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    • T Just Dodge!
      Lyra thinks Discord is an idiot for not thinking to dodge when the Elements of Harmony were about to strike him. Discord thinks this is the perfect opportunity for a game.
      DannyJ · 10k words  ·  1,833  22 · 17k views
    • T Rest in Chaos
      How would a being like Discord want to be remembered after he's gone? Well, if you're curious, he did actually write a will. To the surprise of nobody, its contents are bizarre and mildly disturbing.
      DannyJ · 1.6k words  ·  1,773  22 · 17k views
    • T World of Traitors
      Imprisoned in Tartarus once more, Tirek tries to rationalise what he did.
      DannyJ · 1.1k words  ·  171  1 · 2.3k views
    • T When Suddenly a Manticore...
      So what is the deal with all these humans who go to the Everfree Forest and fight manticores anyway? Well sit down, kids, and let grandpa tell you the whole story.
      DannyJ · 7.3k words  ·  324  6 · 3.3k views