• Published 30th Oct 2015
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The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm - Corvo Storm

The return of two villains is enough, but a stallion protecting them both and having hidden feelings for them is even worse, or is that better. Join a changeling, alicorn, and half-breed vampire as they try to convince others that the bad have good.

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The Speak of Peace

After the three princesses got over their shock they got into battle stances. "You two will both be sent to tartarus for everything you have done," Celestia spoke threateningly. Luna and Cadence nodded in response.

Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis were as scared as they were now and were cowering behind Corvo who had kicked away his chair at the princess's' arrival. He didn't like the threat Celestia made. "Well Celestia long no see. When was the last time we met? Ah yes, when you destroyed my mother," he said bitterly.

"Corvo I know you are upset about that, but tell me why those two are here," Celestia replied eyeing Nightmare and Chrysalis.

Corvo decided to tell the truth since it would make itself known in the future. So he answered, "They are my special some ponies Celestia. They are the reason I came back in the first place."

Luna's suspicions were right about Nightmare Moon loving Corvo, but Chrysalis too? How is that even possible to love two mares? Cadence wasn't handling it that much either. She couldn't get over the fact that the changeling queen was in a relationship with Corvo as well.

Celestia then spoke, "How could you be in love with two mares instead of one and be in love with are two enemies?" "Because I saw their pain and wanted to help them out as well as show that they meant no harm at all," he explained clearly annoyed.

He looked at the princesses, picked up his chair, sat down, and clap his hooves together twice to signal the servants to bring their guest their food and get comfortable since they know they were going to be there a while. They brought the princesses food, shut the curtains, and doused the torches in the room giving it light. Then the candles on the tables, that weren't lit, ignited on their own.

Two shadows began to take shape and lift off the floor and form two demon looking guards with the most sinister looking spears at their sides.
The princesses were surprised by Corvo's change of attitude and scenery. He looked as if he was going to do something sinister any moment.

"Why are you changing the scenery and have two guards by you?" Celestia asked confused by all this. He answered in a very serious voice, "The scenery is how I like it to be when discussing treaties and the guards is to not just to protect me but Nighty and Chrsy." Nightmare and Chrysalis actually were touched by him conjuring up his guards to protect them. They also liked the nicknames he gave them.

"Why would you-" Celestia started but was interrupted by Corvo. "They are under my protection and if you want to make peace forget about it and state your claims so we can see if we can agree to terms."

Celestia looked to her sister and nephew who nodded in response and they sat down to begin the discussion. Once they were all got settled they began to talk. "Alright I shall state my claims and then you shall," Celestia informed to Corvo who just nodded. She then cleared her throat and began, "I want you to agree to never bring war on our land, to never threaten towns, cities, and other rulers homes. I also want you to hand over those two beside you so I can take them into custody."

The half vampire then made his claims, "I want my own land, a supply of animals for my corals, and to have the two beside me to be pardoned for their crimes and to walk freely among other ponies." The sun princess didn't like one of his claims that much. Mainly because it involves one of her claims being counteracted and put to where the alicorn and changeling by his side can move around freely in Equestria and she could do nothing about unless they committed a crime.

"That goes against one of my claims Corvo Storm," Celestia warned. The half vampire just smiled at what she said. In return for the obvious observation he replied, "I know Celestia. I believe you're holding more than their crimes against them. It matters not though. I believe we can agree on two claims each of us made, so we can have peace but I want my final claim to be approved."

Celestia then did something nopony even expected. She smiled. Even Corvo was surprised to see that she had a genuine smile on her face. One that shows she accepts his final claim. She then said in a calm voice, "I had a feeling you would say that and to be honest, I'm happy that you show those two great respect and will do anything to protect them. So I will let you have your final claim come true and we can have peace from now on. I hope you take good care of them both."

With that said Celestia produced a treaty of peace out of thin air and placed in front of Corvo. He just looked at for a few moments and switched his view to the sun princess eyeing her to look for any signs of deception. He saw none and turned back to the treaty and read through it to see if there was a catch. He saw one catch that was actually quite minor.

He read it out loud, "In the acception of letting Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis roam among ponies, they will need to be monitored under the watchful eye of the royal guard." He looked at Celestia for an answer to his silent question on why the royal guard need to them. She gave him his answer, "They will need to watched until I give the order to leave them alone when I consider them reformed."

Corvo nodded in understanding on that point of view. So he looked the treaty over again before conjuring up a quill and dipping it into a inkwell he also conjured and signed the treaty. After he signed the document disappeared. Then he looked over at Celestia who was talking with her sister and nephew. She was calm while Luna and Cadence talked to her in frantic whispers. He could hear the conversation thanks to his increased hearing.

"Sister are crazy. Letting those two be around other ponies. That shouldn't be why we're here. I mean yes we needed to make a peace treaty but letting those two go just like that there has got to be a plan you're making," said in a quieted voice. Cadence nodded her head and agreement and said, "I agree with Luna. We can't let them go free like this. Chrysalis trapped me in the Canterlot crystal mines and tried to take over Equestria from impersonating me at my own wedding."

Celestia spoke in a normal volume voice, "I know your concerns about but I wish to give these two a chance." Then Celestia got up and started heading for the dining hall door. She stopped in front of it and said, "Twilight, you and your friends should start heading home. Oh and Luna, Cadence. Corvo heard everything you said to me."

After saying what she needed to say she left the hall and headed back to the carriage to wait on the two alicorns. The said alicorns looked at each other then at Corvo who just smirked at them. Then they left the hall to go with Celestia. The mane six was next. They all got up all confused at what just happened but decided to worry about it later. They said their goodbyes and left.

Now with all their guests gone the others began to leave the hall. Corvo sent away the guards and had a friend of his father take Nightmare and Chrysalis to the rooms they will be staying in. They all said their goodnights and went to their rooms. The half breed went to his room in the castle main tower. Once he got up there he looked off of his balcony looking over the landscape.

He let out a sigh and looked towards the stars. He let out another sigh and said, "Let 'him' not know of my return." After saying that and watching the stars for a while then he went back inside to get some sleep.

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