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I'm just here to write.


Imprisoned in Tartarus once more, Tirek tries to rationalise what he did.

Part of the Borderworld.

Now with audio readings by Cadarn and Iron Scribe.

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You're a fast reader.:unsuresweetie:

5293457 About to read it.

I just figured if it's by you it's probably pretty good, so I thought I'd write a preemptive compliment.


Well, that just makes me feel all warm inside.

Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
to reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

SOMEPONY has been reading Paradise Lost!:trollestia:

Another story written by Danny? Already on board! :pinkiehappy:

You wrote Tirek amazingly well. He makes a terrible, horrifying amount of sense, even if it all stems from the eroneous assumption of 'someone who betrays someone is predisposed to betray everybody else, not just that one person'. And... yeah, it does make sense what he did to Discord. Instant Karma.

good story my friend!:moustache:

I forgot why I decided to stalk you. Thanks for reminding me. :pinkiehappy:

Wow... You made me like Tirek...

Bravo, good lad, bravo.


This is an interesting read for a person who considers loyalty to be incomprehensible as a moral virtue.

This fanfic is really good! It's too short for Equestria Daily though... Maybe Twilight's Library?

That's a pretty great portrayal of Tirek


Thank you. Glad you think so.

This website needs more stories like this.

Tirek's character was spot-on, in my opinion. You did an amazing job!


You're most welcome! :twilightsmile:

Funny how Tirek speaks of the things the princess has that he never will, What would that be, her power, or a loyal sister? Now I'd definitely would like to see a fic where Tirek questions how the Royal Sisters remain together despite the betrayal of Nightmare Moon.

Maaan, the only thing bad about a good one-shot is that it's a one-shot, and this is a great one-shot. Making it even worse.

A damn good one-shot. :)

From the second sentence onward, I knew exactly what the story would be. Because it makes perfect sense.

You captured Tirek perfectly, in my opinion. I think he does have a strange sense of honour that shines through at times. He wouldn't let his brother talk him out of conquering Equestria, but he did not fight him—Luna and Celestia can't claim the same for themselves.

He betrayed Discord, but only after Discord let himself be seduced by Tirek.

And most tellingly, he honoured his bargain with Twilight. He let all her friends go, even the traitor who didn't himself think he was worth it, even after questioning Twilight why she would even consider Discord still a friend after what he'd done. He didn't even try to attack them after he drained her magic.

Compared to Discord, Tirek is the honourable one, now corrupted by bitterness and paranoia.


Thank you! Yes! That's exactly what I was trying to get across! Tirek isn't some random monster. He's got a sense of honour and principles just like anybody else. It's just that his morality is subtle and not everyone will notice it's there.

Now I didn't like Tirek in Twilight's Kingdom because I thought he was just a power hungry brute, but you made him into such an interesting and compelling character, that it just proves that he was a gold mine of potential. I want to know more about him, why does he hate ponies, and how exactly did Scorpan betray him.

This makes him a sad character who has very clearly defined values, and that is something that a good villain needs, values.


Tirek did interest me precisely because of that potential. Of course, I think it helps that I could read so much into it. Maybe you could call canon Tirek a flat character, and that would be fair. Personally, when I look at his canon appearance, this is the character that I see. I just think of his depths as being hidden or implied rather than put front and centre like they are in this fic. It's very likely that the writers intended no such thing and that this interpretation really is just my invention, but I like to think that all characters have a deeper level to them than what we see in a given work, and I like to find those depths.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you.

Ohh. This is good. I can't believe this has been sitting on my read later list so long.

It reminds me of a theory a Brony friend mentioned to me, from before Tirek (between seasons 2 and 3), that each major villain is a corruption of one of the elements of harmony. Nightmare Moon was the pick for Loyalty, Discord for Laughter, Chrysalis for Honesty... villains afterward didn't really fit that line of reasoning, though.

I ramble. Very interesting take on Tirek. He certainly hasn't gotten much attention, so it's a nice change of pace.


villains afterward didn't really fit that line of reasoning, though.

