• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a miserable life on Earth. But that is soon to change, as some unexpected visitors will change his life forever.

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Prologue: Tell Me a Story...

"Mama?" The young filly asked.

Her mother looked down to her precious daughter, so young, and yet so full of life already.

"What is it, my little angel?"

The filly sat there, looking up at her mother with gleaming sparkles in her eyes.

"Why does Princess Celestia do everything?" She innocently asked.

At this, her mother chuckled lightly and rustled the young one's mane.

"Princess Celestia doesn't do everything sweetie, she has other ponies to help her, called advisers. Her sister, Princess Luna used to help a lot before she turned into Nightmare Moon, there used to be a time where they ruled Equestria together. Celestia is very old as well, meaning that she is incredibly smart, and wise."

The filly thought about this for a few seconds, then had another question.

"What happened to Celestia's mummy?"

The filly's mother wasn't sure whether to laugh, or to frown. The Princess of the Sun's foalhood was a very serious topic, she had studied it at the Canterlot University in her youth. She looked at the clock to find it was nearly eight o'clock.

"It's getting late honey, go brush your teeth and get into bed, and I'll tell you all about it."

The filly gasped, another bedtime story! She ran upstairs without uttering another word.
Breathing out through her nose, the mare acknowledged that if she told the story to her foal, she wouldn't hear the end of it for months on end; she shrugged and thought that it could do no harm, besides, it was a brilliant story. Walking into the living room, the mare found her husband explaining the 'birds and the bees' to their son.

"And that's pretty much the basics. Now, if you have any more questions, you ask your mother."

Another puff of air left her nose from both amusement and displeasure, it was rather obvious to what her other half had done, he clearly didn't want to explain all of the detailed procedures in the bedroom, so he thought he could pass it on to her instead.

{Sneaky lil' git.} She thought to herself.

"Mum," her son ran up to her, "what's a labi-"

"Not now, silly!" his father scolded.

The young colt, still curious and full of questions, reluctantly nodded, and scarpered to his room.

"Why hello there, sweet flanks." The stallion said to his wife, in his deep, seductive tone.

Purposefully ignoring his flirting, and went to give him a hug, instead of the kiss he was expecting. Even in their marriage, playing hard to get kept things fun, teasing him was one of her best pastimes when they were alone together; she gave him a small kiss on the neck and then pulled back to face him.

"I've just sent our little angel off to bed, she wants to know about the origin of her royal highness."

The stallion rolled his eyes.

"I swear the only thing she's interested in is learning, she has barely any friends in kindergarten." He said.

"I know," the mare replied, "but you never know, in time it might have some sort of reverse effect, all the other young ones might want to hang out with her if she's the smart one."

The stallion let out a small chuckle, his usual one-syllable 'Hah.

"Since when has anypony liked the smart one? They're just interested in the cool kids who constantly cause ruckus in the classroom. But you're right, you never know, she might make friends with another one of the smarties. Just don't expect me to sit there with you, I've done enough explaining for one night."

"So I heard." The mare giggled. "I'll only be ten minutes, then I'm going to bed."

"Straight to sleep?" He hinted.


With that, she pecked her husband on the cheek and headed upstairs, leaving him mildly disappointed.

The little filly's bedroom door opened, revealing her mother.

"I brushed my teeth!" The filly announced.

"Show me."

Baring her teeth, her mother inspected them and then planted a kiss on her forehead, satisfied. She tucked her daughter in and sat down beside the bed, resting against the bedside table.

"Are you going to tell me a story?"

"Yes, and it's a very special story."

While the filly wriggled into a comfortable position, her mother pondered on how she was going to word the fable, it was rather complex and she didn't want to say anything that would confuse her foal too much.

"Alright babe, this story is about how Equestria was made, and where the Princesses came from." She replied.

"Ooh, ooh, tell me!" The young one squeaked, eager to learn.

"Hush now honey... I won't tell you if you don't settle down."

In an instant the filly went limp, and became as silent as a door mouse; she loved learning more than anything in the whole wide world. Her mother couldn't help but be reminded of herself when she was younger.

"Now then-" Her mother started, but was interrupted by her son bursting into the room.

"Ma, can I ask you something?"

Due to what she'd just heard downstairs, it was abundantly clear on what that 'something' was.

"Not right now honey, you can ask me after I've told your sister her bedtime story, off to bed now."

Her son, obediently trotted off to his room; his mother rolled her eyes, then closed the bedroom door with her magic.
She then turned back to her daughter, who was patiently waiting; she nuzzled her foal before beginning her story.

