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A guy in the frozen north.


Hiatus · 9:52pm Oct 19th, 2013

So I have been gone the past while. I'll also be gone for the next few days as well.

Why? Well this last week I was out at my parents visiting for thanksgiving. It's a fairly long trip, so It's a full days drive both ways. And today I just got a call in that I have a contract for monday, so I'm driving back down tomorrow, and will be gone for around a week. This means no more writing for a while.

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Alive, alive, alive! Yes, you're still alive!

1083882 Look, look! I not going carzy(ier) am I? Did the story just update?

So, um... when's your story updating, if you don't mind me asking?:fluttershysad:

Because right now I'm on chapter 3 and it's really good.

I hope where you located now is not cold and wet. This is hard night to be outside in North America.

Hey dude, just wanted to stop by and say how much I appreciate your Optimalverse story. It's been a lot of fun reading it so far :twilightsmile:. I did notice a few spelling and comma mistakes that bugged me a little, though. If and when your Hiatus ends, you should consider passing your chapters by an editor before you post them. It might go a long ways towards catching all of the errors.

But yea, main thing I wanted to say was that your story is cool. Great concept and lots of heart. Keep 'em coming :rainbowderp:.

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