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Frost Pillar

I like The Light, magical ponies and knights.


This story is a sequel to In Want for a Wand

On his search for Twilight Sparkle, Darren Houndslayer discovers King Sombra's horn and unwittingly resurrects the tyrant. As Sombra, confused and weakened, confronts him, Darren begins to wonder if it might be better to reform an evil king instead of killing him for good. Meanwhile, a young colt discovers dark powers that are disturbingly alike to Sombra's, enabling him to lay waste to the entire Crystal Empire...

4th installment of the Twilight Goes To Dalaran series.
Knowledge of World of Warcraft is not necessary to understand the story.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 8 )

See, when you said death knight, I was hoping for Lord Soth. I am disappoint.

He is immediately whipped into the smoke by gusts of ice cold wind and thrust across a great distance. The magic of the Gate whirles him across space and spits him back out before he realizes it.

Me when with the hot girls : img.memecdn.com/medieval-knight-problems_o_4654419.jpg

I don't know what that has has to do with my comment.

One, Does Not go disappointed so easily to be persuaded

But I am, and that's not changing.

Once again into equestria. Oh that horn is going to cause him so much trouble...

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