"Alright then sweetie, this is the story of how Equus, came to be...
Once upon a time, there were six magical creatures, called the Holy Titans of Harmony, the Titans were enormous, bigger than the Great Mountain."

"The mountain Canterlot sits on?" The filly asked.

Her mother smiled, and nodded.

"That's the one; now then...
These titans, worked together to create our planet, Equus; it took them over a thousand years to make it. When it was finally done, they made these tiny living things called cells, these grew into all the animals and plants in the world we see today, even us."

The filly had seen cells under a microscope at kindergarten, but she wasn't told where they came from, so being told about their origin along with the Titans was like music to her ears.

"The Titans then created a great big ball, called the Titan's Orb, this orb surrounds Equus in a great big bubble, a shield that cannot be destroyed, ever, this is so all the bad monsters can never come to our world."

Scowling, the filly's mother pretended to be a large monster and towered over the bed with her hooves held high, letting out a playful hiss and moving towards her daughter, who started to giggle; this giggle became laughter as her mother pretended to be repelled by the forcefield and made a loud retching noise, shrinking backwards and down to the ground.

"You, my darling, are safe." She said kindly, getting back up and calming her daughter down.

The filly reached up and gave her mother a cuddle, before letting her continue with the story.

"The Titan's created something else as well...
A special sword, known as the Titan's Sword, it has another name in a strange language, but I don't remember it. This sword was given to a very special pony by the Titans themselves. This pony was the protector of Equus, and only he could hold the sword, nopony else could even try, only the worthy could use it without being hurt. The sword chooses its owner, not even Princess Celestia can use it, it is only to be used by the chosen one."

Her daughter's pupils expanded, mesmerised by every word, completely starstruck with this new information.

"One day," the mare continued, "the Titan of Mass, called Appleox, turned evil, and he gobbled up the other Titans."

"He gobbled them up?" The filly squeaked.

"Indeed, he did," Her mother nodded, "but something really special, happened just before..."

The filly sat up in her bed, too excited to lie still, she was ecstatic, desperate to find out more.

"What? What happened?" She squeaked.

Her mother calmed her daughter down again before continuing, she placed a hoof on her child's chest and lightly laid her back down with a warm smile.

"The Titan of Mana, called Twilus, realised that Appleox was going to eat her, so she used all her powers, to create two, very special ponies."

"The Princesses?" The filly asked.

Her mother giggled.

"That's right my little angel, Twilus created Princess Celestia and Luna. She then sent them to Equus to rule Equestria, and to protect the country. Twilus was then gobbled up by Appleox."

"What happened then?" The filly asked.

"Appleox tried to gobble up Equus too, but he couldn't. The Titan’s Orb knew he had turned into a monster, and made sure he couldn't hurt us, it stopped his attack and gave him a big magical shock. Appleox ran away, knowing he could never harm our world again, the Orb keeps us safe."

The filly said nothing this time, she simply stared in awe at her mother, amazed that this was all true. So many questions circled her little head, what did the Titans look like? How big were they? Where was Appleox now? Maybe she could wield the Titan's Sword? Maybe if she tried really, really hard!

"Well, that's about it." Her mother said before getting up.

"Wait!" Squeaked the filly.

Her mother raised an eyebrow.

"What happened to the hero, with the sword?"

"This all happened thousands and thousands of years ago, sweetie. The hero passed away so long ago, no one can even remember his name." She answered.

"What about the sword?"

Her mother sighed, it seemed that she'd never get away from the seething mass of questions her foal would now have.

"The sword is kept safe beside the Titan’s Orb, deep within the Canterlot Caves." She finished.

"Will the sword choose anypony again?" The filly asked her last question.

Her mother could tell in her daughter's voice that it was her final question, and to be honest, it was a question that even the mare questioned herself on occasion.

"Well, an old legend says that one day, when Equus is in grave danger, and when hope is almost lost, a new hero will rise, and will be chosen by the sword, and will save the world." She finally concluded.

The filly lay there for a good five seconds before speaking.


The mare smiled at her daughter, who was now curling up in bed, quietly thinking about everything she had learned.

"Goodnight my little angel..." She whispered before kissing her kin on the forehead, and left the room.

Fourteen years later, deep within the Canterlot Caves.

A shadow, unnoticed, and unheard, slithered between the rocks, closer and closer to its target, the numerous guards had no idea what was coming. It was then when a tiny stone was dropped behind a large cluster of crystals, only one of the guards noticed.

"Huh?" He mumbled, walking towards the sound.

