• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a sad, violent life in the human world... But that is soon to change as he meet some unexpected visitors that will change his life.

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Chapter Twenty Nine - The Bigger They Are...

Get up the stairs, quickly!” I ordered.

The girls ran as fast as they could, I took one look at the gigantic creature before running after them; without warning, a giant fleshy tentacle shot past me and demolished the stairwell, leaving me with nowhere to run; I was trapped.

Callum!” Dashie cried from the platform above.

I had no time to think, I looked up and saw another tentacle coming down to crush me; I dived out of the way just in time before the monster’s appendage slammed into the ground, cracking the concrete around it.
I had no other option to run towards the creature, I vaulted a broken pillar and dodged another tentacle by jumping up onto a broken platform. That was when I finally got a proper view at the beast; its body was just a gigantic mass of dark red flesh, giant tentacles emitted from random points all over it; the creature’s head was just a giant maw with about six layers of jagged teeth made from various human bones. None of these features were as horrifying as what I noticed next; all over the creature were small body parts, arms, hands and legs merged with the fleshy mass; mutated faces stuck out of the body and were all staring at me; all the workers at the factory appeared to have been absorbed into Elephant’s Foot, creating one gigantic radioactive super mutant…

{Well that explains where the bodies went…} I though with disgust.

The orb shard was lodged in the right side of the monster’s head, it could be possible to retrieve it with a bullet it I shot it in the right place; but to hit a moving target whilst being attacked by giant tentacles wasn’t exactly an easy task.

{Think Callum, think!}

I looked around frantically, before a tentacle shot under my platform and flipped it, sending me flying into the air; I screamed as I was launched backwards and hit the ground with a great thud, I cried in pain and rolled a few times before coming to a halt. I coughed and tried to get to my feet, when Twilight yelled down to me.

Callum look out!

I didn’t have time to look behind me and put my trust into Twilight as I dived to my right as the next tentacle shot towards me, missing me by mere inches. The colossal mutant roared, shaking the floor and causing debris to fall from the ceiling. At the moment I was just running and dodging, I was wearing myself out; I needed to start retaliating, I pulled out Wrinkleboom and prepared myself.

The next tentacle came from above and I dodged to the side as the fleshy tree trunk hit the ground, I shot the appendage at point blank range with both rounds and a large chunk of dark meat explodes out, thick purple blood splattered everywhere as the tentacle was lifted upwards and shook around in distress.

“Yeah! That hurt didn’t it!?” I growled.

The living Elephant’s Foot opened its wide maw and extended its teeth, out of its mouth came a huge long tongue with thousands human fingers all over it, wriggling aimlessly. The creature roared with rage as it retracted the tentacle I'd shot.

“Well fuck me! You’re almost as ugly as my mother!” I laughed and reloaded the shotgun.

A tentacle shot at me and I dived out of the way, commando rolling as I hit the ground so I could use my momentum to get back to my feet. A second tentacle smashed the ground next to me and I quickly blasted another gaping hole into it; the appendage recoiled in pain and thrashed around, spraying luminous purple blood everywhere. I made sure to dodge any blood coming my way, I may be radiation-proof for the moment, but I had no idea what chemical compounds it contained, it could be acidic for I knew.
More and more tentacles flew my way; I kept myself on the move and shot each one that attempted to hit me. With each tentacle I took down, another two went for me; this monster was clearly going to be a tough cookie.

Callum! I don’t think shotgun rounds are going to kill this thing! You’re just pissing it off!” Twilight yelled.

I think it’s already pissed off Twiley!” I hollered back.

How do you know if you can even kill this thing!?

If it bleeds, it can die!” I growled angrily.

I clicked Wrinkleboom’s barrel back into place with two fresh shells in the chamber; I had to stop going for the tentacles and start taking out this thing’s body. I ran towards the beast and dodged the next tentacle that slammed into the ground ahead; the creature was evidently trying harder to kill me. As I approached the great pit, another thick tentacle smacked the ground in front of me; I jumped forward onto the fleshy arm and held my balance as it slithered backwards, allowing me to surf right up to the main body. I came face to face a human head, merged with the rest of the mass. He screamed with rage and his bulging bloodshot eyes rolled to look at me, they looked like they were going to explode due to their size, it was a wonder they were still in the skull’s eye sockets. I didn’t think twice before shooting the head, causing it to explode like a boil; bright green glowing radioactive puss oozed out of the hole left behind and the beast thrashed about, the tentacle I was standing on shook violently and I was thrown into the air, I fell right into the creature’s body and a few of the merged faces growled and tried to bite me as I slid down the fleshy mass, thankfully the soft flesh had broken my fall and I quickly jumped to the floor below, I turned around just as a tentacle smacked into me and sent me a few metres into the air, completely knocking the wind out of me, I twisted my body in mid-air to ensure I landed on my feet and skidded along the ground, sending dust and ash up from the crushed concrete.

