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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.

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The thumbnail is the most adorable picture ever. Celestia is a great mom.

Pretty damn cute. I've been waiting for a fic based on that image ever since I first saw it, and this didn't disappoint. Thanks a lot for writing!

Likewise! The moment I saw the pic, I knew somebody would do a fic based off of it eventually. :pinkiehappy:

And I love she just turns around and promptly goes into a professional meeting without washing off first, too, just like I figured she would. :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Weswater deleted Nov 27th, 2020

A delightful one-shot !

Pretty cute. The subject kinda reminded me of Minds Eye's Frame of Reference (another fic inspired by a fanart of filly Twilight drawing on Celestia).

Spoilers: it was permanent marker

This was absolutely adorable. Bonus points for the Unconquered Sun going over the budget covered in refrigerator worthy drawings :rainbowlaugh:


And that's why photo of Celestia's flank was framed and hanged on the wall in Twilight's room.
And not why you thought it was.

there are many other colts and fillies who I could be mentoring in the years to come.

Well, actually, no.

Adorable story :)

I like how on the cover image, the real Celestia is like "Oh, how adorable!"
While the drawn Celestia is looking at Twilight like "How F***ing dare you!":rainbowlaugh:

i like how the entire fim was just subtle aversion to getting drawn on

Weren’t there a line of MLP toys that had the whole drawing on them thing? Heck I’m pretty sure a lot of toy series had a “draw on me” thing at one point.

Update: Yep! It looks like they weren’t made by Hasbro directly, but here they are!

Pony Plushes you can draw on!

Nice work


Well, actually, no.

there are many other colts and fillies who I could be mentoring in the years to come.

My heart was not supposed to explode...


I thought flash focus was gonna see some weird stuff while helping twilight develop the film :trollestia: but in the end, I'm glad it ended where it did. :twilightsmile:

The cuteness overload is too much!!!!

I love a good story based on an adorable image. You just made my day 20% brighter. Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Wonderful story! I really love stories about filly Twilight and Celestia. And you've definitely captured the love and caring they share. Thanks :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Masterwork by Twilight before her banishment to the moon.:facehoof:

They need to add a cute tag, for this truly falls under that category.

If you click on the image and make it larger, or see the image at the source, you'll see that Celestia actually has a loving smile on her face in the pic.

Its super cute :)

Until you realize its PERMANENT MARKER !!

How about a whiteboard shaped like Celestia (with a blackboard shaped like Luna)?

Wonderful and cute story!

For a second on the last paragraph I didn't see Tally Up's name and I thought Celestia was still talking to Twilight, and I don't know what's funnier; little filly Twilight discussing budget plans, or grownup Princess Twilight drawing on Celestia

You should continue to make more of these cute Filly Twilight and Celestia stories. Like one where they’re at the beach.

So ADORABLE :pinkiesad2:

Wasn't there an older art, which fitted better?


The piece I'm using as the cover fits just fine; it was the inspiration for the story, after all.

I swear to god there was another art. Did you change it? Or was it some other story that I've read...

This story is so adorable 😍

Aw, this was so gentle and sweet. Nicely done n_n

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