{Hm, how witless, leaving the light... } The dark form thought to itself as it waited patiently for its prey.

The guard walked behind the rock to investigate, and before he could even blink, a razor-sharp blade was placed under his chin and gashed his throat open, within seconds, he was dead.

{Next...} The creature thought, crawling up a stone pillar and onto the ceiling.

Upside down, submerged in shadow, none of the guards could even contemplate the unimaginable peril that lurked directly above them, mentally mapping out their patrols, observing their movements, and planning how each of them would die.

Within the next half hour another six guards had been killed, only three remained.

"Hey, where did the others go?" Asked the Captain of the Guard.

"I last saw Coinhoof going around the crystal pillar over there."

The captain walked off in search of his fellow guards, while the other two remained in place. If only he had looked up, he might have spotted the faintly glowing eyes looking back down at him.

{When you get back, you're going to find a rather curious sight, your brothers in arms, mangled and cold...
I wonder if you'll scream, I do hope you scream...} The creature thought to itself.

It made its way to the guards, isolated and only a metre apart; it was only too easy.

{Such facile pickings.} It thought, drawing its main blades.

Before the knew what was happening, the adversary had dropped down the ground and landed behind them; a creature of such size shouldn't have been able to remain so quiet, it sounded no louder than a pebble lightly clattering on the ground. The noise was enough to cause them to turn around, but before they could properly glimpse at the beast, it had swung its blades, beheading them both in one X-shaped swipe.

The Captain of the Guard's right ear twitched; what was that sound?
Now alone, with no idea of what was happening around him, carried on walking in search of his brethren. He then noticed a trail of liquid, pooling in some parts of the uneven stone floor; with the little light provided, he couldn't distinguish the liquid, and decided to follow it in order to investigate.
His investigation fell short, as he stumbled upon the corpse of his fellow guardsman, Coinhoof.

"Ah... Ah! AHHHH!" He screamed, bolting.

The creature had to act fast, if the alarm was raised now, it would fail in its task. It sheathed its blades and darted towards the captain at an alarming speed, skittering across the floor faster than any creature know to ponykind. It launched at him, smacking into him with full force, driving him into the ground so hard that it cracked open one of his legs at the shinbone.

"GAAAAHH!" He howled in pain, squeezing his eyes shut, writhing in agony.

"Pathetic..." The creature spoke, in a dark, demonic voice.

The captain opened his eyes, and quite literally soiled himself; he could not speak, for the sight before his eyes was so horrifying that it left him petrified. By the time he could snap out of it, the creature was already tearing into his flesh, ripping hide from muscle, and then muscle from bone.
His screams echoed all throughout the Canterlot Caves, until it stopped abruptly.
The creature dropped the limp body, and headed towards its prize...

The Titan's Orb sat there on a small podium, along with the Titan's Sword, embedded within the podium itself. All but a force field was between the creature, and the only thing truly protecting Equus. The creature the placed it's claws on the force field, the field of energy glowed a brighter light where the claws touched. From his back, he withdrew a long staff, and placed it against the forcefield. A sickly green mist oozed from the tip of the staff, and began to merge with the forcefield; it spread like a poison until the entire magical bubble was a bright emerald, it then grew darker and darker until the bubble had become black. That's when it collapsed upon itself, and disintegrated into dust, and then vanished altogether.

"Finally..." The ungodly creature spoke, it's teeth still dripping with pony blood.

The creature of pure evil climbed the small array of steps, and stood before the podium, it placed the tip of the staff onto the Titan's Orb, as it did so, the orb fizzed a little.

"Tung tìkawng tompa ne kifkey! Set terkup si tìkawng nekx fra'u!" The creature growled, its demonic voice rippling through the caves.

More sickly green magic emerged from the staff and coated the orb, causing it to rise into the air, fizzing even more now, the podium started to crack, the edges crumbled, and in seconds, the entire podium shattered into tiny pieces; the sword fell to the ground, it glowed a bright blue, but as the dark magic reached it, the glow went out and the whole blade turned black.
The orb too, turned black before spinning at an incredible speed, the sword did the same, spinning around, faster and faster, both relics began to spit red sparks everywhere amongst the sickly green hue of the demonic magic.


The cave shook, a few crystals shattered into tiny fragments from the sheer force of the calamity. As the smoke cleared, the Orb and the sword were gone; nothing remained but the burnt rock beneath it, and the creature, whom let out a small chuckle.

"Yes..." It hissed as it slithered away into the shadows,

"The end of all days will be here soon, Equus will burn, and every living thing, shall die..."

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