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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a miserable life on Earth. But that is soon to change, as some unexpected visitors will change his life forever.

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Chapter Nineteen - Crikey!

“Jeez Fluttershy! Stop poking it! It hurts enough as it is!” I cried out in pain as Fluttershy prodded my left arm.

“I’m not educated with human biology; I need to get an estimate for the angle and everything…” Fluttershy calmly said back to me.

“I’ll do it myself if I need to, it’s just that some help would be useful.” I growled back.

My arm was still out of place and was causing me a lot of distress, Fluttershy may normally be a good nurse, but at this time and place, she was only irritating me and being completely unhelpful.

“I wouldn’t recommend that, you could put it back in wrong.” She told me.

“Possibly.” I grunted, standing up.

“Only if you’re sure you want to take the risk.” Fluttershy replied.

I rolled my eyes and raised my left bicep with my good arm; I gritted my teeth as the sharp pain shot into my shoulder.

“You could try pushing against a tree?” Applejack suggested.

“Why?” I asked.

“Well, I remember once when I dislocated my leg bucking apples, I was on my own so I had to do it myself, and I put my hoof against a tree and just pushed it back into place.” She explained.

“The more you know…” I mumbled, moving to the nearest tree.

I rested my left hand on the tree to keep it raised as I angled my body away; I then twisted my arm so it was in the correct position. I took a deep breath and pushed my body against the arm with all my might, the shoulder slotted back into place and there was a loud crunch as it did so. I growled in pain and came down to one knee, holding my shoulder completely as pain pulsated through it, a few seconds later the pain quickly faded away and I sighed in relief.

“You okay?” Applejack asked.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” I replied dully.

I shrugged and rolled my shoulder to properly realign it, rewarding me with a few satisfying crunches.

“Your hand should be usable in about a week with the Kuphila Amanzi.” Fluttershy told me.

I looked at my hand to observe the light blue cast around my hand; Fluttershy had carefully applied it so I could still use my other fingers and thumb, along with bending the wrist. Besides the fact the cast was rock solid, I pretty much forgot it was even there.
She's also worked wonders on my other numerous injuries, but had told me that the slash across my chest would leave a horrific scar.

“Brilliant, thanks Flutters.” I smiled.

“You’re welcome.” She replied.

“So, where are we now?” Rarity asked.

“I’m not sure, but those men took us a long distance before taking us into those cages, so wherever we are, it’s far away from where we were last. Human, use your technology again to locate the shard.” Twilight ordered.

Something clicked in me at that point, my happy nature faded once more as Twilight addressed me, once again calling me ‘human’. I turned to face her.

“Stop calling me that.” I told her.

“I gave you an order human.”

“Stop calling me that.” I demanded, glaring at her.

She looked at me nervously, but pushed her luck as she wanted to be the alpha in the group.

“I lead this group, I can call you anything I see fit, now use your technology and locate the shard… Human.”

I blinked, and flinched slightly, not enough for anyone to see though. I walked up to her, pulled the phone out of my pocket, and dropped it onto the ground.

“You know what? DO IT YOURSELF!” I roared in her face.

Twilight gasped and jumped back, cowering in fear. Everypony else all jumped in shock, taken aback by my sudden change in behaviour.
I stormed off away from the group and headed deeper into the jungle, I didn’t stop walking nor did I look back. A tear formed in my eye and rolled down my cheek, I wiped it away and sniffed before slumping myself against a tree and sat there motionless, thinking about everything on my mind.

I no longer found Twilight’s bitchy antics amusing; I fucking hated that pony… She ordered me to kill someone, an innocent man. I didn’t think at the time, I just, did… Killing the clone made me feel sick inside, and then when I was told to kill that man on the bridge, I didn’t know how to say ‘no’.
I initially thought it would prove myself to Twilight, that I would do as she asked without hesitation, and that she would think twice before challenging me if she saw me end life, but now it was over and done, I felt horrible…
Even after killing Ingeo and Vladimir, and the other bad people at the drug complex, I still couldn’t let go of that foul memory that lingered in my mind.
I put my hands to my head and gently rubbed my temples.

“I’m a murderer…” I mumbled to myself.

The image played over and over in my mind, of the man going over the railing and helplessly falling to his end, I had done that…

“What have I done…?” I mumbled.

