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Shadow Empire

432 B.C.


Leader of Military (Temporary Leader):
Field Marshal Garrison

Condition of Empire:
Critical, Forced off Home Planet

Human (Has yet to meet other Races)

Primary Religions:

185,000,000 (On Board Carrier)

One Chimera Class Carrier

Grey, Black, Navy Blue

(Haven't Designed One Yet)

None at the Time Being

Fader vår som som är i himmelen helgat varde ditt namn
Tillkomme ditt rike ske din vilja
Såsom i himmelen så ock uppå jorden ge oss bröd ock idag
Och förlåt oss våran skuld

Once a small Empire during the Dark Age they started to gain power through their military. Being the first to invent gun-powder they started to conquer their neighbors bringing peace and wealth. After years of War and Invasion they controlled an entire continent and drove any invaders away from their land.

Soon another war started with the Alkali Empire when the Umbra Empire was invaded. The war lasted hundreds of years before coming to an end with the Umbra Empire controlling half of the world. Soon they began to build their military strength worried about another war, they invented bi-planes, tanks, and chemical weapons.

The Umbra Empire was challenged again by another nation only to end the war in four years due to their militarizes technological strength. After years of peace and military advancement they once again were threatened by not another nation but by the stars.

The Drox, an alien race that sought to destroy humanity to add a planet to their Empire of Blood. Humanity finally uniting under one banner fight the Drox over every single piece of land they could keep, sadly the humans were defeated but they fled into space in the Chimera Class Carrier known as the Parallax Rex.

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Comment posted by DarkZeos deleted Mar 21st, 2014


Read the lore I have posted. It is an Empire built on its own.

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