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After a portal experiment goes terribly wrong, Twilight finds herself on a strange world. She has no idea how to get back home. Maybe her new friends, a young tauren and an undead, might be able to help her. But can she really trust anybody in a world where true friendship is a rarity?

Rated "teen" because of violence and language. Knowledge of the Warcraft universe is not necessary to understand the short story - but it might make reading it more fun. World of Warcraft belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.

Chapters (13)
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This can't BE complete yet!

Seems like I confused the buttons. But to be honest, the story is complete and I'll post the chapters this week. :twilightblush:

Interesting. Let's have a look.

Thanks for a fun story! I've recently began to play WoW again, which made it funnier for me.:pinkiesmile:

4697844 If this is a suggestion to print the story, I cannot do that at the moment. Yet. But I could make a pdf file or something... Hm...

4698055 I'm sorry I should have put the phrase in a way you understand. I said that his story seems a little book! The story hooks you, most made ​​me remember little books.:pinkiehappy:

I started reading this story before I got an account. Thus I lost track of it awhile ago. As I had forgotten the name, I was unable to simply look it up.

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