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Raven Shadow

In darkness we swim, hunting for survival. Mankind is that hunter, ruthless in it's pursuits of perfection. The ultimate weapon of destruction is what humans are, forever.


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Thanks for the fav, I'm glad such an popular writer liked my story

Thanks for the fave on Krampus

Hey there, thank you for the fave on Back Into the Light! Tell me friend, what do you like so far? :ajsmug:

Thanks for faving Old Beast , much appreciated.

When do you plan on Making a new chapter on Your "I am Fire I am Death" story :D

  • Viewing 195 - 199 of 199
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Thank you · 5:03pm Dec 1st, 2014

Ideas for Stories?

Hey umm if you'd like you can hit me with some story ideas like anything... EXCEPT FOR CLOPFICS! I do not not so please no porn ideas thank you

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