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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.


Available as a book!

It is a fact that horses have served mankind for thousands of years, in times of war and in times of peace. Your horse – a chestnut mare named Zayna – helps you to earn your primary source of income, in the form of a riding school.

But then, a freak occurrence dumps you both in a strange new land populated by talking ponies. At first, they are a bit hostile due to a misunderstanding — but that's nothing when you realise it's not just ponies who can talk here.

As it turns out, horses can as well.


Featured on Equestria Daily.

This is NOT an Anonymous in Equestria story.

First two chapters edited by Shin Guyviroth.

Special thanks to Shachza and Alticron for their assistance.

Rated Teen for suggestive themes.

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Comments ( 600 )

dont know to laugh or something.

I love it!!! It's brilliant and funny all the way through and i couldn't stop laughing.

"You market your services to children?!" Twilight screeches. "Oh dear Celestia, that is simply abhorrent!"

This is the point where I would have gone, "Wait, what? We're obviously misunderstanding each other somehow. What's going on?" :facehoof:

2930353 He gives horse rides to children. Whorse rides. Horse rides.

Let that stew a little bit.

2930213 It really is funny. reread it, and try to find out what in the world they could possibly have a misunderstanding about.

This is great. the poor guy has no idea.

could you make a story out of this please?:scootangel:

It would be amazing if you made this a series!

Well I LOLed so I guess you win.

2930481 that's the best KIND of misunderstandings! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish:

This would be great for a sequel, All you'd have to do is have them wander into the forest then wander back in a circle. Hilarity ensues.


wait... this was a ONESHOT?!
*sniff* you had my hopes up :pinkiesad2::fluttercry::applecry::raritycry::raritydespair:

Thank you sweetie bell, only she would be smart enough not to think the worst first. Stupid ponies. this what she probably looked like when she heard the adults talk about it. :unsuresweetie:

Please don't tell me that this is a one shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could see this turning into a continuation.

Gywahahahhaha loved it.

But you better make a sequel or we'll be making cupcakes.... :pinkiecrazy:

dude(or dudet!) seriously this is good make this a real story with like....a plot line (not that kind of plot weirdo's!!!):rainbowlaugh:

This was quite a good read, actually. There are some teething errors that make themselves present throughout the story, as well as the very fast pacing for what it is, but it was a fun read. Definitely gets my thumbs up.

This was hilarious :rainbowlaugh: And original, I don't think I've seen a HiE fic before, where said human had a pet horse with him. I kinda want to see a fic that goes on for longer with this.

Due to the misunderstanding caused he later came back and gave free horse rides when he was apologized to.:rainbowlaugh:
Yup, perfect reactions to a saucy joke.:facehoof:

I agree with everyone else. You should make a full story with this. Of course, I'd make it 3rd person as 2nd person gets awkward after a while.

OMG I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD ATEVERYONES FEAR FOR WHIPS:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: WAIT TILL THEY HEAR ABOUT SPURRS OMG! hey quick question... would I be able to write a similar story to this? only with my point of view and from my horses instead of yours. same kind of story line just idk... was wondering if I could try to make a story like this.


You can if you want. Just be sure to mention where you got the idea from. :raritywink:

So... the ending... They were embarrassed because they realized what his job actually was? Or... what?

I didn't really get the ending....


This was awesome! You should continue this........ you don't have a choice! :pinkiecrazy:

He probably thought that, since they are horses themselves, they find riding to be offinsive. Hince why he didnt get the missunderstanding as easy as we did.

Very original, also very amusing. Moar pls.


Your story brightened my entire week. Have a moustache: :moustache:

Language is the barrier that creates walls I guess.

Comment posted by BIGNICK deleted Jul 25th, 2013

Misinterpretation, a hard word to say and spell and also a great thing to add to a script or a story! Very funny mate!

LOL :rainbowlaugh:
these are the only words used to desribe

Right, I laughed. A lot :rainbowlaugh:

But dagnabbit, now I wonder if they got home or not :ajbemused:

Nice, but a story of a human and a horse transforming to Equestria has a much greater potential.

That was absolutely hilarious!


IMO, this story works a one-shot. I don't see how a sequel could be made out of this.

Not bad! Only typo I recall seeing was when Rarity said "on Equestria" instead of "in". The story doesn't seem to necessitate being told in the second-person, though I suppose it did help to avoid unnecessary bloat. This fic works best as a one-shot, so I hope you'll ignore those asking for a second chapter


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