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"You can kill a person with an apartment just as well as with an axe." (Heinrich Zille)


  • T Dead Heart

    Now Priest is stuck in Equestria, an undead in the midst of colorful ponies. And then there are rumors of a ghost...  · Leila Drake
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  • T Twilight throws an Axe

    Twilight and her new friends go into a tavern. There are orcs and alcohol. A little WoW crossover.  · Leila Drake
    3,647 words · 326 views  ·  14  ·  3  · 

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After a portal experiment goes terribly wrong, Twilight finds herself on a strange world. She has no idea how to get back home. Maybe her new friends, a young tauren and an undead, might be able to help her. But can she really trust anybody in a world where true friendship is a rarity?

Rated "teen" because of violence and language. Knowledge of the Warcraft universe is not necessary to understand the short story - but it might make reading it more fun. I made all the pictures and took the screenshots. World of Warcraft belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.

First Published
14th Feb 2014
Last Modified
14th Feb 2014

This can't BE complete yet!

Seems like I confused the buttons. But to be honest, the story is complete and I'll post the chapters this week. :twilightblush:

Interesting. Let's have a look.

Thanks for a fun story! I've recently began to play WoW again, which made it funnier for me.:pinkiesmile:

>>4697844 If this is a suggestion to print the story, I cannot do that at the moment. Yet. But I could make a pdf file or something... Hm...

>>4698055 I'm sorry I should have put the phrase in a way you understand. I said that his story seems a little book! The story hooks you, most made ​​me remember little books.:pinkiehappy:

I started reading this story before I got an account. Thus I lost track of it awhile ago. As I had forgotten the name, I was unable to simply look it up.

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