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When Alduin was defeated and sent forward in time by the Elder Scroll, he was sent to Equestria in the process. Now he has returned and has wreaked havoc on Ponyville before making his way to Skyrim. The Mane 6 pursue him to stop him from fulfilling his goal. When they arrive at the border, they are caught in an imperial ambush and taken to Helgen to be executed.

However, Alduin attacks and ends up aiding them in their escape. The Mane 6 shall make friends and enemies along the way. When they are forced to kill a dragon attacks the Western Watchtower in the Whiterun hold. One of the six will soon discover that they are the legendary dragonborn, meant to defeat the World-Eater.

The legend of the dovahkiin has begun.

Chapters (3)
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I wonder who is among them is the Dovahkiin:trixieshiftleft:


I am a Twi Fan, but I can totally see Fluttershy being the dragonborn ahaha.

hope its twi but knowing her she will just show up the gray beards and learn it the hard way within a week through study


OMG you may be right! Hahahah

I will reserve judgement of this tale...for now

Hey there!

Just wanted to drop a quick tip for writing dialogue in dovahzul. I love dragon speech as much as the next Skyrim fan, but it does get a bit tedious to flip between reading and plugging text into the translator. In future chapters you might want to include a translation inside the story, perhaps in either 'italics' or (parenthesis).

7879931 I'll test that out. Thanks for the tip.

So all six are Dovakiin?

Oo shir (Oh dear)

So... basically this is a "Take characters A and insert them into plot B" story

Who's the Dragonborn? Twilight?

Not a perfect fit, but good enough:eeyup:

Hm, good chapter but it was very repetative of the intro of the game.

7879931 what you need a translator for true fans learned that shit at the start before playing

i can read write and speak it fluently

8006247 I did say in my author's note that I was not happy with how the chapter turned out.

8006344 yeah, but not everyone is a hardcore skyrim fan.

The description says one of them...

Nice enough chapter i guess.

Though it could use some more meat on it's bones, if you know what i mean:applejackunsure:
Just saying that since right now, it feels dull and kinda boring. It's like the story is just... following what happens in the game with a few things being different but with them being sort of meh or just not interesting enough. Kinda feels like i could read this all in only a few sentences that summarize all that happened and still get the same amount of content in fewer words:unsuresweetie:

No offense is meant. Just a little criticism to point out some shortcomings i feel this story has right now:twilightblush:

I plan on doing something about that once the dragonborn is revealed.


guess i'll wait then and see what happens:unsuresweetie:

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