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This story is a sequel to The Lone Wolf of Equestria

Two years have passed since Logan, a werewolf from another dimension, was taken from his world by Celestia.

However, Celestia's search for him is put on hold by a startling discovery; the return of the Crystal Empire!

In this re-imagining of The Crystal Empire Two Parter, Logan and the Mane Six must set aside their conflict and work together to keep the Empire safe from the Dark King Sombra. All while Logan seeks out the Crystal Heart, believing it might be the key to returning him home.

Special thanks to Ashley Bailey for the cover art.

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Fighting dogs, heck yeah. Upvotes

I don't think Logan is going to keep that promise, although I don't think he will do anything for the citizens of the empire, make a deal with Sombra or leave the empire helpless implies putting the main six in danger and Logan admitted that he cares about them

YES! Twilight eyes are open!

She had eyes? I thought she just followed Celestia's voice.

Twilight in my opinion has a Mental illness of some sort Celestia Manipulates her all the time

This is gosh darn interesting. I hope he sticks to the mindset of opening the ponies eyes of Celestias ploys and games.
Here's hoping that he sticks to his word about going home. Not like him giving up the CH, but something else preventing hime fromantic going home. Hmms

“More importantly,” Rainbow Dash said, “You think you can take him on alone?”

As much as I would like to imagine that they would fight, he's most likely going to do the right thing.

Twilight better keep those hooves where they are and not let what he did get to her head unless she wants a face full of paw.

This is going great!

Damn. Part of me wants him to the right thing, and there's that teeny tiny part that wants him to say Fuck it! and use it anyway.

Yay, my heroes back, I've been in the field past 2 weeks so I missed all the updates. I'm hoping myself that he can somehow pull his remaining packmates into Equestria, but I dont see that happening.

Damn this is good. I like it when the character doesn't immediately forgive like a pansy

Will Logan find a way back to his pack, will Logan and Celestia ever get along? Stay tuned to find out for the next exciting episode of dragon ball z--- I mean The Lone Wolf of Equestria

It’s obvious why you named him Logan, and I like it

Yikes, instead of Twilight learning an important lesson, Logan literally shoved said lesson down her throat. I really hope Twi comes out a stronger pony after that, or at least in one piece.

Well Twilight just got fed a bitter knowledge sandwich.

Those were some wonderfully horrifying liberties you took.

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