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Typical latecomer, Brony since may 2017. Favorite ponies: Lightning Dust, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. I also play UT2004 and new Doom series as Rarity on Steam.


[Second Person Doom 2016 Crossover]
You have broken free from your prison, fought your way through the Resource Operations, the Foundry and the Argent Facility eliminating the demons and finally arrived on top of the Argent Tower, confronting Olivia Pierce herself. She is ready to rupture the Argent Accumulator in order to open a portal between Hell and Mars. You can't let this happen. However, the moment you move she breaks the accumulator, the resulting shockwave knocking you off your feet. A new horde of demons swarms you. You fight them off until a portal opens to Hell and more demons teleport in. As you continue to rip them apart, an other portal opens and you are pulled into an unknown world. However, this new, unfamiliar realm doesn't seem like Hell at all.

Yeah, I know, Doom Eternal is fresh and new, but I started this in 2019 with Doom 2016 in my mind.

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Honestly a very good fan fic and you should continue it I'm pretty sure this is the most enjoyable fic I read yet

I'm pretty sure most fanfics with Doomguy in it are very good :P Thank you for your kind words, I have 2 unfinished chapters, but there are a lot of details that should be worked out and I don't want to rush it.

https://youtu.be/U4lz8MN6MQA or Listen to Doom Crossing: Eternal Horizons (feat. Natalia Natchan) by Anime-Song on #SoundCloud

Hmmm, interesting, talkive doomslayer and Lyra, this is gonna be fun..oh and sunbutt isn't taking it well apparently

Originally he didn't intend to talk that much but the magic force field surrounding Equestria is affecting him.

youve got a good story here, keep it going and ill stay interested.

As you wish, gangsta Princess ;)

Welp I guess the cooler celestia is disappointed now

I'll admit, you had me at Discord sentient intelligence :rainbowlaugh:

Celestia: We will defend against this monster!
Hears the testaments
Celestia: Here's the throne to my kingdom.

Doom Slayer: Please just get me out of here.

Comment posted by CrusadingDoomguy deleted Nov 19th, 2020

"My deepest apologies for scaring you Fluttershy. I am Flynn Taggart, but you can call me Doomguy."

I prefer William Blazkowicz.

"Great. Just fucking great. Of all the places I could have ended up, it had to be a realm completely unknown. Someone is gonna pay for this."

"Pay with their life..."

"So you are a soldier then? I love human soldiers, so loyal, so fierce, so brave, so... brutal, when it is needed. The Equestrian military should really learn a thing or two from you!"

"When brutality's needed? No, No, no, BRUTALITY IS THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND."

"Splendid! And where are we going now? I know! I know! How about get back to my house and watch My Big Human?"

That's actually kinda funny, never though Equestria had a version of MLP using humans. 😅

Just wait until it turns out it is a series about UT2004 characters. :)

Are you continuing this? It's a really good story so far and it would be nice if you did continue on with it.

I have recently discovered Mortal Kombat 11 and I intend to merge it in the story somewhere later so yeah, I have plans, I just can't get the arc of the story the way I would like it.

in doom eternal tag 2

doomguy is literly a god who kills gods
without breaking a sweat

Celestia is a paranoid dumbass. :facehoof:

To ever think that the Doom Slayer of all people, is a potential "threat" to your precious ponies!? :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

Despite knowing the vague version of the Doom Slayer's tragic origins of his loves ones, his own species/planet. And is eternally protecting the entire frickin multiverse from Hell itself.

And you still think that he is just another threat to you!!??

Even the ARC, and the very lucky human survivors on Earth. KNOWS that the Doom Slayer is definitely on their side, against the true threat of the Demons of Hell, and the corrupt Maykrs.

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