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This story is a sequel to Agent Redwood

The changelings were the one great threat that nopony saw coming. For the Equestrian Intelligence Service, life is about to get much more complicated.

Reading the previous story is not necessary.

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Comments ( 7 )

Certainly a neat mix of letters, though curious where it will go in regards to everything if it keeps to this style.

This is a tad bit odd. This style leaves me both confused and interested; or rather said, interested due to the confusion.
Overall, I'd like to see what comes next, if only yo understand it,

I love this. Looks like you are using the comic origins on the changlings, but making it so individual drones can reproduce. Malevolence certainly lives up to his name. I wonder why they haven't tried mind control on their changling captives yet?


Borderworld changelings are capable of reproducing, but generally don't, except to replace their dead. It's population control so that the hive's resources aren't stretched too thin. At least, that's what they're like in present times. But, remove the hivemind from the equation, and you get the changelings we see in To Keep the Fire Burning: full individualis, living in nuclear families, who occasionally go feral and tear people's throats out.

This can only end well....:facehoof:

Ohh this universe is interesting.

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