The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm

by Corvo Storm

First published

The return of two villains is enough, but a stallion protecting them both and having hidden feelings for them is even worse, or is that better. Join a changeling, alicorn, and half-breed vampire as they try to convince others that the bad have good.

A mysterious stallion appears and claims he is searching for a changeling and alicorn and reveals to be an alicorn with bat like wings and wishes to show the good to the bad of two of the most dangerous villains Equestria has ever known and maybe be something more with them as well. OC/Nightmare Moon/Queen Chrysalis

The Beginning

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It was a bright day in Ponyville and was busy as usual. All was normal except for one pony wearing a cloak walking through the town heading toward the castle owned by the princess of friendship Twilight Sparkle to speak with her.

Twilight was busy stocking up her royal library when she heard a knock at the castle door.

She wondered who that could be, so she told her baby dragon assistant Spike to finish up with stocking the books. "Twilight you do know that could be Pinkie right," Spike mentioned. Twilight looked at him with a knowing glance and said "I know Spike she said she would come get me to go to the picnic she planned for me and the girls."

"I know, when will sh-" he was interrupted by a much louder knock that could be heard from all throughout the castle. "That isn't like Pinkie, Spike, who could that be if they are knocking so loudly?" the alicorn questioned.

Spike looked at her with a knowing look on his face, "Maybe it's one of the ponies from town or those new guards you requested."

"Well let us see then shall we," Twilight replied.

She went downstairs and went to answer the door as another series of knocks rang through the castle. "Hang on just one moment I was in the middle of something!" she shouted annoyed by whoever was at her door.

When she got to it she made sure she was presentable in case it was the guards or one of the town ponies. She was surprised to see a cloaked figure with a long blackish red horn and deep dark yellow eyes staring down at her.

"May I help you sir?" she asked. All the figure did was nod his head and say, "I'm looking for two mares that you may have met." Twilight was confused by what he but let him in. "So you're looking for two mares I met, who are they and why exactly?" she asked.

"I can not say who and my reasoning would be personal but I can say what they are." the stallion informed. Twilight was still a little puzzled but understood and replied, "Well then tell what type of ponies you're looking for and I'll see what I can do from there." "Very well then," was his reply.

He then proceeded to her personal library to find a book on the topic. "So what do you need to know Mr.-" "Storm, Corvo Storm. I already know who you Twilight Sparkle," Corvo replied glad names were said and done.

"So what are these ponies you're looking for is?" Twilight asked. Corvo couldn't help but smirk at her reaction when he answered, "A alicorn and changeling."

The Meeting

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Twilight was having a hard time comprehending what Corvo said. "You're looking for a-a alicorn and a c-changeling you say?" Corvo answered, "Yes as I said before I can not say my reasoning as it is personal, but we find all the information we to find them and the help of your friends." "Why do we need my friends exactly" she asked.

Corvo's smirk turned into a small smile and said, "To help of course, so go ahead and tell them of this so we can arrange a meeting." Corvo was happy with how well this was going but forgot to mention one small detail.

He took off his hood revealing his silvery mane and said to Twilight, "I forgot to mention that the other princesses can never know of this." Twilight was confused as to why her mentor and her mentor's sister as well as Twilight's old foalsitter wasn't to know. As if he could read her thoughts he explained, "The reason being that they could try harm those I search or lock me up in the dungeon for a very long time."

"Why would they do that if they knew about this?" asked Twilight. Corvo took off his cloak to reveal his bat-like wings and his cutie mark showing of three bats in front of a blood moon. Twilight was shocked to see this but didn't question it and asked, "Your appearance be one reason why right?"

"Well yes and no," Corvo replied.

"Hows that?" His smile just grew showing his fangs scarring Twilight. "You see my mother was a pure blooded vampire and my father fell in love with her. So by birth rights I'm mainly taking traits from my mother only in appearance," he explained.

Twilight was scared at first until he reassured her, "I don't thirst for blood and I'm not affected by the sunlight either as well as other traits a vampire shares. No I only have fangs and these wings which makes me an alicorn, sort of."

