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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.

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The Scotsman And The Fashionista 4
The Farmer And The Spy (Rewrite)


Geoverse: Transformation
Geoverse: Closure

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I play both World of Warcraft and RimWorld; I released my first WoW addon in 2010, and my first RimWorld mod in 2020. My WoW addons range in features and functionality, but my most popular ones are DuelResponse, which makes dealing with duel requests easier (whether you enjoy dueling or despite it), Free Bag Spaces, GuildTooltip and XP Bar Text.

My RimWorld mods range from allowing players to build their own bullet and mortar shields, like the ones used by mechanoid swarms, and even adding Irn-Bru to the game. Fun fact on that one: I actually got permission from the makers of Irn-Bru to use their product name in this manner, which was really cool of them.

My WoW addons can be found on my CurseForge profile, while my RimWorld mods can be downloaded from either the Steam Workshop or GitHub (for those of you who might not play the game via Steam).

If you encounter any bugs while using one of my addons or mods, or you have something else to say, you can reach me via my personal Discord server; I'm on Discord a lot, so I am more likely to respond to queries there faster than I would anywhere else.

That's all for now; thanks for taking the time to read all of this.

Stay safe, and stay awesome!


Q&A Round 27 - The Answers! · 10:09pm July 3rd

Only two people sent me questions? Well, I can't say I'm surprised; after all, I've done so many of these Q&A sessions, it stands to reason that there just aren't any questions left to ask. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, how about I shut up and actually answer the ones that did get asked, hmm?

Ocellus The Changeling

1. Who are your favorite MLP characters?

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My name is Chris, but you can call me either GeodesicDragon or Geo; it doesn't really matter which. I'm 34 years old, I live in Scotland, and I have a love of the orange stuff (Irn Bru). My favourite ponies are as follows: Twilight, Cheerilee, Luna, Spitfire, Celestia, Cadence, Sweetie Belle (also best CMC), Lyra, Rarity, Cherry Jubilee, Octavia, Rainbow Dash, Coloratura, Twilight Velvet, Mayor Mare (whom I call Ivory Scroll), Vinyl Scratch, Applejack, Starlight Glimmer, Fluttershy, Autumn Blaze, Kerfuffle, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Windy Whistles (Rainbow Dash's mother).

I'm the G to the E-O-D
And ain't no other brony can swig Bru like me
I'm Geolicious.

If you are looking for my comment box, you can find it at the bottom of my userpage.
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How To Deal With Manticores
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Vine On Vinyl
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You are free to do readings of my stories, fan art, and translations; make sure you send me a link to the finished product so I can view it! However, if you want to use my characters in your story then I would appreciate it if you asked me first... but I should point out that the chance of me saying 'yes' is quite high. It all depends on what you intend to do with said characters.

Comments thanking me for favouriting your story and/or following you will be deleted.

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I read your stories of the Geoverse series & I got to say, I am loving it. :pinkiehappy: I hope more will come soon. keep up the amazing work. :twilightsmile:


I don't take requests, sorry.

Would you take a request?

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