How could I have been so ignorant and thoughtless, I had done something worthy of execution in most places, I was a criminal, a monster…

I put my head in my hands and began to cry quietly to myself, my building emotions finally coming out, I looked through the gaps in my fingers to see the jungle ground, blurred by the tears in my eyes, I blinked and watched the tears fall, instantly bringing my clear vision back, before it blurred once again with more tears.

I was too busy sniffing to myself to notice the sound of something approaching me, or rather, someone.

“Hey…” A soft voice said next to me.

I wasn’t startled and simply closed my eyes, taking a long sigh as my friend sat down beside me.

“Want to tell me what that was all about?” She said to me, lightly placing a hoof upon my shoulder.

I didn’t speak and continued to quietly sniff and sigh. A large tear formed in my eye, before slowly making its way down my right cheek, before it reached my chin, a soft furry wrist wiped the tear away, before I was hugged tightly.

“There, there… Come on… It’s okay…” She whispered into my ear.

“Okay? Okay…? This is not okay…” I choked up, closing my eyes.

“Come now… Talk to me… Tell me what you’re feeling…” She hushed.

I kept my eyes closed and sighed deeply before speaking.

“I’m evil…” I breathed.

“Oh come now… Whatever makes you think that?”

“I murdered an innocent man… Back on the bridge when we first came to Brazil…” I replied shakily, gasping slightly as more tears formed in my eyes.

“Oh Callum… That’s what this is about?” She asked, hugging me tighter.

“I can’t get it out of my head… I keep seeing it every time I close my eyes, happening over and over and over again! He didn’t do anything wrong! I wasn’t thinking, I didn’t stop think about it, I… I… Just… DID IT!” I stuttered before crying harder, burying my face into my friend’s shoulder.

“Sshh… Let it out…” She hushed.

“Why? Why didn’t I stop myself?” I sniffed.

There was a long pause, no reply, no answer, just a lot of deep thinking from both of us as I wept pathetically.

“You broke…” She finally answered.

She let go of me and looked at me face to face, but still kept a hoof upon my shoulder.

“You’ve been strong from the moment we met you, you left your home, you abandoned your old life, you parted from your pets, and your old dream of our world being real has come true. You’ve been put into shock from it, and then for you to end the life of your clone put you into an even deeper shock.
When we finally arrived at Brazil, and you were ordered to kill that man, you were still in shock. Your mind didn’t know how to work with an order like that and think with any morals or reason, you just did as you were told.
That’s what happens when you go into shock, you’re too scared to say ‘no’, you just... Do…”

I thought about her words… Deeply… I let them slowly but surely sink into my mind…
She was right…
I thought I was unbreakable, that the past events wouldn’t be able to affect me. The clone killing made me feel sick inside, granted, but I hadn’t realised what it had done to me. I had tried to cover my emotions, so I hadn’t seen it, but deep down I had been scarred, and only now had it revealed itself.

“You’ve been so strong all this time Callum, it was only a matter of time before you broke, and on that bridge, you finally did…
And that’s okay… Nopony is judging you for what you did, we are all scared of Twilight’s behaviour, we are being as obedient as you are, what you did, was forced upon you…”

“But it was still wrong…” I sighed back.

“It is a sacrifice you’ve had to make for this quest, and a big sacrifice at that…
You are not evil for doing it Callum; the blood is on Twilight’s hooves.”

I sniffed and looked down, only to have a hoof lift my chin back up; we made eye contact for a good five seconds before she finally spoke again.

“You are not a bad person. You’re our protector, our guide, and our friend…” She told me.

At that, I began to cry once more, but differently this time, I was crying with relief, and love.
We hugged tightly before I stood up and gave myself a small shake.

“Thank you…” I sighed.

“Don’t mention it.”

“No, really I-”

Ev-er… I don’t normally get emotional and soppy like that, especially to guys.”

I smiled, despite all my previous thoughts and feelings, I had a new favourite pony, and new best friend.

“Come on, let’s find that shard.” She said with a smile.

We walked back through the jungle to the rest of the group side by side, the both of us smiling…

“I see the beast has calmed down.” Twilight snorted as we returned.

“Shut up Twi.” Rainbow Dash grunted.

“Yeah Twilight, just cut it out.” Applejack said, frowning.

“After all that’s happened, can you give the guy a break, for at least a day?” Rainbow continued.

“So much for loyalty.” Twilight scoffed.

“Actually, she’s being more loyal than ever, to someone who’s been a better friend than you, someone more deserving of her loyalty.” Rarity spoke up.