Oh, I don't know about that. One could make a good case for Sombra as an antithesis for kindness, and Tirek could also be interpretted as being the villain of greed, what with his insatiable hunger for magic.


Oh, true. But this story has me so sold on Tirek being a corruption of loyalty, lol.

5685773 Well, there was a lot of focus on Loyalty in Twilight's Kingdom, they even directly mention it twice when they refer to the necklace.


I rather like this idea, and in fact think it continues to fit even with Tirek as ~loyalty. Chrysalis/honesty, Sombra/kindness, and Discord/laughter fit, but NMM represents envy, which is (almost by definition) the corruption of generosity. Add in Starlight Glimmer as ~magic, and we've covered all the elements and every major villain / double episode thus far.

Nice point, and interesting... my original comment was before Glimmer, so now we have the complete set. Wonder who that seventh villain will be.

A world of traitors huh? No loyalty left in the world? Next time she should bring Rainbow Dash down. See what he thinks of that.

He (Tirek) did say that if there is anyone who cares about loyalty left in the world, that they wouldn't be on his side, so Rainbow Dash coming to visit him probably wouldn't help a whole lot...

Good story. Though Tirek has been, and most likely always will be, villainous scum, I can see where he's coming from. Especially after reading Fienship is Magic. Probably though the most sympathetic thing about him though is that he has been left to rot in what amounts to solitary confinement for over a thousand years (what is amount of prison time for trying to steal magic anyway? And from the backstory given it sounded like he didn't even get far). That cannot have done wonders for his health, mental or physical.


Ponies in general don't really seem to think of punishment the same way we do. I'm not entirely sure that they even care whether a punishment is proportionate to the crime or not. Ponies seem to value intent and feeling more. Reformed villains get away with a hell of a lot, no matter the scale of their crimes, whereas unrepentant villains are shown very little sympathy in-universe. Compare Trixie with King Sombra. Both dabbled with dark magic and essentially enslaved a populace, but look at how differently they were ultimately treated. Trixie apologised in the end, and so essentially got away with everything, whereas Sombra showed no remorse whatsoever, and so his apparent death was not just unmourned, but celebrated.

Maybe immortals are held to a different set of standards than regular ponies, but to me, it seems Tirek got the sentence he did not because his crimes were especially heinous, but because so long as he refuses to accept friendship and end his villainous ways, Equestrian morality says that his punishment must continue. But all things considered, it doesn't seem to have had too adverse an effect on him. I guess longer-lived beings just have more mental fortitude when it comes to surviving extreme lengths of tedium.

I wouldn't trust Tirek even if my life depended on it! He is nothing but trouble!

Author Interviewer

Good job portraying Tirek sympathetically without being overly sympathetic.


That makes me sound like a tightrope walker.

Hooray for a story on these lines that keeps the shades of grey. Tirek's thoughts on Discord particularly interested me. I was mildly irritated by the decision not to spell out who Tirek was talking to for so long, but his narration is very convincing, so that's only a minor quibble.

Oh God, how long was that link to the audio reading broken before I just now fixed it?

I'm a tool sometimes. I apologise.

Good short story.

D30: I'm doing a story that involves some interesting Tirek stuff as well. Here it is. Tirek's in Chapters 2 and 8. (Warning: REALLY geeky, designed to be an all-inclusive multiverse crossover:twistnerd:)

And remember Discord also betrays Tirek's trust by holding out on the fact that there's another princess (Twilight). By doing so Discord makes what could have potentially been a very easy victory for Tirek much more difficult, while also revealing his interest in controlling their relationship. Not only do we see Tirek markedly ticked of by this news but their is also a obvious shift in how he treats Discord, before he at least appears to be genuinely friendly towards him, after when he's melting Twilight's window he seems to consider him a afterthought and when he asks Discord about the Main Six he does so in a fairly distant manner unlike the tone he'd been using with Discord up till then.

Interesting story. We see how Tirek views the world and understand but personally I think he is hypocritical.

I also wonder whose the princess Tirek speaks as it is never mentioned. Twilight perhaps?

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