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This story is a sequel to Knights of Ice and Crystal

Danger is looming on the Other Side! The Trolls of the Darkspear Tribe want to summon the Loa of the Grave to find answers. But instead of their Loa, they get the spirit of a pegasus, along with Former Death Knight Darren Houndslayer and his little pony protegé Eclipse. As a human, Darren is less than welcome in the lands of the Horde - while Eclipse, cut off from his family in the Crystal Empire, is trying not to succumb to the dark powers inside of him. They rush off to safer shores - but how safe are those really? Meanwhile, Twilight and her friends frantically look for a way to bring Darren, Eclipse and Levinia back home...

5th installment of the Twilight Goes to Dalaran series (but you can start here if you want to).
Knowledge of World of Warcraft is not necessary to understand the story.

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A human, a troll, a ghost and a pony walks into a bar...

Why do I have feeling that Nylene will end up in Equestria?

Just wait a few minutes that the birds despawn

A funny thought - but Respawning is just a game mechanic so I don't use it in the novel. Like resurrection which is actually extremely rare in WoW lore.

It was fun to make up a postage and banking system that works silimar to the one in-game. The idea is a magical postbox network that uses micro-portals for instant messaging if the letter is marked with a special stamp or sigil. And if the (expensive) mark is not there, people have to send letters the common way because the letter stays in the box until a mailperson collects it.

I always imagined Eclipse with a longer mane heh

Please tell me that is not Medivh. Is he gonna bring the omen regarding Sylvannas destroying the Helm of Domination and then sending the Mawsworn to kidnap Anduin?

It's not Medivh, he don't have that kind of time.

Khadgar got a lot of experience with portals, makes sense it's the first thing he'd ask about.
But generally his experience with portals is failing to close them properly.

Humm, so if Varian is missing, are we in Shadowlands already? That'd be bad. That'd mean that that arguably the most powerful human priest is incommunicado, which is a bit of a problem when the Light is going to be needed eventually.

Actually, it's Anduin who is missing. His father Varian died in battle against the Legion at the Broken Shore.
That aside, yes, they will need the help of a priest or a similar class for the portal.

Was that a SAO Abridged reference I spotted?

Oh cool, Levinia got free Intel just before the ritual...

Let's hope the ritual works. Domination items are not fond of relinquishing their captives.

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