“How dare you compare me to him!” Twilight growled.

“Then why don't shut up about him!” Rarity screeched.

The whole group went silent, we all stared at Rarity for a moment.

“Damn…” Rainbow Dash whistled.

Twilight huffed and turned around, I went and picked up my phone and switched it on, thankfully the battery had barely drained and would last for a few more days before dying out. I waited for it to load and then opened my Maps app to find out where we were…

“Dear sweet Celestia! They took us all that way!?” Rarity gasped as she saw our location.

We had come all the way across the town, a good ten miles from where we started at least, their compound was right on the edge of the jungle on the other side.

“Check it out! The orb shard’s right there!” Dash yelled, jabbing the screen with her hoof.

The shard was indeed, no more than a few miles away, being the early afternoon we actually had a small chance of finding it before the sun went down. I took a screenshot of the shard’s location before the app closed.

“Hey Sparky, we’ve got a bearing on the shard and our location, ready to move?” Rainbow Dash called to Twilight.

The purple unicorn walked back to the group and simply snorted, giving her a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ gesture.

“Let’s go get that shard! Woo!” Pinkie squeaked.

We all tightened our bag straps before heading into the jungle, me walking besides Rainbow Dash.

“Hey, Dash, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Sure.” She hummed.

“How does Pinkie, you know, function?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the other day when you were all in those cages, Ingeo was yelling and pointing his gun at her, and she was purely terrified, but now she seems to bounce back to her normal self like it never happened.” I elaborated, scratching my chin.

“Well, that’s the thing with Pinkie, she’s a mystery, but I’ve known her for years, and she’s told me that she has something called, ‘negative short term memory loss’; she remembers good things, but forgets bad things almost instantly.” Dash explained.

“Hm, fair enough…” I mumbled.

{So, Pinkie is the pony version of Dory from Finding Nemo…} I thought to myself.

We kept walking through the jungle, and for the first time in a long time, I was able to take in the beauty of the world around me once more.
After having a little cry and opening up to a close friend, I was able to release all the stress and tension I had been building up. My shock, my emotion, my anger and sadness, everything negative had been removed.
I looked around to see nature’s beauty, the green leaves, and the moss on the trees, the birdsong and buzzing of insects, the wonders of nature showed itself to me, and I took it in with glee.

“Isn’t it wonderful, this place?” I asked.

“Stop it.” Dash said bluntly.

“Stop what?”

“Being gay.” She replied.

“Do you want to go there? Rainbow hair.” I teased.

“Hey, my mane and tail may look gay, but you act gay, which is worse.” She spat playfully.

“How do I act gay?” I asked defensively.

Dash combed her mane back with a hoof and mockingly impersonated me.

“Ooh, look at the night sky, so beautiful… Look at the trees, they’re so wonderful!” She said in the sassiest voice she could accomplish.

“Enjoying the beauty of nature is not-”

“See! You’re doing it again! ‘Enjoying the beauty of nature!That’s gay!” She interrupted.

How is it gay?” I squawked.

“Just everything about it dude!”

“Fine, I just won’t talk then.” I grumbled.

“So, you’re going to give me the silent treatment? Just like a girl does? Ha! Gaaayy!” Rainbow Dash taunted, trotting ahead, leaving me to walk alone.

“I can’t wait to see what this shard looks like…” I said to Applejack.

“Yeah, me too, I’ve only heard stories about the orb and all of the history of the world and all.” She replied.

“I’m dead excited.” I grinned.

“Yeah…” Applejack hummed as her mind wandered off to other things.

After a small while, Applejack looked back to me.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“Yeah, fine. Why?” I asked.

“Well, you were really shaken up back there, so I’m just asking if you’re okay now, that’s all.” She replied.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I’m fine now though.” I told her with a smile.

“Good to know.” She said before trotting ahead.

I looked at her hoof to see the barb wire wound had completely healed up, not a mark to be seen, the Kuphila Amanzi was some pretty strong stuff, Zecora sure knew how to make a concoction.

I kept walking at the back of the group and let the others walk and talk amongst themselves; we kept walking for a good half hour before Rainbow Dash stopped us.

“Yo guys, we have a problem!” She called from the front of the group.

We caught up with her to see what the matter was, and we soon found out; water, and lots of it…
The whole jungle ahead was nothing but a marsh, the water was murky and green, making it impossible to see what was beneath, and by the looks of things there was no solid ground for quite a while.

