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Welcome to the FIMFiction group for Bionicle fans!

Bionicle does not live becuase of the sets, movies or story, it live becuase of us, we the fans.

And as those fan we will continue to keep the flame alive, for it is our Duty, and through our Unity, we may all relize the Destiny of the Legend of Bionicle

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I was wondering do any of the stories have the hunter umarak in them

I’m alright. Just looking for new stories to read.

I didn’t know that this even existed. A group dedicated to Bionicle? After all this time I thought that it had been forgotten by everyone except for me. If anyone is reading this please say hello if you want to.

A group for Bionicle? Hell yeah, this was the shit back in the day! I just wish I remembered anything about the story.

I just posted a new story for the first time in literally half a decade, and it's Bionicle related. Six Shadows is a story about six of the Karda Nui Makuta escaping the energy storm by hopping dimensions blind and ending up in Equestria.

Hey, just posted my story onto yours and a few other groups that I felt would fit. Please share your thoughts in the comments on it; it's my first story and I know I can only improve with help. Here's the link: The Chronicle of The Hidden Key

might want to move Bionicle: The Masks of Harmony to the 2015 Okoto folder

cant believe Im the first one on all of Fim Fiction to write the first Crossover for MLp and Bionicle 2015. Come On guys! I know alot of you are better than me and can write a damn good fan fic based on this idea!

383896 sorry but the featured song must be of bionicle origin

allow me to suggest a new featured song:

Sabaton: Light in the Black

It's about the UN peacekeeping soldiers, but it suits the Toa so well

'A call for help, a distant whisper.
A foreign nation calling our name.
Sent to hell, to reach for heaven.
To serve in the dark, as Light in the Black'

Comment posted by Metroid Prime deleted Oct 22nd, 2014

But now it is, now a piece of my childhood returns

377723 because Bionicle wasn't coming back then

How did I not know this was here?

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