “I apologize, Twilight, but you know that was what made you sick in the first place. At least wait a few weeks before you go out galavanting in the gardens again.”

The filly pouted and sniffed, “But I feel better! A-And-” She coughed, “-the snow’s going to be all gone in ‘a few weeks’!”

Celestia shook her head sternly, and made to speak, only to be cut off by Twilight’s hoarse voice, “I can wear more layers! Please?”

Poking Twilight softly on her side, Celestia frowned, “Don’t give me that, little missy! Last time you said you’d wear the layers I told you to wear, you took them off the second you got outside!” She wasn’t making that mistake a second time.

“You made me look like a ball!” Her student whined, another painful hack following swiftly, making the alicorn flinch.

“Well, I would rather you look like a ball than you be sick!” Once again, Twilight recoiled, and once again, that mountain weighed down. “I-I meant...”

It was an exceedingly rare thing for the Princess Celestia to be caught speechless; it was even rarer for her to be seen not knowing what to do. She rubbed her face with a hoof, clenching her jaw - it was just not her lucky day, was it? “Twilight, I’m... sorry for snapping again.” Celestia sat up onto her haunches and pulled the sick filly up along with all her blankets, holding her tight as if she were planning to teleport away in fear any second now.

Yep. Celestia is definitely a mom. Only a mother and daughter have this kind of conversation.

This made me happy, thank you. :heart:

I’m glad it did! <3

Oh my gosh this is illegally cute and fluffy.

I think someone just dumped concentrated "adorableness" into the lake I'm possessing.

After all, she’d never once taken in a protege younger than at least sixteen years of age - a five-year-old was an entirely novel experience.

A 5 year old? My brother got put into an online short story.

Btw, if Adorableness and Aww-someness (It’s a made-up word I use for only the best of the best stories. It means cuteness. ) had a baby, that’s this story.


sweet and lovely

I will never say no to some sweet Momlestia fluff. Though, I wonder how Twilight will manage when it's her turn to tend to a sick Celestia.

I think this story is adorable and perfectly fluffed! Great job!

I really hope you get a chance to do a fic with Twi and Spike. I'd love a cute story of Mama Twi taking care of a sick Spike.

Nicely done. It reminds me of some of the times I was dealing with my own Magnificent Offspring years ago. Sick kids need special care in many ways.

And yes, the fragments of diary work beautifully. Please don’t remove them.

Absolutely lovely.

Awwwww! Found u through for whom a twilight falls!

That was sweet! Nicely written.
I only have one question: why aren't her parents tending to Twilight?

Well, my headcanon is that her tuition thing with the Princess is almost like a boarding school kind of arrangement - just more personal. I’m not sure about other boarding houses, but in my personal experience, a nurse would check in on us periodically on sick days and we just stayed in our dorms. (for something minor like cold or flu, that is - if we needed professional help, we’d get sent to the hospital and our guardians could visit there :3)

I didn't really like the journal parts (but could have been because I was reading offline where the formatting was slightly different, so it took me like half the fic they were journal parts to begin with) but even with those, I still enjoyed it. It helps that the rest of the fic is really sweet and adorbs!

This was super cute, and it was great seeing Celestia and Filly Twilight play off of each other, plus Celestia writing about the lessons she learned.

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