"So you look like a vampire but you aren't one at all?" asked Twilight amazed. Corvo was thrilled by these turn of events and said, "Exactly but can't keep talking about me because we have a meeting to set up remember Twilight?"

"Oh right sorry, I'll explain everything to my friends and have them meet me here at once." Twilight assured. Corvo mentioned, "I will explain how we will start tracking those two I mentioned when everypony is here. Now get to it."

Two hours later the rest of the elements were there and were briefed on what's going on as well as other details that needed explaining.

"So let me get this straight, he wants our help to find a changeling and a alicorn without the princesses knowing and he won't tell us why?" asked Rainbow Dash who was a bit on edge upon seeing Corvo for the first time.

"Yes Rainbow but he said he'll explain until it's all said and done." assured Twilight. Applejack didn't know what say about couldn't help voice her worry. "Ah don't know about this Twi, what this some type of trick?" Twilight tried to reassure her friend and said, "I'm sure this is a good idea who knows it could help Equestria."

While they were talking, Pinkie Pie was bouncing around and asking a lot of questions too fast to comprehend while Rarity commented how amazing Corvo's wings looked while he tried to talk to Fluttershy as best he could.

"I must say darling your wings look absolutely gorgeous," commented Rarity. "Thanks, but uh does she ever run out of breath?" he asked amazed at party mare's continuous rambling. Rarity replied, "Don't yourself too much about it dear, it's just her strange nature is all."

"Good to know."

"I-I'm not speaking because I-I'm a little a-a-afraid of you sir," admitted Fluttershy in her timid voice that couldn't have been heard if his hearing wasn't so well trained. "It's okay I had a feeling you wouldn't because you're so timid. I believe we can relate that to back when I was a little colt." Corvo reassured while remembering some memories of his youth.

He couldn't divulge on it long before saying it was time for the meeting.

"Show why are we here again oh yeah you were looking for two some ponies!" replied Pinkie. Corvo smiled at her energy and began, "Yes that is the reason you all should know what they look like after what I said about them. I need your help to track them down for good reasons and intentions. I was only able to replicate their magical essence and only the elements of harmony to track them down to where they are."

"Who exactly are 'they'?" asked Dash clearly annoyed by no identification of who Corvo is talking about. All he could do was just grin at that remark and say, "All in do time."

Twilight then asked, "How will replicated magic work exactly, I mean I know a tracking spell for the elements that could help, but how?" "It will reveal where they are but only the elements can tell us so you have to do the samething you did to Tirek expect it will track them instead, do you get it?" Corvo explained.

"We'll do it if yall tell us their gosh darn names afterwards, ya hear?" Applejack warned. "Don't worry you'll know them when you see them, so are we agreed?" Corvo informed. Everypony raised their hoof. Dash was hesitant but raised her hoof anyway. " Good now the meeting is adjourned let us get to work," he said with a big smile on his face.

The Walk through the Everfree

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They all went outside to begin tracking the alicorn and changeling. Corvo couldn't help but have the biggest smile on his face. "Why are you smiling like that?" asked Dash a little creeped out. Corvo looked and said, "Because I'm finally going to meet them after all this time and prove something to all of Equestria."

"Ya met 'em before?" asked Applejack. He looked at her confused then realized what she meant and said, "No not really, but I know them from things in the past that happened that others didn't like." "Hows that darling?" Rarity asked curious.

"Lets just say one was thought to be conquering Equestria but was actually trying to help her subjects, and the other was just wanting appreciation for her work." Corvo explained.

Twilight seemed to find what he said was familiar but couldn't but her hoof on it. Pinkie Pie was too busy talking about the party see going to throw after this with Fluttershy, but she did hint that she knew who he was talking about and told him in hushed but excited voice. Corvo couldn't help but be thankful about sense it will be hard enough to explain all of this to the rest of the Mane 6 in the end. Pinkie told Fluttershy about it and she was quite supportive about it making Corvo even more relieved knowing that fact as well.

