Skyrim: The Defenders of Harmony

by Corvo Storm

A New Menace

It was a peaceful day in Ponyville. Ponies were going about their business as usual. The CMC were up to their normal antics, Rarity was finishing an order, Applejack was working the orchard, Pinkie Pie was having a party for... something, Fluttershy was constructing a new habitat with the help of Rainbow Dash, and the princess of friendship Twilight Sparkle was taking a break from her royal duties to read a good book.

It was probably the most perfect day in Ponyville. That was until he attacked. Flying above was a dragon, but not any normal dragon. This one didn't match the look of the dragons native to Equestria. No it was way different. Its front legs were replaced by its wings, scales as black as night, spikes sticking out its back, heading from its neck to its tail, two large horns that go out then curve in and finally curve back out, and red eyes that look like they could pierce straight through your soul.

No one in Equestria knew who this dragon was or where he came from, but they will soon find out. It dived down and once it was low enough, it didn't breath fire, it shouted fire, "YOL TOOR SHUL!" It burned an entire row of houses as it flew over.

It began to hover over the market place as ponies began to look at it in fear. "Mal joorre. Fen mah wah zey, Alduin, lein naak. YOL TOOR SHUL!" Ponies screamed as they ran while others perished under the dragon's fire breath shout. It flew from the market place and shouted again, which caused a meteor storm to start, destroying houses and crushing ponies who failed to move out of the way in time. "Hi key joriin fen mah wah zey."

The first of the Mane 6 to arrive to find the dragon attacking was Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends Applejack and Pinkie Pie. When they heard the screaming, they sprung into action. Twilight flew into the air and fired a spell at the dragon. It didn't even scratch its scales but got its attention. It flew over to her and hovered in front of her. "Why are you attacking dragon? More importantly, who are you?"

"Mey joor. I am Alduin. I am here to complete my dez, my destiny. You all shall-" he didn't finish when a blue blur hit him in the face, disorienting him but not for long.

He looked at the pegasus who had a cocky smirk and gestured with her hand the 'come and get me' gesture. Her smirk turned into a look of shock when Alduin shouted a different shout, "LIS SLEN NUS!" Dash was encased in ice and began to fall to the ground. Luckily, Applejack and Pinkie Pie were able to catch her in their arms before she hit the ground. Rarity arrived shortly and didn't need to say a word as she began to chisel away at the ice that covered Dash.

Twilight looked in shock at what happened and failed to notice Alduin prepare another shout, "YOL TOOR SHUL!" Twilight was shoved out of the way by Fluttershy just in time. They both landed on the ground near their friend just as Rainbow got back up, freezing cold. They all looked back up at Alduin as he spoke, "Wait something isn't right." He took in a whiff of air. "Fahvos dreh dii smell dovah sos?"

Just as he said this, Spike ran to Twilight and her friends. "Are you all alright?" They all nodded making him sigh in relief when he noticed the dragon hovering above them. "Fos los daar? Fahvos dreh hi lahney voth daar joorre? Hi dovah. Hin mul niin." Spike looked at him with confusion and fear. Alduin was even more surprised but quickly became disappointed. "You don't know are own language. You are a disgrace to our reyliik."

"You're going to pay for what you've done!" Dash yelled at Alduin.

She shrunk back when he began to laugh at them. "Joor meyye. You think that you stand a chance to viik zey. To defeat me. I shall consume your sille!" He turned his attention to Spike who was hugging Twilight's leg tightly in fear. "And you shall die for being a disgrace to the dov. FUS RO DAH!"

The 6 screamed as they were blown back by the force of the shout. Alduin landed and used the same shout to launch the 6 back further while Spike wasn't, because he was out of the way, before turning his attention to the baby dragon before him. "Prepare to die. FO KRAH DIIN!"

Twilight got up in time to see Spike get engulfed by Alduin's frost breath shout. "NOOOO!" When Alduin ended the shout, all there was left was a shivering baby dragon, curled up in a ball to keep warm. Alduin was about to use the same shout again when Spike disappeared by a flash of light. He looked up to see Twilight cradling Spike in her arms and begin to run away with her friends in tow.

"Dii fent du hin sille, nuz ni nid. Nii los tiid dii klov wah Keizaal ahrk fulfill dii dez." Alduin flew off the ground and began to fly away. His roars becoming distant as he flew by Canterlot, causing the populace look up at him in fear. Many screamed when he flew close to the ground and used his fire breath shout to kill some ponies before continuing onward.

Today went from perfect to being a dark day for everyone.


After the citizens of Ponyville calmed down, as best they could, they began putting out the fires, assessing the damage, and gathering those who didn't survive the attack. Many had to be put in the hospital with more having to be outside the building. The town was in a state of misery.