“What do we do?” Applejack asked.

“I can waterproof our bags.” Twilight suggested, her horn lighting up.

“Ah, so you can use magic again now.” I said to her.

“Yes, I’ve had my magic back since yesterday.” She replied.

“And you didn’t think to help me deal with Ingeo or Vladimir?” I asked.

“I didn’t think to.”

“So much for the Element of Magic.” I scoffed.

Twilight growled in frustration, but then noticed the dirty looks from the others and dropped it.

“So, if you waterproof our bags, we can walk through this, shouldn’t be that deep.” Rainbow Dash said.

“I am not wading through that muck!” Rarity gasped.

“Well, you have to.” I replied.

“Well, I will not.” She snorted.

“Idea.” Applejack bluntly said as she raised a hoof.

We all looked to face her.

“If Callum, Rainbow, me, and Twilight go through the water, you wait here, and when we find solid ground, you can teleport yourselves over to join us.” She suggested.

“That’s a great idea!” Rarity declared.

Rainbow Dash and I rolled our eyes at the same time.

“Right, in that case there’s no need to waterproof the bags, Rarity can teleport them with her.” I pointed out.

“Can we at least waterproof ourselves?” Dash asked.

“The spell doesn’t work well with living creatures, I could use the spell on you, but your fur would fall out.” Twilight told her.

“Right, scratch that then.” Dash said quickly.

I took my rucksack off, as did the other three, before we stood at the edge of the murky water.

“How deep do you think it is y'all?” Applejack quizzed.

“Find out for us!” Dash squealed with laughter as she suddenly pushed Applejack in.

AJ screamed with surprise before falling into the green watery abyss, she was completely submerged for a moment and we couldn’t see her at all, until her head finally rose to the surface.


“So, how deep is it?” Rainbow chuckled.

Get your ass in this here water, right now…” Applejack growled.

“Meh, okay.” Dash giggled before jumping in.

I was the next to enter the water, it was surprisingly warm, I was expecting colder. I slid in properly to find it took me just up to waist height, for the ponies the water rose to their lower necks.

After a moment’s hesitation, Twilight also lowered herself into the water.

“How is it?” Rarity asked.

“Want to find out?” I asked back.

“I’m grand thank you.” She said full of worry, taking a few steps back.

I looked to Applejack and Dash, and then to Twilight, who nodded at me.

“Right, let’s move.” I said.

We began wading through the water, it wasn’t as bad as it looked. I had assumed the water was going to be slimy and thick due to its green colour, but it was just as normal as a loaf of bread at a bakery.

“You like the water Callum?” Dash asked, looking back to face me.

“Love the stuff.” I merrily replied.

“So you like it when you’re all wet?”

“Nice. Mature.” I retorted bluntly.

She snickered to herself as she turned around and kept walking behind Applejack, who had taken the lead.

“How much further does the water go?” Twilight questioned.

“I don’t know, funny enough I’ve never been here.” I replied.

“Why not?”

“What sort of question is that? I’m a sixteen year old boy, not a bloody world traveller, I’d only just left school when you lot showed up.” I answered.

She simply huffed and continued to follow me as I waded through the swamp.

About ten minutes later we saw a large bank ahead, dry land.

“Huzzah!” I cheered.

“About time.” Dash grunted.

I took the lead with Applejack and walked beside her, when I noticed something in the water ahead.

“Hang on, look.” I said to Applejack.

“What’s the matter?” She asked.

I pointed at the large object, and we slowed down to take a look from afar. It was dark, and a greenish brown in colour, and appeared to be covered in bark.

“It’s just some log Callum, I doubt it’ll bite you.” Applejack chuckled.

I squinted at the ‘log’, and looked at it carefully. It was very log-like, it was dark brown with a green hint, it was slightly ridged, but there was one thing that put me off…

“I’m pretty sure it will, look…” I said shakily.

We both looked even harder at the log, only to notice two very small, shiny beads…


“Fuck…” Applejack and I said at the same time.

“What is it?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Stop.” I ordered.

“What’s going on?” Twilight demanded.

“We need to go that way.” I said, pointing to our right.


“Crocodile…” I answered.

What!?” Twilight screeched.

“Over there, there’s a crocodile, we need to head further to the right and avoid it.” I repeated.

You’re telling me there’s a crocodile in the water with us!” She continued to scream, jumping back.

