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Aint dead just busy · 4:54am August 25th

ya so I'm not much for updating blogs as of late mostly due to life and forgetting about these. First thanks to all that have stuck with me for so long, I'll get MLB back up and running after two of my other fics are done. One is Wolf-dragon and the other is a zootopia one on both DA and fanfiction.net, so just bear with me a little longer because I want to make Beware the Swarm as good as the first one.

~Toa Coy~

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2209532 same it was a nice panel

It was nice meeting you at my panel!

1103349 sure just pm me

Hi Toa Coy right? My name is Phantom Fan 21 and I was wonder if you can help me with something.

1084117 you are welcome :raritystarry:

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