I had a plan to shoot all the human heads off the body, as they appeared to still function and were perhaps the monster’s souce of vision, if I could blind it, I’d have a better chance of fighting it head-on.

“Where’s a grenade when you need one?” I panted.

I reloaded Wrinkleboom and dodged the next tentacle that came my way; I then ran back to the body and started taking out the heads around the base of the body, thankfully the tentacles would momentarily thrash in random directions with each head I took out, giving me time to reload the shotgun and find the next head to shoot.

“This would be so much easier if this thing were semi-automatic!” I grunted as another tentacle came crashing down, almost turning me into a red squishy paste.

I was able to blow up two heads with the same blast and the monster roared louder than ever, thrashing about savagely and throwing its tentacles in every direction, it extended its enormous tongue and the little fingers wriggled around even more so, as if they were all separate living creatures. I looked inside the gaping hole I’d created in the body and noticed something; a cluster of beating human hearts.

{This thing is using human organs to function!} I thought with horror.

While I was distracted by this horrifying detail, a thinner tentacle smacked Wrinkleboom out of my hands and wrapped itself around my right wrist. Before I could do anything, another larger tentacle smashed the ground next to me, breaking the shotgun into pieces, Wrinkleboom was no more.

Fuck!” I growled.

I tried to break free of the appendage around my wrist and pulled back as hard as I could, to no avail it began to drag me closer to the body and started lifting me into the air. I yelled with pain as my arm was suddenly given the burden of my entire bodyweight; I pulled Ingeo’s pistol from its holster and shot the faces yelling at me from the creature’s body, hoping it’d cause the tentacle to drop me; while it thrashed me around, its grip only tightened.

“Ooh, I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going!” I yelped as it lifted me higher.

I held the pistol to the appendage and tried shooting that instead, I was splattered with hot purple blood and the tentacle finally released me; I fell through the air only to be caught by another, bigger tentacle. It wrapped itself around my body and squeezed me tightly, forcing me to drop the pistol and become completely defenceless; I howled in agony as I felt the pressure around my waist and chest become more and more intense, if it squeezed me any harder my organs would certainly rupture.

“Callum!” Rainbow Dash yelled at the top of her lungs.

She jumped down from the ledge and charged to the monster, desperate to aid me; I could do nothing but watch as multiple tentacles shot towards her, she was able to dodge most of them, but one of them was able to wrap around her hind leg and lift her into the air as well before flinging her across the chamber; as her wings were bound and featherless she could do nothing but flail around in mid-air before crashing into a pile of metal debris, concrete dust engulfed the area and she disappeared.


I thrashed about as hard as I could and kicked at the arm ensnaring me, its grip only tightened and it held me upside down and shook me violently, it flipped me back up and I went limp, stunned by the sudden shaking. The tentacle lifted me up towards the monster’s mouth, it opened its gigantic maw and extended its teeth again; the disgusting tongue rose up from the back of its throat and slowly approached me, twitching side to side like a snake; the little tentacles on the tongue danced around screeching, almost as though they were rooting for the rest of its hideous being to hurry up and kill me. That’s when the tip of the tongue peeled backwards like some type of foreskin, as the flesh unravelled. it revealed a second mouth, this wasn’t a tongue at all; it was in fact the creature’s real head!

Let me go you colossal two-faced cunt!” I growled angrily as I once again attempted to struggle.

The second mouth was nothing but a giant set of jagged black pincers with rows of razor sharp spikes all along the inside, if they were to get a hold of me, I would be torn up into chunks in mere seconds.
The tentacle brought me closer and closer to the pincers, I was dangling just outside the first gigantic maw; I thought it was all over when I heard a gunshot. Before I knew what was happening, I was suddenly shaken around savagely before being thrown into the air; by sheer luck I smashed through the window of the upper floor and skidded across the floor, I hit a large control panel and came to an abrupt halt. I sat there dazed for a moment before Twilight poked my arm.

“Are you alright?” She asked, worried.

“Me no likey the biggy octopus monster…” I moaned dizzily.

