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I'm just here to write.


So what is the deal with all these humans who go to the Everfree Forest and fight manticores anyway? Well sit down, kids, and let grandpa tell you the whole story.

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Back in my day, we didn't fight manticores like a pussy would!

We fought sheep. SHEEP.

Those bastards are fucking VICIOUS.


Dude, you're too hardcore for me. I gotta leave, I can't handle this.

1866932 Running will do nothing to stop the sheep overlords.


Oh God, you're right...

1866959 On a side note, this story had me in stitches. :rainbowlaugh:


Why thank you.

You can't see right now, but tipping my hat.

1866959 1866953
I'd join you but I'm not epic enough to be part of this conversation.

1866925 The sheep! Celestia, Sithis, and Potato help us should one ever find its way into a big city.

Sheep? pfft, that's nothing compared to the overwhelming, raw, incredible MIGHT of a furious Magikarp.

Nothing can deny its awesome majesty.

1866983 PFFT I'm hardly epic. Right here you see is a prime case of Bandwagon syndrome.

To be honest, I was flopping everywhere in happiness when DannyJ replied to my comments.

Also sheep: Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

1866978 :rainbowkiss:


You DARE speak the name of the foul beast in here! SILENCE! Silence, you fool! You may summon it here!


>That feel when people actually respect you for some reason.

Ah yes, and I was talking about sheep in the sense of the mindless masses that flock to get MLD rip-offs and Nyx(ugh, it burns to say the name) fics featured, not the fuzzy little animals found on farms.

Sheep? Luckily I live in a well defended farmhouse with several firearms and a M60 Mounted Turret as well.


Dear God, that's somehow even more terrifying.

>Claim to fame: had no life and commented on everything

>Claim to fame: Wrote one of the best fics I have ever read

I sure as hell don't deserve or want the watchers who flocked to me because I got first comment on everything. :moustache:

1867017 It should be. Funnily enough, a blog post about how much I hated "My Little Tavi" getting featured got three times the views as the actual story. That was a good day in my book.

1867007>>1867016 We must fight them together. One mindless idiot at a time.


You seem like an interesting individual at the very least.

I'm going to go read that blog post now.


Indeed. We must fight the idiotic menace. But first we must train on the sheep in Minecraft. If either of ya have it?

I fucking died. Holy shit.

On a related note, this is you pointing out what's wrong with Human in Equestria fics, right? You've barely scratched the surface of them, but still a great way to point out flaws that exist. Using comedy. Have a 'stache. :moustache:


PPLE. I'm not racist.

Regi, I see you finally changed your Profile Picture, almost didn't recognise you till I saw you whoring in the comments


There's really not enough time to make fun of everything and still make it brief enough to be worth it. I'm already writing another feature length comedy that's already over 300K words and is likely to pass 500 at the rate I'm going. This really did have to be this length, sad as I am to miss out on more opportunities to mock these cliches.

Though who knows? Sequels are always possible. Maybe I might make more one day. If I make two more, I can tie it all up as one and call it "The Grandpa Trilogy."

Danny, this story was fucking retarded.


Awww...You made me sadface.

Now the manticores need to take care of all the outcast changelings that want to go to ponyville and find acceptance, friendship, and maybe love. An HiE in disguise is still an HiE. :scootangel:

It was the best time to use a MasterBall, and so it was captured. I BEAR THE BEAST WITH MY BALL!! ... that sounded a whole lot less wierd and more epic in my head.

Ah, That does make more sense then. I use the term sheeple, so as not to offend actual sheep.

Its called the 'DannyJ Experience'

Simply hilarious, all my kudos to you sir.

Are you some kind of fucking temporal wizard?

Edit: You meant human didn't you? I thought you'd snuck off and wrote another novel under everyone's noses.

1867140 "We the sheeple"...


Oh, I have. But that wasn't what I was talking about.

(Twilight, Season One: Coming in about a month's time. Maybe.)


Already read it, brah, along with several of your stories too.

You've kind of got an obsession with Nirvana, haven't you?

Only slightly. :moustache:

Already read it, brah, along with several of your stories too.

Which ones? :rainbowkiss:


Tragic Tragedy, Burnt Bread, and am now on Greatest Story Ever, just past the Scootaloo part. Which was hilarious, by the way.

>Writes 600,000 words or more in just a few month.
>Not a wizard.

1867247 Interestingly enough, you picked two of my first trollfics. :rainbowkiss:

:rainbowlaugh:Pretty much.

I'll be honest, America is one of the main reasons now why I hate Humanity as a whole. I may respect individual human beings, but the actual race itself is disgusting to me.

1867268 It's a mess alright. :moustache:



The 300K+ that I mentioned writing was Human, which you already know about. The other novel which isn't out yet is NOT that long. Yet.

Though also factor in that on top of Human, Manticore and Twilight, Season One, I've also been writing or have in the past written A Friendly Game of Blackjack, the Wanderer's Diary series, the so far unrealised King Machine series, An Anthology All About Adolf and his Amazing Adventures, and I'm already planning sequels to several of those.

1867003 You earn pretty much everyone's respect because you're awesome.


He is no British Ninja.
More like a British fumbler

Did DannyJ just greentext....

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