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LEGOs are a timeless toy. I haven't seen very many crossovers with them, but I created this group anyways.

Keep swearing down. That means no real swearwords.
If you would like another folder added, please don't hesitate to ask me!

(Banner may or may not be temporary.)

Groups that are our friends:

Bionicle Crossovers: BIONICLE has left us again, but it will never leave our hearts (rip)
Hero Factory Crossovers

If you would like to suggest a group to be our friends, go ahead and PM me (Pump It Up). :twilightsmile:

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I've been seeing quite a lot of Ninjago crossovers lately, so I would recommend creating a new folder for the ones that have been added to this group.

I'm surprised this group is even still active lol

344229 You know, Lego might not be able to do it, But Hasbro has their own Lego knock off company, Kreo, which just made DND.

*insert excuse to say infectious tune here*

Everything is awesome!

Okay then. Well, good luck, and have fun! :pinkiehappy:

343929 Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm not going to have any luck with anything MLP-related on Cuusoo. The excellent project that serves as a banner here got shot down due to the complete impracticality of Hasbro licensing one of their projects out to their biggest competitor. The MLP-related things I try to design are only really for my entertainment (and the possibility of selling things like that if I ever get them to any state of completion!).

We're glad to have you! Don't forget about LEGO CUSCOO! You could try submitting your designs there. That's where I got the banner from (I had typed in "lego my little pony" into the Google image search).

I hope you enjoy! (Sorry for replying late. :twilightsheepish:)

Any older people who get stuff like the architecture stuff like the UN building.

Hi! I'm a new user here, but I'm somewhat well established in the Lego community (being a member of BZPower and Eurobricks, among other sites). I have no Lego stories as such planned, but I am always looking for ways to connect my fandom for MLP with my fandom for Lego. I've been working for a few months on digitally modelling large-scale pony sculptures that I hope to be able to build and sell in real life, and the impossibility of an officially licensed theme doesn't stop me from sketching up set concepts for things like Equestria Girls!

So, this is the first MLP fansite I've gotten a dedicated account for. It's great to be here! :twilightsmile:

You innovative, you! :raritywink:

Yes! :pinkiecrazy:

My brother and I used to build Lego cars and crash them together and see who's would stay build for the longest of time. I started making them box shaped and was able to win every round. In fact, mine were so good, we had to ban the design in general!

There need to MLP FiM Lego Animations. I wanna see the intro recreated with Legos. Make it happen people. :eeyup:

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