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Started working with computers, at 11 and building modded systems 15, still learning alot nowdays. Was almost fataly wounded by a horse when I was 8 but MLP:FIM took me out of severe depression. YAY!

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I have no idea how, but it seems once you hit the bottom of the barrel you get to slide around like a seal bathed in wd-40. Nothing getting better but not so much worse.
I read a book about creating a key to learning and it actually made sense to me.

I have been a long time practitioner of mental sorcery and trix of all kinds, it is finally dawning on me that all the most important magick happens in the minds and hearts of people and only starts within.
Some might think Im crazy, I know technology well, but I need to train my mind and spirit as well.

I imagine many find confusion in my posts, well honestly it makes perfect sense if you are like me.

(crickets chirping) 0_0 Thanks for the love from stories I have been able to enjoy.

Thank You all, and more later.


P.S. Thank your for the comment, Wild Tentacled Pony, You Bring much honor to my humble Page with your single word of wisdom. You are welcome to pick my Brain as any other is you need it.

Not Saying anything. Will be more active now hopefully, depression is a dangerous foe, but I bounce back pretty well ... eventually.

I have been so horrible at putting pen to paper, typing with a keyboard. Anything! Ive tried using voice recognition, but my housing is way too noisy for such a thing. I have ideas a lot like most people, and bronies in specific.

Anyone who reads this wish on a star for me because my sky's are literally clouded over. REALLY?! No stars in sight.

Will be working a temp job for a few days, I hope...

839843 Talented? Thank you. You're simply too kind. :pinkiehappy:

Blah blah blah. Not much to report its the 18th right? Five days till the new season of MLP:FIM and also the 50th anniversary of Doctor who and premiere of that special! OMG Anyone else Excited a bit like me?
Come on, you know you ARE!

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