She held out her hoof and helped me up, I bent over and recovered my breath and strength; that’s when Twilight gasped, I looked at her to find she was staring at my left arm; I lifted the arm up to see a big shard of glass sticking out of my wrist, thick blood all over it, along with numerous trails of blood trickling down to my hand and dripping from my fingertips onto the floor.

“Well, there goes my anti-radiation…” I growled.

I held onto the shard and yanked it out of my arm, I gasped with pain and more blood leaked from my wrist and began to coat my lower arm. The blood wasn’t flowing out of my arm too quickly, so I had thankfully not broken any of my arteries; I took Vladimir’s knife and quickly cut the sleeve off my shirt, I then wrapped it around the large gash and tied it as tightly as I could so no more blood would escape.

“It’s just a flesh wound, I’ll be okay.” I grunted.

Before Twilight could reply, there were more gunshots and we both ran to the window; right at the back of the reactor room, up on a ledge was the sniper from my dream, in the same black metal suit. In one hand was some type of sub-machine gun, spraying bullets into the Elephant Foot’s body, destroying the mutated heads one by one; in his other hand was a sword, it shone a bright cyan blue and sliced through the attacking tentacles like a hot knife through butter.

“Who is that guy?” Twilight muttered.

“I don’t know… But I want that sword...” I replied.

While we had no clue who this mysterious winged man was, he was clearly here to help…

“I need to find Rainbow Dash.” I said as I ran to the ledge.

“But your arm! The radiation will leak into your body!” Twilight warned me.

“Rainbow Dash could be dying under that debris, if not dead already! Is that a risk you want to take? Since when did you care about me?” I growled.

“Since… No! I don’t care about you, but I can't deny that I need your help!” She spat.

I turned my back to her and jumped down from the ledge; I quickly ran to the debris pile and pulled pipes and other scrap metal out of the way until I finally found a light blue leg. I pulled everything else away and dragged Dashie from the heap; bright red blood oozed out from a large cut on the side of her head, and her body was limp.

No…” I choked.

I was distracted by a roar and turned around to see the monster lurching towards the sniper’s platform and smashing it to pieces; for a moment I thought he had been killed, only to see him jump forward from the dust cloud and slide down one of the tentacles, jumping effortlessly from one tentacle to the next to aid his descent. He landed on the creature’s head, very nearly being swallowed. As the beast thrashed its head and opened its mouth to extend its smaller second head, the sniper quickly dropped down underneath the rows of teeth and gripped onto the Titan’s Orb shard, before using his sword to cut it loose. He slid down the creature’s body and ran straight past me, he pulled a strange contraption out from his belt and threw it up to the control room where Twilight was hiding safely.

“What are you doing?” I called to him.

He turned to face me, before pointing to a large power switch on the other side of the reactor chamber; he then held his empty hand out and then pointed to himself, indicating for me to wait for his signal. A tentacle came towards him and he quickly used his sword to slice it in half, he grabbed hold of the mutilated appendage and was flung up into the air; that’s when my question was answered, my dream was true; he really did have wings. A pair of gigantic white feathered wings extended outwards from his back and he flapped them a few times to help him reach the top of the chamber, where he placed the orb shard in the centre of the broken reactor. Keeping his wings open, he glided down to another control panel and removed a device identical to the one he threw up to Twilight. He opened a box on the front of the panel and slammed the device into a large hole that fitted the device perfectly.

Twilight! Put that device inside the control panel!” I yelled.

I had no idea what this guy was planning, but he certainly seemed to know what he was doing.

“Where!?” Twilight screeched with frustration.

“In a hole on the panel; there’s a box you have to open!”

“I can’t see it!”

“Would you like me to ask this monster to stop trying to kill us, so I can come up there and help you?” I sarcastically shouted up to her.

A tentacle shot towards me and I had to dive out of the way, it caught my leg and yanked me onto the ground, I quickly slashed it with Kroksbane and it let go.

“Describe what it looks like! I don’t see anywhere I can put this device!” Twilight yelled.

Just use your fucking eyes, you retarded horse!” I boomed.

Another tentacle slithered around my waist and I stabbed it with the knife, it let go and yanked upwards; as the knife was still stuck into it, I was pulled up with it before the whole appendage split into two halves.

“I found it, it’s in there!” Twilight yelled.