The mare tried to run back and lost her balance in the water, falling over into the water, flailing around desperately. I grabbed her by the back of the neck and held her still.

“If you keep dicking around like you are now, it will know you’re here, stop fucking moving!” I growled into her ear.

She froze solid and looked at me, shaking nervously.

“Slowly, follow me.” I said, loud enough for Dash and Applejack to hear.

I headed further across the swamp, away from the croc and towards the land in a diagonal direction, after making some headway I told Applejack to take the lead as I took the rear of the group, if the crocodile happened to attack us, I’d rather it take me than the ponies, their lives were more crucial to the mission.

“Not far now.” I said reassuringly to the gang.

I looked back to find my fears had come true, the crocodile was following us, the scaly bastard was moving towards us still disguised as a log, appearing to slowly drift in our direction.

“Pick up the pace.” I ordered.

“Why?” Dashie asked.

“He’s coming this way.” I replied.

Picking up the pace!” Twilight yelped as she tried to sprint to the land overtaking Applejack.

“You fucking idiot!” I yelled.

I looked back to see the crocodile had detected Twilight’s distress and was swimming towards us at speed.

Run!” I shouted to Dash and Applejack.

They did just that, they sprinted after Twilight as fast as they could. I too, moved as fast as possible, pushing my toes down at the ground below the water before pushing with all my might, launching myself through the swamp as fast as I could.

Rainbow Dash was the first to reach land, followed by Applejack and Twilight at the same time, they had been able to get there faster than I, as having four legs gave them an advantage in the water. I took a glance back to see the crocodile had disappeared.

Where is it?” I called, still running to the land.

“I don’t know! I can’t see it!” Dash yelled back.

I kept wading as fast as I could until I finally reached the land, Dash lowered her hoof to help me up.

“Come on!” She grunted.

I took her hoof and steadily pulled myself up the bank, when she suddenly screamed and let go of me.

The next forty seconds of my life became the most intense experience to date, there was a loud splash from behind me as a horrific pain shot all down my left leg and I screamed in agony as the crocodile burst out of the water and snatched my leg in its jaws. I could feel each individual crooked tooth as the animal’s mouth snapped onto me like a barbed mouse trap.

Applejack bravely lunged forward and held her hoof out but it was too late, for the croc had yanked me back into the water; I went with its movement to spare my leg from being torn apart. It let go and then bit down a second time on my thigh, getting a better grip. I once again screamed in my pain before the creature tried to perform the ‘death roll’, I once again went with its roll to avoid being ripped to shreds and my entire body was submerged into the water, all my vision went dark green and blurry as my head was taken below the surface, I shut my eyes tight before opening them again, forcing myself to ignore the irritation in my eyes and to concentrate on the crocodile. As quickly as I could, I reached into the holster of my free leg and withdrew Vladimir’s military knife.
I made an attempt to stab it, but was shaken violently and I missed. My second attempt struck, slicing the creature down the side of its head. I couldn’t see anything and forced myself to keep rolling along with it, or my leg would be savagely torn, beyond any means of healing.
My third stab made its mark, I brought the blade down and it sank into the beast’s eye. Its grip on my leg loosened as it violently thrashed around in pain and shock. I pulled back and made another stab, right into the centre of its head, I pushed the knife as hard as I could into it, and the crocodile shook itself before letting go of me completely. It slowed right down and I was able to roll myself to its underside where I stabbed it again in the throat to ensure it was dead, I let go of the knife and left it inside the animal’s neck.

It happened as quickly as it started, and I was finally able to lift my head above the water and take a gasp of air, I rubbed my eyes to clear them of the dirty water and I looked up to see the others looking down at me in shock. I looked back, panting, too out of breath to speak; I looked at my hands to see they were covered in watery blood, thankfully not mine.

“Dude… Are… Are you okay?” Dash stuttered from the bank.

I took another deep breath inwards, before my funny nature kicked in.

“Cor well crikey! She’s a snappy little Sheila isn't she!” I replied in an Australian accent.

“Did you just kill that thing?” Twilight asked, completely astounded that I was alive.

I did!” I merrily answered.

I took a stretch before a painful sting began to pulsate in my leg as the adrenaline subsided, the pain returned stronger than I’d expected it to; I gritted my teeth and nudged around with my foot to find the croc under the water. It didn’t take long to find it and I squatted down to grab one of its legs in both my hands.

