• Published 30th Oct 2015
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The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm - Corvo Storm

The return of two villains is enough, but a stallion protecting them both and having hidden feelings for them is even worse, or is that better. Join a changeling, alicorn, and half-breed vampire as they try to convince others that the bad have good.

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The Walk through the Everfree

They all went outside to begin tracking the alicorn and changeling. Corvo couldn't help but have the biggest smile on his face. "Why are you smiling like that?" asked Dash a little creeped out. Corvo looked and said, "Because I'm finally going to meet them after all this time and prove something to all of Equestria."

"Ya met 'em before?" asked Applejack. He looked at her confused then realized what she meant and said, "No not really, but I know them from things in the past that happened that others didn't like." "Hows that darling?" Rarity asked curious.

"Lets just say one was thought to be conquering Equestria but was actually trying to help her subjects, and the other was just wanting appreciation for her work." Corvo explained.

Twilight seemed to find what he said was familiar but couldn't but her hoof on it. Pinkie Pie was too busy talking about the party see going to throw after this with Fluttershy, but she did hint that she knew who he was talking about and told him in hushed but excited voice. Corvo couldn't help but be thankful about sense it will be hard enough to explain all of this to the rest of the Mane 6 in the end. Pinkie told Fluttershy about it and she was quite supportive about it making Corvo even more relieved knowing that fact as well.

"Well I think it's time we get to work on this now if you want to know who they are?" he insisted with a lot of enthusiasm in his voice. "Fine let's just get this over with so we can see how important it really is." replied a very annoyed Rainbow Dash hovering in the air. "Alright girls form up so we can begin" ordered Twilight. With that they all got ready while Corvo readied the replicated magic. "Alright you can begin now," he informed excited. They all then concentrated activating their respective elements, then their eyes began to glow and they began to float in the air. They were beginning to charge the energy they needed to track these two ponies Corvo is looking for.

Then they shot out a rainbow that was used to defeat Tirek, and when it hit the replicated magic it bounced off in the direction of where the changeling and alicorn is. The rainbow shocked all of them except Corvo who kinda expected that to since it was the only place that no pony ever dared to step one hoof into. The Everfree Forest.

They were hiking through the everfree following the rainbow, that was until Dash came down shocked to see where the rainbow led. "Why are you so shocked Rainbow?" asked Twilight confused. Rainbow Dash looked at her a little worried about that location but replied, "It's the castle where we defeated Nightmare Moon for the first time Twi."

Corvo's ears drooped hearing what she said and it saddened him to know that one of the mares he's looking for was defeated in that very same place. He looked on the bright side knowing he can take them both from such a terrible place.

Fluttershy saw how this information saddened him and went to help cheer him up the best she can.

"Did what Dash say sadden you Corvo?" asked Fluttershy. He replied, "Yes it did that knowledge one of the reasons I help sort the wrong from the right and prove that they never meant to hurt anypony." Fluttershy nodded in sympathy for him understanding what he meant and showing a small smile to show that she approved of what he was doing was the right thing to do.

While Corvo and Fluttershy chatted everypony else were concerned about expect Pinkie of course. "Ah don't know about this Twilight, he has gone and made us do this all over two mares who he says that we will know 'em until we see 'em and he never met 'em either." Applejack replied worried.

"I think who these two are is when we should be worried about it. The reason being is because Corvo thinks we shouldn't know as to not worry us or something else," explained Twilight. Dash couldn't hate but have a bad feeling in her gut about not knowing these two mares. She then said, "He's creeping me out. I got a feeling in my gut that who were looking for is some pony related to Nightmare Moon." "Why's that darling?" asked Rarity confused.

"The way he acted when I mentioned her defeat at the castle caused something in his mood to change. I think it's got something to do with Nightmare Moon," explained Dash suspicious.

Twilight didn't look convinced at all neither did Applejack or Rarity. "Maybe he felt bad about what happened about Luna, after all she did get jealous over Celestia which led to the creation of Nightmare Moon in the first place," suggested Twilight believing that was the reason for Corvo's reaction.

"You're right absolutely right Twilight dear, we shouldn't let Corvo's reactions get in ou-" Rarity started but then getting interrupted by Corvo running past them and shouting, "Were at castle at last now I can finally show that their intentions were not meant to hurt anypony at all!"

They all looked ahead to see the castle looming over them. "Oooo I can't wait to meet these ponies again but this time not having to-," Pinkie tried to say but having her mouth covered by a worried Fluttershy. Corvo was glad Fluttershy covered Pinkie's mouth because it would ruin not only the surprise but all hope of showing the good from the bad and a small thing that has been making his heart flutter at the mere thought of both of the mares he's been looking for.

"Alright let's get inside so we can start looking," ordered Corvo but couldn't contain his excitement. So they all began to make their way inside to start looking not knowing the two pairs of eyes watching them as they entered.

Author's Note:

I may have had a few too many repeats of topics or such in this story but what can you do when it's your first story right. Later!:pinkiehappy:

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