I looked to the sniper to see him under attack by multiple tentacles, one caught him off guard and smacked him out of the air and he crashed into a pillar nearby; I ran to him and helped up him up to his feet.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

He nodded and pointed to the power switch, before sprinting back towards the monster and continued to dismember the numerous appendages. I ran over to the power switch and pulled it down, there was a deep boom from the reactor core and I saw the lights around the room light up, the building had power...

The sniper pulled out some sort of grenade and pulled the pin, before throwing it into the reactor; he flew down to me and grabbed me by the waist, lifting me into the air and flying me back to the upper room with Twilight.
He dropped me and then jumped back down to fetch Rainbow Dash and carry her up to us. As he put her down, he removed two large syringes and injected one of them into Rainbow Dash, he handed the other to me and gestured for me to inject myself; I quickly stuck the needle into my left arm and squirted whatever substance it contained into my body. With that, the sniper saluted to me and ran up the stairs and presumably left the building.

Twilight and I turned back to the window and watched as the tentacles grew closer and closer to us. Suddenly the reactor core began to emit a bright blue light, sparks and bolts of electricity shot out from it before a high pitched screaming sound emitted from it, the sound got higher and higher pitched until the reactor burst into bright blue flames; the orb shard within the reactor concentrated the energy into a laser beam that shot directly into the monster below it. The beast roared and screeched as the laser burned right through its head and into its body; the tentacles whipped around savagely, smacking aimlessly into everything around them. The laser continued burning into it until the light eventually faded and all the power ran out; the laser vanished and the creature crashed into the ground, twitching slightly before ceasing to move at all; dark smoke puffed out from the massive hole in its head and bright green glowing puss oozed out from it; the beast had been vanquished...

“We did it... We actually killed it...” Twilight breathed.

“I told you it could die...” I panted with a weak smile.

Twilight huffed with amusement, before she began to giggle; I too began to chuckle. The both of us then burst into laughter and hugged each other with delight, we laughed and laughed. When the laughter died down, we quickly stood apart and cleared our throats, not looking at one another; refusing to acknowledge the fact we'd just got along together.

“So, do you think Dashie will be okay?” I asked her.

“I don’t know, but she’s breathing okay.” She replied.

I squatted down and put two fingers to her neck, her pulse was going at a normal rate; she appeared to just be unconscious.

“She’ll be okay, but she’s going to have one hell of a headache when she wakes up...” I told her.

She sighed with relief and went over to the window, pointing to the reactor core.

“You need to go and retrieve the orb shard.”

I nodded and climbed down the ledge, approaching the dead and defeated Elephant’s Foot.

{Hm, more like Elephant’s Tusk...} My conscience muttered.

I prodded one of the fleshy tentacles but there was no response; the creature was indeed, dead. I walked over to the body and began to climb over the spongy mass, careful not to accidentally stick my fingers into the mutated faces attached to the creature, they did however provide useful footholds to work my way up to the top of the mass.

When I reached the top, the reactor was about half a metre out of reach, I jumped for it and just missed it; as I landed on the giant corpse the squishy body sunk in before pushing back up like a trampoline, giving me an extra boost in my second jump. I grabbed onto a metal bar and pulled myself into the reactor, much to my surprise none of the metal was hot from the laser blast, I placed a hand on the edge of the reactor core to find it was ice cold.

“That’s freaky…” I muttered.

I clambered up into the edge of the reactor and spotted the orb shard, it glimmered in the light and looked just as beautiful as the first. I reached in and grabbed the second part of the relic; the instant my skin made contact with the shard there was a white flash and I briefly saw a bright blue creature, it had two pony eyes and third human eye in between.

Half a second later, the image was gone and I slipped and fell out of the reactor, I landed on my side and sunk a few inches into the jelly-like flesh of the monster, I bounced back up before rolling down the body, eventually making contact with the hard ground; I stood up and looked at the orb shard in my hand.

“What the hell was that?” I blurted out to myself.

I brushed myself off and headed back towards the ledge.

“Twilight, head’s up!” I warned as I threw the shard up to her.

I wall-jumped to the ledge and pulled myself up, a pain shot through my wrist and I looked to see the torn shirt sleeve hadn’t made a very good bandage as it had already bled through; I unsheathed Kroksbane and cut off my other sleeve, I removed the other bandage and tied the new one on much tighter and more efficiently. I walked over to Twilight as she put the shard into her saddlebag; she tightened her straps and turned to face me.

“Well retrieved.” She said blankly.

“Couldn’t have done it without you.” I replied with a smile.

“I’m well aware of that.” She snorted.

