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1617645 coo. It's not that necessary, anyways. If shit feels like it's coming out of nowhere in the story, it should feel right at home, I suppose :rainbowlaugh:

1617639 Na it's all good. I'll find out one way or another

1617636 feel free, bro. It's gotten kinda crazy. Although if you do read, it might help to skim some of the early chapters. I added some brief content for the purpose of foreshadowing. I can tell you which one is important if you need.

1617594 not much going on. I remember liking that one though so I might give it another read some time.

Hey! Just wanted to ask wassup and stuff. I do this because I remember that you were one of the only people that actually commented and shit on my shit HiE. Damn... that was a while ago. Well, at least I fixed a lot of the problems it had.

Either way, I wanted to say thanks for leavin' feedback and such. Stay awesome.

Rock on.

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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