That's what Pinkie saw when looking through a window in the castle. Her mane and tail were straight and dull. She knew there was no way to smile from this. Tears brimmed her eyes when she thought about it. Behind her was her friends. Twilight had Spike wrapped up in a blanket to help him keep warm. The same for Rainbow, who was still freezing cold. Rarity and Applejack were talking with one another about what happened. Fluttershy was shaking with fear from when she first saw the dragon. She remembered when her and Dash heard the commotion and arrived to see Alduin attacking. Dash continued onward while she stayed back in fear.

All she could do was watch when Dash kicked Alduin only to be frozen. When she saw the dragon get ready to kill Twilight, she knew she had to do something. She flew faster than she ever had before and managed to save her friend. Since then, she cowered in fear.

Twilight moved away from Spike and sat down next to Fluttershy and putting a comforting hand on the shaking pegasus' shoulder. It helped a little and Fluttershy looked at the alicorn gratefully. Everything was silently except for the conversation Applejack and Rarity were having. It wasn't long until Spike burped out a letter.

Twilight snatched it out of the air when it materialized and quickly broke the seal and read the letter. "What does it Twilight?" Fluttershy asked.

Everyone gathered around Twilight to listen to what the letter says.

Dear My fellow Princess, Twilight Sparkle

A few hours ago, a dragon flew by Canterlot and rained fire on ponies before continuing on its path. When I looked toward Ponyville, I saw the smoke that rose from the town. So you must already know about the dragon I'm talking about in this letter.

I'd like you and your friends to meet me in Canterlot to talk on how to deal with this new threat. I hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Princess Celestia

"Alright girls, let's get ready to go to Canterlot. Are you going to be fine here by yourself Spike?"

Spike gave Twilight a nod before huddling into his blanket more. The Mane 6 began to head to the train station when they were stopped by the residents asking questions. "Where did that dragon come from?" "What type of dragon was that?" "Why did it attack?"

Twilight tried to get the residents to be quiet, but to no avail. After a few minutes of Twilight trying, Rainbow had enough. She flew into the air and yelled, "QUIET!" Everyone shut up after that.

Twilight thanked Dash and began to address everyone, "I don't know where it came from nor what type of dragon it is, but I do know that me and my friends will deal with this new threat. Right now we're heading to Canterlot to speak with Celestia. So please let us through so we can do so."

Everyone whispered among each other but separated for the Mane 6. Once the 6 were on the train and heading to Canterlot, they began to make theories on where this dragon came from. Twilight believed it came from an undiscovered land, Rainbow thought it was a long forgotten enemy, and Pinkie thought it appeared out of thin air. Needless to say that all these theories were somewhat close to the origin of this dragon.

They finally made it to Canterlot and headed straight for the castle. When they arrived in Celestia's throne room, they found her talking with her sister. They stopped their discussion when they heard the Mane 6 come in.

"I'm so glad you all could make it," Celestia greeted. "I'm sure you all know of the dragon I spoke of in my letter."

"Yes princess. The dragon attacked Ponyville before it left. It killed quite a few ponies and sent more to the hospital," Twilight informed, feeling sorry for the innocent ponies of Ponyville. Shook her head to help her concentrate on the princess for now.

Celestia looked at Twilight in sympathy for their subjects. With a sigh, she began to explain what her and Luna were talking about before they arrived, "When the dragon flew by and burned a small group of ponies in the park, me and Luna managed to catch up with it to cast a tracking spell on it. The spell has weakened a lot since then, meaning the dragon has to be somewhere outside of Equestria. The direction it flew and the weakness of the spell means that it's even farther than Zebrica. What I want you and your friends to do is to find this dragon and stop it. I shall provide you all the means to travel. Can you all do this for us?"

The Mane 6 looked at each other with unease. They were leaving their homeland to go find a dragon that seems to be a threat. Even when it's outside of Equestria. Twilight and Rarity were having doubts about this but decided to go. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were willing to go already, but Dash more so because she wanted to make that dragon pay for imprisoning her in ice. Pinkie looked excited to go while Fluttershy didn't want to, but she didn't want to not be here and not support her friends, so with a reluctant sigh, she decided to go.

The princesses gave them all small smiles and sent them back to Ponyville to pack. Twilight gathered some books together about dragons and plants that they could encounter, Dash took two Daring Do books she has to read when she's bored, Applejack packed up some food and water, Pinkie, of course, packed party supplies, Fluttershy packed some medical equipment just in case someone got hurt, and Rarity..... overpacked again with fabrics, dresses, needles and thread, and fashion designs. Pretty much they were told to pack light and Rarity never listens.

Once they all gathered what they were going to bring, Applejack managing to get Rarity to bring only one suitcase though it is overpacked, they gathered at the area Celestia said she was going to send an airship to. She couldn't teleport them because of the distance and not knowing what this new is and couldn't risk teleporting them into danger unknowingly.

They saw the airship coming down to them. When it landed, the pilot opened the door for them. Once they had their stuff put away and have taken a seat, the pilot began to fly the airship in the direction the dragon flew off to.

The Mane 6 talked about what they could expect and discover on this adventure.