{Damn it, back to her usual self...} I thought with annoyance.

I looked at the small puncture in my arm and thought about the syringe the sniper had given me and Rainbow Dash, I was curious about its contents; I went over to the syringe and read the label on the side.

“Huh, anti-radiation shot, provides twenty four hours of radiation resistance.” I read aloud.

“I didn’t think it were possible to create a serum like that without magic.” Twilight said.

“Nor did I; something tells me that guy had access to magic, he certainly wasn’t human.” I replied.

“He wasn’t?”

“Not sure if you’d noticed Twilight, but humans don’t have wings.” I pointed out.

“Then what was he?” She asked.

“I have no idea, I’ve never seen anything like it before. Then again, nor have I ever seen zombies, or a giant radiation tentacle rape monster.” I muttered.

She hummed in thought, before crouching over Rainbow Dash.

“What do we do now? Wait for her to wake up?”

I shook my head.

“We have a few hours before it gets dark, we need to find a safe place to stay the night.” I replied.

“Fair enough.” She replied.

I carefully picked up Rainbow Dash and put her on the back of my neck, holding her legs to make sure she didn’t fall off my back. I began to walk to the doorway when Twilight stopped me.

“What about your guns?” She asked.

“Wrinkleboom was smashed to pieces, and the pistol’s been buried under piles of debris, we’re going to need to stick to my knife if things get rough.” I answered.

Twilight’s horn lit up and Kroksbane levitated out of its sheath and floated in front of me.

“Some of my mana has regenerated, so I can use your knife if need be.” She said with a disgruntled look.

“Appreciated.” I replied with a nod, grabbing the knife from the air and sheathing it again.

I carried Rainbow Dash up the stairs and out of the building, we left the courtyard and headed back the way we came; the road seemed a little too clear for my liking, that's when I noticed the bodies littered all across the sides of the road, there wasn’t a single drop of blood, but instead the smell of burning meat.

“What happened here?” Twilight asked.

“Beats me…” I hummed.

We kept moving until we heard the sound of a zombie screaming in pain before dying out, we looked around the corner of the road to see the sniper running from zombie to zombie, attacking them with his bare hands; however each blow he gave the zombies sent them flying back and expelling a shower of sparks; suggesting his suit had some form of electrical weaponry.

"He's clearing the way for us." Twilight pointed out.

“How polite.” I said merrily.

Without warning a zombie came down from the building above us and slammed into the ground, large claw marks gashed through its chest; that’s when we looked up and saw it…

“Hey, it’s Sir Kill’a’lot!” I beamed.

The creature lifted its head into the sky and roared, the sound was deafening; the zombies attacking the sniper stopped and looked up at the beast before running away in terror; this creature was so scary that even the radioactive undead had come to fear it!

“What do we do?” Twilight whimpered.

I looked at the sniper, who looked at me and nodded. He drew his shining sword and ran to our aid just as the monster jumped down from the building and bared its large teeth. Our guardian angel removed a grenade from his belt and tossed it over to me, and then gestured for us to leave the area immediately.
Twilight levitated the grenade and put it in the side pocket of my rucksack for me, I nodded at the sniper one last time before we ran down the road as fast as we could. I looked back to see the mysterious stranger dodging the creature’s claws and counter-slashing with his sword, I didn’t know if he would win the fight or not, all I knew is that he’d bought us enough time to get the hell out of there.

We’d been moving for a good thirty minutes before I recognised the road ahead, we were getting close to the hotel I previously stayed in; this was good timing as the sky was getting darker and darker, and I didn’t want to wait around to find out what kind of creatures lurked in the night.

“There’s a safe place to sleep not far up ahead.” I told Twilight.

“Where you took refuge last night I assume?” She asked.

I nodded and we continued down the road. Eventually the hotel came into view above the rooftops of the next street, but the night had already arrived; and in the distance we began to hear roars and screeches.

“We need to get to the hotel, now.” I hissed.

“Why are you telling me that? Pick up the pace already!” She growled back.

We hurried along down the road and arrived at the corner, the hotel was only a few houses away; but we didn’t dare move as we heard the loud screech ahead; that’s when a large manhole further down the road opened up and a creature climbed out. We could only make out the silhouette and it appeared to have a human figure, however it was much taller and broader, and its eyes glowed a deep orange.

“What do we do?” Twilight whispered.

“Take Rainbow Dash and get to the hotel, I’ll distract it.” I ordered.