“What are you doing?” Rainbow Dash called to me when my head rose above the water again.

I simply grunted as I dragged the crocodile to the river bank and lifted its head out of the water, causing Twilight to jump.

“Can you use your magic to help lift this thing up?” I asked her.

“You cannot be serious!” She shouted back.

“Well, I am.” I retorted.

She glared at me intently, before looking back to the crocodile.

“Is it dead?”

No… He's pretending... I’m totally just carrying its limp body as part of a theatrical piece!” I replied sarcastically.

I had a slight growl in my tone, regardless of being sarcastic, I was frustrated with her constant questioning and wished that just once she’d do as I asked.

“Why do you want it up here?” She asked.

“I’ll explain in a minute! Just help me for crying out loud!” I growled.

She scowled at me before finally obeying and lit up her horn as she began to assist me. The crocodile’s head and neck glowed purple as it was lifted without my effort and raised out of the bank. I put my hands on its lower body and helped lift it, my feet sinking into the watery mud slightly as I did so.

The croc was finally off the bank and onto the land; Applejack and Dashie lowered their hooves to pull me up. As I put my foot down into the bank the bites proved to be painful injuries as the sharp throbbing began, it almost felt like being bitten all over again.
I growled in pain as I was pulled up onto the ground properly, I was too exhausted to stand up and simply lay on my back before sitting up. I looked at my cargo trousers to find the left leg of the clothing had been torn; the crocodile’s teeth must have caught on them, on the bright side, that had at least helped to make the bites less serious.

“Dude, are you okay?” Dash asked a second time, more gently and caring this time.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I replied, looking down to see my bloody leg.

“Jeez, that’s pretty bad.” Applejack mumbled.

“I’ll be fine.” I shrugged, trying not to show any weakness.

In all honesty, the bite wasn’t that bad. The crocodile did get a good grip on me, but because I rolled with it there was no tearing, nor did it bite too hard, its first attack was simply to subdue me, not kill me, therefore I was able to counter attack in the way I did.

“Right, if you’re sure, but I want Fluttershy to give it a looksie.” Applejack told me.

“Alright.” I replied.

“I’ll send a flare.” Twi said, her horn lighting up.

The tip of her horn sparked a few times, before a purple rocket fired up and shone a light so bright it was almost like looking at the sun, it was then when I heard Pinkie Pie somewhere in the distance, way back where we first got into the water.

Double sun poweeeeerrr!!!” She screamed from afar.

{Jeez, if I can hear it from all the way over here, poor Rarity and Fluttershy must be deaf now…} I thought.

There was then a white flash, and the other three appeared a few centimetres from the ground, where they comfortably landed and looked around. My thoughts were proven correct, as Rarity and Fluttershy rubbed their ears in discomfort after landing.

“Please, never, do that… Again…” Rarity said slowly to Pinkie Pie.

“Never say never!” Pinkie squealed as she ran away and then chased her tail.

I shuddered as the pink mare quoted none other than Justin Beiber, the biggest faggot of all faggatory…
I was taken by surprise as I heard a loud gasp, I turned around to see Fluttershy was staring at the dead crocodile in shock.

“It kind of attacked us… Well, it attacked Callum anyway. Don’t worry though, Callum sorted it out.” Rainbow Dash chuckled reassuringly.

Fluttershy looked to face me in shock, before looking at my leg.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” I answered kindly.

She came up to me and inspected my leg, prodding at the bite holes, making me flinch slightly as a small sharp pain once again shot into my leg.

“Why… Do… You… Always… Poke… My… Wounds!?” I growled through gritted teeth.

“She’s a poker!” A hoarse voice said.

It sounded muffled, and didn’t sound like any of the six, the voice actually sounded rather male.

“Who said that?” I asked aloud.

Fluttershy giggled and put her hoof under her mane, when she pulled her hoof back our, there was something perched on her hoof.

“I found him while we were waiting for you.” She told me.

Upon her hoof was a bright blue Macaw parrot, it had bright orange circles around its huge shiny black eyes which shone like marbles. Just around its big curved dark grey beak was a very thin orange lining, his plumage was unflawed, he looked very well groomed; no doubt Fluttershy had been smothering it with love.

“What a cutie… Hello there little guy...” I said fondly to the bird.

At this, the parrot turned to look directly at me, where it appeared to frown.

Make any cracker jokes and I’ll peck your eyes out!” He squawked.

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