"Well I think it's time we get to work on this now if you want to know who they are?" he insisted with a lot of enthusiasm in his voice. "Fine let's just get this over with so we can see how important it really is." replied a very annoyed Rainbow Dash hovering in the air. "Alright girls form up so we can begin" ordered Twilight. With that they all got ready while Corvo readied the replicated magic. "Alright you can begin now," he informed excited. They all then concentrated activating their respective elements, then their eyes began to glow and they began to float in the air. They were beginning to charge the energy they needed to track these two ponies Corvo is looking for.

Then they shot out a rainbow that was used to defeat Tirek, and when it hit the replicated magic it bounced off in the direction of where the changeling and alicorn is. The rainbow shocked all of them except Corvo who kinda expected that to since it was the only place that no pony ever dared to step one hoof into. The Everfree Forest.

They were hiking through the everfree following the rainbow, that was until Dash came down shocked to see where the rainbow led. "Why are you so shocked Rainbow?" asked Twilight confused. Rainbow Dash looked at her a little worried about that location but replied, "It's the castle where we defeated Nightmare Moon for the first time Twi."

Corvo's ears drooped hearing what she said and it saddened him to know that one of the mares he's looking for was defeated in that very same place. He looked on the bright side knowing he can take them both from such a terrible place.

Fluttershy saw how this information saddened him and went to help cheer him up the best she can.

"Did what Dash say sadden you Corvo?" asked Fluttershy. He replied, "Yes it did that knowledge one of the reasons I help sort the wrong from the right and prove that they never meant to hurt anypony." Fluttershy nodded in sympathy for him understanding what he meant and showing a small smile to show that she approved of what he was doing was the right thing to do.

While Corvo and Fluttershy chatted everypony else were concerned about expect Pinkie of course. "Ah don't know about this Twilight, he has gone and made us do this all over two mares who he says that we will know 'em until we see 'em and he never met 'em either." Applejack replied worried.

"I think who these two are is when we should be worried about it. The reason being is because Corvo thinks we shouldn't know as to not worry us or something else," explained Twilight. Dash couldn't hate but have a bad feeling in her gut about not knowing these two mares. She then said, "He's creeping me out. I got a feeling in my gut that who were looking for is some pony related to Nightmare Moon." "Why's that darling?" asked Rarity confused.

"The way he acted when I mentioned her defeat at the castle caused something in his mood to change. I think it's got something to do with Nightmare Moon," explained Dash suspicious.

Twilight didn't look convinced at all neither did Applejack or Rarity. "Maybe he felt bad about what happened about Luna, after all she did get jealous over Celestia which led to the creation of Nightmare Moon in the first place," suggested Twilight believing that was the reason for Corvo's reaction.

"You're right absolutely right Twilight dear, we shouldn't let Corvo's reactions get in ou-" Rarity started but then getting interrupted by Corvo running past them and shouting, "Were at castle at last now I can finally show that their intentions were not meant to hurt anypony at all!"

They all looked ahead to see the castle looming over them. "Oooo I can't wait to meet these ponies again but this time not having to-," Pinkie tried to say but having her mouth covered by a worried Fluttershy. Corvo was glad Fluttershy covered Pinkie's mouth because it would ruin not only the surprise but all hope of showing the good from the bad and a small thing that has been making his heart flutter at the mere thought of both of the mares he's been looking for.

"Alright let's get inside so we can start looking," ordered Corvo but couldn't contain his excitement. So they all began to make their way inside to start looking not knowing the two pairs of eyes watching them as they entered.

The Old Castle

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Corvo led them all inside and told them to begin looking around to find any clues of where the alicorn and changling might be. He made sure to put up a shield around the castle as to make sure they don't leave or else he'll not be annoyed at not finding them but upset as well.

Every now and again he felt like he was being watched and turned to see where the feeling pointed him and found nothing. So he shrugged it off as just a feeling from being inside a ruined castle and creatures were just watching in curiosity.