While Twilight didn’t want to carry Dashie, she didn’t want to act as bait for this new type of infected either, so with great effort she was able to carry Rainbow Dash on her back.

“Hide behind this car, and head to the hotel as soon as I pass you.” I told her.

She nodded, and I slowly approached the zombie.

“Excuse me, Mr Zombie?” I politely asked.

The creature turned around and saw me, and I got a good look at it; it was about seven feet tall and had broad bloody shoulders, its ribcage had emerged from its body which created a large row of bone pincers; this feature was nothing compared to the large jaw that unhinged like a snakes, forming a large set of mandibles; each tooth was pointed and designed to tear flesh.

“Hang on, is that you Maria? My ex-girlfriend, right?” I gasped.

The large mutant slowly walked towards me, growling and dribbling green goo.

“Honey, how’ve you been? Have you lost weight? You’re looking much more attractive than when we broke up, how are your boyfriends? All twenty seven of them?” I teased with a large grin.

The zombie stood on its tip-toes before roaring at me.

Alright, twenty eight! Sheesh! I always forget about Barend...” I deadpanned, rolling my eyes.

The creature’s teeth began to extend out of the mandibles until they were all about the length of a finger, and the orange eyes turned red.

Gotta go! Lovely to see you again though!” I shrieked and sprinted back the way I had come.

The zombie gave chase and was clearly a good runner, as it was already gaining on me. I darted to the side of the road and vaulted a few cars to gain some space between us. I whizzed past the car Twilight was hiding behind and kept running, the zombie screeched at me as it got closer and closer.

Run Twilight! RUN!” I screamed.

I ran and ran until I saw a ladder coming out of a building up ahead; I sprinted towards a car ahead and jumped up onto the car and then up to the ladder. I climbed to the top and looked back over the edge of the building to see the zombie had taken the same route and was already halfway up the ladder.

{Oh great! Parkour zombies!} I thought sarcastically.

I jumped across the rooftops back in the direction of the hotel, there was a small walkway that led over the street and allowed me to reach the hotel with ease, I ran across the walkway and curb-stomped the supports afterwards, preventing the zombie from following me. I looked back to see not one, but SEVEN of these parkour zombies on the other side of the street; all roaring and screeching at me.

Ha! Take that suckers!” I laughed.

Just when I thought I was safe, one of the zombies hissed at the other, and in response it went back to the ladder and tore it off its hinges, before carrying it back to the group; they were going to use it as their own walkway.

“Huh, intelligent…” I muttered.

I pulled the sniper’s grenade from my rucksack, pulled the pin and threw it across to the other side before they could put down the ladder. The grenade beeped loudly before emitting a bright blue wave of energy, when the light faded the zombies were all suspended in mid-air, completely unaffected by gravity, almost as if they were frozen in time. A few seconds later they all dropped down like rag dolls, dead.

{That’s fucking weird…} My conscience hummed to himself.

I turned around and traversed the rooftops until I reached the hotel, Twilight was waiting inside with Rainbow Dash by her side, who had finally come around and was rather dazed.

“Dashie!” I sang.

She got up and ran towards me and we embraced in a nice, tender loving hug.

“Thank Celestia you’re safe! Twilight told me everything while I was out!” She told me.

“Oh really, what did she tell you?” I quizzed, curious to what Twilight had said.

“She said you killed the giant monster with the same sniper from earlier, and then you carried me here before luring away some really freaky zombie!” She answered.

“Well, at the end of the day nothing’s scarier or more dangerous than the purple unicorn in this room, so luring the zombie away was just a piece of cake.” I chuckled.

Twilight glared at me and growled.

“See? Scary…” I squeaked.

Rainbow and I burst into laughter, and eventually Twilight finally cracked a smile.

“So, we’re staying here for the night?” Dash asked.

I nodded, and I led them up to the second floor where I slept the first time. We entered the room and took off our bags before getting into bed together; Twilight and I on either side with Rainbow Dash in the middle.

“Goodnight gals.” I smiled as I rolled over and closed my eyes.

“Night dude.” Dashie replied.

Twilight stayed silent, clearly not liking the idea of sharing a bed with me. I ignored the negative vibe and focused on getting to sleep. That’s when a hoof coiled around my belly, and before I knew it I was being spooned by Rainbow Dash.
I was going to tell her to get off, but I was too tired, and if anything I enjoyed the contact and reassurance that I wasn’t alone.

After a good few minutes of feeling Rainbow’s breath on the back of my neck, I eventually faded away into sleep…

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