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A long time ago, a leshen was transported to Equestria. He has no memory of his past but does know that he was never a leshen before. Having claimed the everfree forest as his home and protects it from those who wish to harm it.

Descriptions are hard.

Witcher displaced

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When Alduin was defeated and sent forward in time by the Elder Scroll, he was sent to Equestria in the process. Now he has returned and has wreaked havoc on Ponyville before making his way to Skyrim. The Mane 6 pursue him to stop him from fulfilling his goal. When they arrive at the border, they are caught in an imperial ambush and taken to Helgen to be executed.

However, Alduin attacks and ends up aiding them in their escape. The Mane 6 shall make friends and enemies along the way. When they are forced to kill a dragon attacks the Western Watchtower in the Whiterun hold. One of the six will soon discover that they are the legendary dragonborn, meant to defeat the World-Eater.

The legend of the dovahkiin has begun.

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The queen of changelings, Chrysalis, wakes up after a long hibernation that lasted for 2 centuries to discover that everything has changed. She doesn't know what happened and soon discovers that this new world is extremely hostile. She will find ways of surviving without a proper love source and hopefully find out how it all happened and why. She will meet allies along the way and some old enemies from the past. These enemies soon become allies with trust issues and eventually friends. Chrysalis will soon find this new world as home.

Fallout/My Little Pony Crossover
Set with Fallout 4 mechanics

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Shadow is a genetically engineered xenomorph who lost everything. His hive was destroyed and he was tricked into going into trap that was to get him off the ship he stowed away on. He crash lands on an unknown world and sees an opportunity to finally live without the worry of WY. When he discovers a small cottage and discovers that there isn't a human living in it but a talking pony, his life flips upside down. These creatures treat him nicer than the humans and he vows to not let WY step foot on this planet. He will start his own hive and hope to find a way to have his species strive once more. Will he succeed or will he be captured and experimented on?

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Asriel was sitting at the flowers, where Chara was buried under, waiting to become that wretched flower again. Before he could become that flower again he was stabbed an unknown assailant who said that he won't die and he'll be transported someplace else that could help him. After waking up in a small clearing in a sinister looking forest he finds a way into a small town inhabited by ponies that are like humans but different. He befriends three little fillies who decided to help him the best they can. They eventually take him to the Mane 6 to see what they can do to help him get home. Asriel will learn the magic of friendship and be able to go back home. Little do they all know is that Asriel will be able to reset the entire timeline with this type of magic.

Undertale and My Little Pony crossover. Enjoy!
Info on sequel here: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/695488/lets-talk-about-my-undertale-sequel

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A mysterious stallion appears and claims he is searching for a changeling and alicorn and reveals to be an alicorn with bat like wings and wishes to show the good to the bad of two of the most dangerous villains Equestria has ever known and maybe be something more with them as well. OC/Nightmare Moon/Queen Chrysalis

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