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2162655 Indeed you did comment a bit harshly, but your words are true. Its eazy to see you ment well. Also, good luck with collage! May you learn much stuff and things. haha. Possibly writing a story for my group? *sqees and hits vape* Thats awesome! *Uhem* *regains composure* Please do. I always love a good fic. Kinda random but, sorry for being so inactive. I just got a free borderlands download last week and its got me hooked. Anyways, im off to go fic hunting. Talk to ya soon. -The Shipshelf

2162165 oh! address unknown was actually the one i was worried about! it wasnt my most restrained self:twilightsheepish:. i like to think ive matured since that one. well, that and the infamous echo the diamond dog (still scared to look back there). if you seriously think im still good, then thank you again for being such a forgiving judge of character :heart:. i will certainly give the notion a lot of thought before i decline writing something for your group. i was actually tossing around the idea of writing something this summer, before i start college; sort of a "goodbye master thesis" to the fandom before i dont have any time to do anything like read ponies. i think it'd be good practice for my eventual workload, and it may as well be a shipfic. i'm particularly fond of both pinkiemac and lunacord, though i wont be shy to do others (depending on inspiration).
i write in my spare time, and i never really felt the need to post anything. a good romance will definitely be a step away from the heroic fantasy that is usually my dalliance of choice.
ill get back to you soon?

2161762 Anytime. The comments that stick out in my mind the most are on chapter four of "Address unknown." You hit the down sides of that story on the head, and they are: The fast growth of innuendos early in the story, many characters acting out of character, and the fact that the plot twists did not make ends meet, but the thing that i loved most about your input was that i think it made "Remedy" discover what was making his story bland. Let me tell you, this story makes a wonderful comeback, thus it is now part of the Shipshelf, and i think you had a hand in that. Also, will do, digging is what i do best when not actively looking for new shipfics to add to the shelf. Talk to ya soon- The Shipshelf

2159409 really? Thanks! Which stories? I confess to not being well versed in the norms of shipfics, as I am much more a fantasy/scifi man, but I hope some of the things I said made sense to some people.
Also, before you welcome me with open arms, I would just like to say that a few years ago I was a much more self-righteous person. Do some more digging before you invite me to do anything. Thanks!

So i have been looking at a few of your comments on a handful of shipfics, i love your points of veiw, very detailed. The "Shipshelf" approves. Do let me know if you start a story of your own, i would love to read and reveiw it.- The Shipshelf

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