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Mister Horncastle

British voice actor, filmmaker, gamer, and author of The Titans' Orb. I love Doritos.



The Titans' Orb is a magical stone created by the Titans of Harmony to protect Equestria from otherworldly threats. After a demigod from Tartarus breaks loose, the Orb is stolen and transported to Planet Earth, where it shatters into six pieces, scattering across the globe. The Mane Six are ordered by Princess Celestia to retrieve it at once, for all of Equus is now in grave danger.

Meanwhile on Earth, there lives a boy named Callum, recently fatherless and enduring the torment of an abusive family. He is soon to discover that the fictional characters from his beloved T.V show, are not so fictional.
Alongside his new-found companions, he is soon to embark upon the greatest adventure on Earth.
To find The Titans' Orb.

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Very interesting intro to the story itself

I can see the story has been redone but this shall make it better then it was, i liked the other one but i cant wait to see what you come out with in this one

It's the same story, I just wanted to add a prologue, you'll be seeing chapter 1 agian soon enough.

You killed off Flash Sentry. I love this story already. :rainbowlaugh:

3480259 what made you want to redo your story?

3481401 I dunno...
I just really wanted a little prologue at the beginning, plus I wanted to introduce that evil creature.
And also you get to learn about the Titan's Sword early.

Another thing, I wanted to introduce that new language, could you translate it?

First person to comment the translation get's an early copy of chapter 4. :pinkiehappy:

One thing that bugs me after rereading this: if Callum gave Chili the leftover sausage from a previous dinner, and the mane six have been spying on him, shouldn't they already know he (and therefore all humans) eat meat? :rainbowhuh:

After Chilli goes outside and spooks them, Twi had to use her magic to zap her, right?
That means there is nopony there to look at the monitor.

And they don't watch Callum 24 / 7, they do other things now and then.

Plus, IF they saw the sausage, how would they know it's meat?
For all they know, it's a weird type of carrot, they'd only been on Earth for a week, so they don't know what type of food actually exists yet.

BOOM! Science!
But I admire your investigation, and clever thinking.
And for that, you get a moustache. :moustache:

3494261 That brings up another question: how exactly does the monitoring spell work? You never say exactly how it works (unless you plan on elaborating on it in a later chapter).

I'm saving that explanation for a nice, quiet evening with a campfire.

["Anything bad happens and your to blame."] *you're

Also, another thing is bothering me. The story of MLD goes over a span of 15 years(in the human world), and I believe one part of the story mentions that the show had ended. When exactly does this take place? Also, does one human year=one pony day like it did in MLD?

The '1 year = 1 day' rule is in place in this fic as well.
This takes place during season 3. So Twilight is NOT a princess.
Basically, imagine if Magical Mystery Cure was replaced by this fic. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the grammar check, I've fixed it now. :twilightsmile:

Excellent! I will keep tabs on this story, as I do with the other stories that I would prefer to keep track of.
And it's 'M'am' in my case, by the way.

Geez Twilight. :fluttershysad: How long is she going to act like that?

Hmmm... I knew twilight would try to do something to him, poor callum, i would hate to kill anything.

Can't wait to see the Mane Five hate Twilight for that.

Hmmm. Twilight seems almost too callous when she told them how to kill the clone. If I was Callum, I would watch my back If Twi ever has a knife. :rainbowlaugh:

... what atrocities has Celestia told her? it seems like the sort of stuff she was told would make me agree that this world is bad, but make me rebut that every rose has its thorns and that no sentient being is perfect

"Do you have a picture of the house? A visual help the spell to be more accurate, or at least a description." She asked.
{What a nice coincidence.} I thought to myself as I took my phone out of my pocket. I got the picture of the house up and showed it to Twilight.

this is the one thing that bothers me about this chapter is why would he take a photo of his friends house?

I haven't been there much, I don't want to get the wrong house.

Also, it shows why I have a picture just a paragraph up from that.

I jotted down all the coordinates and took a picture of his house on my mobile phone, which was in my pocket, just so I knew what his house looked like when I got there.

3602703 oh hehe sorry I didn't see that

Tis' alright laddie! :pinkiehappy:

By the way, is there anything you would like to see in the chapters to come?
I am happy to hear out any suggestions.
PM me if you have any, and it might get added to the story.

Hey. Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Listen!Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.Hey.HEy.Hey.Hey.Hey.


I've been VERY busy, but there will be more as soon as possible...

I reckon that the reaction of Callum's family to ths would be pretty interesting. At the moment we just know that she is careless and a drunk, maybe this could be where we see her true side.

This shall be quite the journey... and it will show the ponies what humans are like... Both sides most likely

Personally, I thik that Twi should have conflicting emotions when Callum talks about our world. I feel she should be curious for a second, then douse the curiosity with her anger toward humans.

I like that idea...
I like that idea, a lot!

Expect to see this trait further on...

Would you kindly continue the fucking fic because I enjoy it a lot thanks

Oh my, such language... :fluttershbad:

I am trying, but I'm a VERY busy guy.
Chapter 7 is on it's way though, I promise you that.

Excuse my language. Its just such a good story but I understand you're busy so it might be hard to continue it. Anyways, still excited for chapter 7! Cants wait (:

Lookslike someone's a fan of Jappleack

He should just tell coward horse that he eats meat

I would need them for protein, I guessed I wouldn't be eating meat for a while.

Yes, because Fluttershy, whose talent involves taking care of animals (including carnivores), would surely freak out

"Yee haw! Buck yeah!"

Don't you mean Fuck yeah? The are no swears in Equestria

Really thus dude is such a freaking doormate FFS Stand up for yourself :derpyderp2:

For those of us who use the English system, 85 kilograms equals 187 pounds (rounded to the nearest pound).

Fatty. :ajsmug:

And I'm BIG BONED!!!!
With a 44 inch chest!

You AND Rainbow Dash can STFU! :twilightangry2:


3966051 The angry Twilight emocon goes perfectly with this story.


They're going to South America?! :pinkiegasp:

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