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Typical latecomer, Brony since may 2017. Favorite ponies: Lightning Dust, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. I also play UT2004 and new Doom series as Rarity on Steam.


Twilight Sparkle loves developing and experimenting with new spells. Her latest spell is one of the most daring experiment in the history of Equestrian magic: she aims to teleport herself to the Moon and get back. However, the spell spirals out of control and she somehow ends up in a different reality. She appears on our humble planet Earth.

Dave has freshly graduated from the university in electrical engineering. He has a decent job and some friends. After one of his drinkings with his buddies, he finds a horse-like creature with very uncommon features and coat color on his way home. After the initial shock of encountering a talking unicorn with wings, he decides to take her to his home. This cannot possibly go wrong.

Inspired by the picture seen in DwK's Totally Legit Recap: "The Mean 6" Season 8 Episode 13. I just saw the picture, and inspiration struck me.

Warning: contains Profanity, cuteness and a human with a sprinkler.

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Mission accomplished. I don't just randomly throw random tags. :)

Once at home, I can contact a friend of mine who may know more about you than me. He could be of help.

He would probably react like an batpony on the sight of an mango...

Knowing the unicorn frenzy of the people and the internets of this era, she would probably gain world domination only by posting a video about herself on YouTube even without fighting for it.

You may be on to something...

Let's see... Main characters, Mane six (Really? Horse related puns?)

If you think that is bad, better brace yourself...

"I don't know man, but I am already beyond the point of giving a shit. Teleporting ponies using telepathy, who gives a care if suddenly a pink foreleg pops out of both of our monitors and gives us something akin to a hug? At least it didn't kill us."

I just saw the picture, and inspiration struck me.

Give your inspiration a cookie for coming up with this.
Good work!

I didn't even know about this video, but thanks for showing it! That bad pony picture inspired this whole story, well, along with the MLP Movie In A Nutshell, where Tempsst is looking for Twinkle Sprinkle. :)

Sorry, did you say? I already know who I would vote, if I were American.

"Nice work, Adam!"

*4th wall and dimensional barriers begin to weep in the corner*

Uhhh... uhhhhhhhhh... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...



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