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Typical latecomer, Brony since may 2017. Favorite ponies: Lightning Dust, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. I also play UT2004 and new Doom series as Rarity on Steam.

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[Second Person Doom 2016 Crossover]
You have broken free from your prison, fought your way through the Resource Operations, the Foundry and the Argent Facility eliminating the demons and finally arrived on top of the Argent Tower, confronting Olivia Pierce herself. She is ready to rupture the Argent Accumulator in order to open a portal between Hell and Mars. You can't let this happen. However, the moment you move she breaks the accumulator, the resulting shockwave knocking you off your feet. A new horde of demons swarms you. You fight them off until a portal opens to Hell and more demons teleport in. As you continue to rip them apart, an other portal opens and you are pulled into an unknown world. However, this new, unfamiliar realm doesn't seem like Hell at all.

Yeah, I know, Doom Eternal is fresh and new, but I started this in 2019 with Doom 2016 in my mind.

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Twilight Sparkle loves developing and experimenting with new spells. Her latest spell is one of the most daring experiment in the history of Equestrian magic: she aims to teleport herself to the Moon and get back. However, the spell spirals out of control and she somehow ends up in a different reality. She appears on our humble planet Earth.

Dave has freshly graduated from the university in electrical engineering. He has a decent job and some friends. After one of his drinkings with his buddies, he finds a horse-like creature with very uncommon features and coat color on his way home. After the initial shock of encountering a talking unicorn with wings, he decides to take her to his home. This cannot possibly go wrong.

Inspired by the picture seen in DwK's Totally Legit Recap: "The Mean 6" Season 8 Episode 13. I just saw the picture, and inspiration struck me.

Warning: contains Profanity, cuteness and a human with a sprinkler.

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The Cutie Mark Crusaders have earned their Cutie Marks already, but that doesn't mean they should stop exploring and adventuring. Being the most adventurous of them all, Scootaloo persuades Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle to take a journey deep into the uncovered parts of the Everfree Forest, deeper than anypony has been before, far beyond the ancient Castle of the Two Sisters.
Meanwhile, Sunburst runs into an old tome and begins to investigate...

Warning: contains one ENORMOUS human, death of ponies and mild gore. A different touch on the HiE theme, where humans and ponies are not relatively the same size, and don't speak the same language. Inspired partly by Lovecraft, partly by HiE stories. CMC are aged and sized up to the stature of regular mares, despite the cover art.
Cover art is from S01E17 The Stare Master.

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