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This group is called Sombra x Celestia, I will accepted any shipping that is Sombra x Celestia. I will also accept any solo if Sombra or Celestia have any major part in the story.

Clopfic folder are for the clopfic

Dark Lover Folder are for the dark theme shipping

Sadden Lover Folder are for the tragedy and sad theme

Royal Romance are for the Romance theme

Solo are for the ether Sombra or Celestia have any major part fanfic

Fanfoal are for the fanfic for their foal.

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My story doesn't fit into any of the folders :applejackconfused:

ok trying to figure out how to add a story to group. Can anyone help this is my first time doing this:twilightblush:

>> Evilworld Any time I am really gonna like this group! :raritystarry: :pinkiehappy:

385302 think you for your support for the group.

I really thing that good Sombra (from the comics) and Celestia were made for each other!!! Soooo romantic!:heart: :heart:

Members of the Sombra x Celestia Group,
If you, or someone you know, has written a story involving or about the beginnings of the Equestrian world please consider joining and adding the story to the new group The Beginnings of Equestria. Or, if you simply want to join a soon-to-be-great group click on the link and join!

380119 the reason your story is in this group is ether Sombra or Celestia have any major part of an story they would move to the solo folder.

Question, how, did my story... end up here?:rainbowhuh:

Its nice to know I started all this with just a simple story. I feel so honored to see it have a group, thank you Evilworld

Yay member

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