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The Three Musketankers

Prone to changing my Icon and Name: Last Icon and Name was A4-E Skyhawk. (A crew of three men calls themselves "The Three Musketankers". Known for destroying over 30 or more enemy vehicles.)


A short story depicting the attack on the Capital of Equestria where American Gunships come from mysterious circumstances and assist the ponies from the Storm Kings Army.

The helicopters described are from the Vietnam War. The year from Earth is 1968. Just to clarify that this is not an alternate universe of Vietnam.

Edit: Forgot to include this ---> (Oneshot)

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I was hoping this would be satire making fun of edgy power fantasies.


Just to clarify that this is not an alternate universe of Vietnam.

So it's not really like this one, then?

TEquestria : 1940
While Europe sinks into bloody war and the powers of Nazi Germany dominate the continent, a new dark power begins to rise that could destroy them all. The Nightmare is returning. And all will bow before her glorious night.
Georg · 141k words  ·  276  15 · 3.3k views
Hillbe #3 · May 25th · · ·


:ajbemused: What's this do dad? "POINT TOWARDS ENEMY' 💥💥🎇
:flutterrage: Charlie's Coming 🏮
:rainbowhuh: Who's that? Sounds stupid🚁🏰🚁🚁 . . .⛅
:moustache: Mmmmmm Good ! - Coca Powder and Coffee - Two packets per canteen 😆
:facehoof: What did we do to deserve this?
:moustache: Discord and his games changed. Spiketopia was bombed flat by the 8th Air Force
:duck: Nice Jacket
:trollestia: Of course I still did nothing 🍰

for a one off short story i can say this is good.

Haha, nope! Nothing like that at all! Totally nothing like that...

Thanks! I appreciate the compliment.

RDDash #9 · May 25th · · ·

American helicopters are lightly armored, there is no way they would be armored enough to protect themselves against equestrian cannons, if that thing hits them they are dead.

Exactly! Although they are maneuverable, and one of them did go down when they got hit in the tail.

Fear the power of the air mobility tactics!! Luckily they were not witness Rolling Thunder, which is way more traumatizing to them.

Old Huey Crew Chief and pilot:derpytongue2:

Is their gonna be a sequal of this like what did happen to them or something like this

Depends if I want to do a Sequal or not, maybe in the future!

Fear the B-52 that can carry a crapload of bombs!

yup, 70,000+ pounds of bombs

Oh okay

Oh also like your profile picture. Looks good

Also what was your what inspired you to make this story anyways not trying to be rude just curious is all.

Or aircraft carrying naplam

Surprise help was my inspiration for this, the story was really good and I wanted to do my own with a little more aircraft and ground point of views.

Man, this reminds me of the Apache flight version over the changeling attack. That’s old school, and funny to see it recreated basically here.

Yea, It was inspired by that, good eye!

This felt so random, I love it!

In all seriousness, I saw the title and word count and thought "Eh, this could be a good one shot". Way to beat my expectations! Very well done The3Musketa. Excellent work!

is that photo cover from WarThunder

Indeed it is, it's a screenshot I took of me in my Huey lighting up the treeline. It was made specifically for this fanfics front cover.

nice, I love that game have top tier in 2 nations Germany and Russia

I only have top tier for American.

Oooh! What’s the title of that?

Cobra gunships. The original brrrrrrrttt.

Speaking of that, for all stories about human aircrafts in Equestria, like A-10, Phantom F-4, etc., I haven’t read about strategic bomber like B-52 or B-2 in Equestria.


Sadly, the turret gunner only had 40mm Grenade Launchers instead.

Well, It would be complicated since it's a huge aircraft and the thing can't land anywhere in Equestria. This means that the crew would have to crash land or bail out of the plane in order to survive meaning that a B-52 story would be pointless for me to make, but I can probably come up with something with the B-52s.

This was a good read!

Good fucking read dude, I've read this twice because it is was so entertaining (or I just don't have a life) but overall, awesome.

Would be cool to see F4 Phantoms destroying the airships but this is still great

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