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His defeat during the siege of the Crystal Empire did not kill Sombra. He was already dying. Now alone in a frozen wasteland, his final moments approach.

Now with audio reading (for older version) by Coombs & Kuroba.

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Where the fuck did this come from!?

Its not bad at all. I especially liked the method you used to split the dialogue to make Sombra seem like he struggled to even think.

Well I'll be damned, you actually gave Sombra some character beyond his crystal fetish! Nicely done D.

Very well done. I like it.

Wait.. was he Starswirl?

3073747 ...Is that supposed to be a good thing?

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.


I have and I plan to. I've got two stories on there already and this'll hopefully be my third.

3079496 Just surprised me is all, usually Danny gives a heads up about a story a while before publishing it, and then this thing shoots out of my notification box and assaults my eyes. So yeah, it's pretty good.

3079590 ...How do I do this "notification" thing?


If you add an author to your watch list then you get notifications for all their blogs and new stories.

3088615 I wasn't asking what it was, I was asking how I could do it. So with that said, how can I do it?


Go to an author's page, and click the follow button on the black bar at the top.

God fucking dammit. It never fails, ever: I am always crying at the end of these sad tagged stories.

Holy shit. This one was pretty damn good.

It's at times like this that I have no choice but to point out one of my main gripes with the FiM universe; the utter lack of... anything, that they gave King Sombra. It's been about a year now since I've seen the Season 3 opener (Goddesses... it's really been that long, hasn't it?), but if I recall rightly, the only apparently remarkable aspect of him was his appearance - and this may have been said a thousand times before, but I really just have a hard time coming to terms with what a wasted opportunity he was, at least as of yet.

Stories such as this one show that there's a lot of potential there for a really interesting character, with a gripping history and that trademark brand of twisted villain psyche that make you both disdain, and feel sorry for them. What I mean by that is, for instance, look at how Sombra equates the intrinsic nature of a race with how their environment shapes them after the fact. He's under the impression that the conflict of early equine history speaks badly of their essence - even though this was only true as a consequence of the bitter world around them.

Much the same as what Celestia and Luna evidently did to him; they locked him away because he was a threat, because it was necessary to protect their subjects. They apparently didn't even act with any real malice, instead simply taking the necessary steps to imprison him while still sparing him his life out of a sheer unwillingness to kill - to sink to the level he preached of. Everything they did, they did to secure a future for their kingdom, and they did nothing more. It would have been easier to obliterate him, I'm sure - and yet she didn't. Ultimately, I'm doubtful that Celestia would have seen fit to leave him the chance to live again unless she really thought there was something in him that could still be redeemed. Why else give him even the shadow of a chance?

In the end, it's when people lambaste and lament how much of a lie the "good" in the world is, that I'm the most certain that it's there. The fact that they can't see the value and pure essentials of their world and kind, if anything serves as evidence of how ubiquitous it is - such that they would raise their standards to a level that treats such decency as a given, as a simple base property of reality from which to evaluate everything relative to. Things like society, technology, family, *any* kind of morality, and even simple courtesy showcase any race's natural sincerity pretty firmly; and that it's treated as a reference frame, that it's a bar whose height the ground itself is said to have been raised to, and that failing to clear it is percieved as the same as digging yourself into the dirt - well, it speaks volumes, doesn't it? It's kinda like how people often forget that the very first thing they're seeing - at any given time - is the light itself, directly in front of their face.

But I've rambled enough. Phenomenal short, Danny - now get back to work or we won't use vaseline tonight :flutterrage:

3214425 There's always his horn.

I want it to be used like the Ring of Power from LotR for an episode saga.

Also, I guess from then on there'd be ghost-stories of that train-car. Aaand that the spirit of King Sombraaaa stiiiil haunts it to this daaaaaaay~!!! Ooooooooooo!

Well, this story takes a pretty different approach from mine, that's for sure. I think it's clearly a better work, but different. I enjoyed "rooting" for Sombra to make it back to ponies, and I liked seeing Twilight's reaction. I also found it interesting that you incorporated Starswirl into things--after all, we did "recently" learn he wasn't much for friendship.

Nice job!

Easily one of the better fics involving Sombra I've read. I felt for him in his last moments, but he remained solidly a villain without undergoing the cheesy redemption that so many stories seem driven to do. Bravo sir.

nice. very nice. almost impeccable. im not an expert, yet i would say this was a successful death scene. really fucks with what the mane six would do afterward, in response to it. there is resolution to be made there, in the sense that perhaps sombra should have told them his name, and if he had, maybe there would have been an after death bit- maybe a few sleepless nights on their part. and even if he had told them his name, Rainbow will have to live with her suspicions forever. strange that they happened to be on the train right then, too, but whos asking those questions, right?
*sigh*. i dont know. i had a really bad day today, and maybe im just pissy, and maybe im just nitpicky. but really good story elaborating on a headcanon of why, perhaps sombra should work as a villain or no, you still cancelled human. and im still upset at you. :fluttershyouch:

This was just great!

Again with the fantastic one-shots! So much here, in these short 4,000 words.

This is utterly fantastic. As a huge Sombra fan, I refuse to believe he died, but if there was ever a death scene I was willing to accept for the King of Shadows, it would be this one.

You are so right, 4657942 , sir! And so beautifully done, DannyJ! The description of his form, the thoughts of his past, the implication of who he might have been when he thought better of it in talking to the Mane 6. Giving Sombra a realistic characterization without being a goofy, campy parody of villany for villany's sake seems beyond many's reach, but YOU accomplish it so well. I am so glad - and a bit teary-eyed - that I found this amazing piece. Well, WELL DONE!

The purpose of the name Sombra used is kind of ironic now that a new character has popped up


As I recall, it was actually a fairly popular name for OCs before season five. I also worked with a friend of mine on a story where the protagonist was a stallion named Starlight, and we were far from the only ones with a character named that.

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