After hours of searching a very irritated said,"Uhhh, how are we going to find these two, they're nowhere to be seen and I just want to go nap on a cloud instead of this." Corvo stopped looking to and looked at the said pegasus and replied, "Because we are helping not just these two but all Equestria as well."

Twilight still was trying to figure out what he was going to do would help both the alicorn and changeling would not help them but all of Equestria as well. So the alicorn asked, "How is showing the good of these two mares going to help not them but Equestria as well exactly?"

"It's a surprise princess and trust me about this alright," Corvo said in a calm but excited voice.

"Oooo I love surprises except I already what it is and I'm happy that it will make everypony happy because I like making ponies happy and I love surprises, wait I already said that all well!" exclaimed a very hyper Pinkie Pie. "Yes yes Pinkie we know you like making other ponies happy and throwing surprises but calm down darling you know you can't spoil the surprise after all," said Rarity.

Corvo was happy to see that things are going according to plan. He then turned around and saw something staring at him for a split second before disappearing from sight. So he went to investigate and looked around the area he saw it from and saw what he couldn't believe and his mouth dropped.

Cowering against the wall was the changeling he was looking for. She was scared and when he tried to offer her his hoof she cowered away and managed to hide away from him. He was hurt a little by her hiding from him but he was glad to know that he found one of the two mares he was looking for.

Then he started calling out for them, "It's alright I don't want to hurt you two I just want to talk."

The others were confused by him calling out to those they sought but didn't question it and watched him intently to see what would happen.

"Look I know your history and I have to say I can't blame either of you. One of you was jealous of your sister and the other was just trying to help her subjects from starving," Corvo explained knowing that would get their attention.

And sure enough it did. Two figures jumped off a elevated ledge and landed on their hooves but stuck close to the shadows to keep themselves concealed from the Mane 6 as to not be threatened and attacked by them.

All of the Mane 6 except for Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were confused as to why they were trying to conceal themselves as if their lives depended on it. They were also confused to the mane of one of them looked liked Luna's. They were going to question it but Corvo looked at them and shook his head. So they kept quiet but kept their guard up and eyed the figures suspiciously.

Corvo looked back to the figures and couldn't help but crack a small smile. The figures were curious as to why he had that smile. One of them who was afraid of what she thought he might have tried to do something was know just as curious as the figure beside her. The figures didn't say anything but gestured for him to speak.

He saw them give him the gesture to continue so he did. "I was searching for you two because I want to show the good in both of you and show you two never wanted to hurt anypony and show that everypony they were wrong to not judge you two until they realized the pain you both were in," Corvo revealed with tears threatening to fall.

The figures were touched at his honesty and compassion to help them and couldn't help but have tears of their own as well. He clearly showed that he was willing to do anything to prove their true intentions was not that bad in the first place. They believe that he is what they were looking for to prove them innocent of their past crimes. Something else came to their mind and instantly knew what it was and blushed. One of the figures that was the changeling knew what this feeling was and couldn't help but be glad. She always wanted her own special somepony and his little speech was filled with enough love for both of them that indicated he felt the same way as well.

The Mane 6 was shocked at what Corvo said. He was willing to do anything to prove who ever these two were that they were innocent of whatever they did. Everyone was silent for a few moments until it was broken by Rainbow Dash asking, "Why is it so important to you to prove these two are innocent of whatever they and who the hay are they?"

Corvo looked at the figures gesturing to them to come out and they nodded in understanding on what's going to happen next. Then he looked at the Mane 6 and answered, "Because they were misunderstood and punished over something that could have been avoided. Everypony I want you to be more acquainted with the mare on the moon and changeling queen themselves."

As he said that the figures stepped out of the shadows and revealed who they are everypony's except Pinkie and Fluttershy's jaws dropped.

Corvo then said the names of these two familiar beings in front of them.

"Everypony, Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis."

The Confrontation of the Nightmare and Changeling

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Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash can't believe what just happened. They thought they dealt with Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis a long time but it looks like they were wrong all this time.

Dash got over her shock first. "We're not letting these two off the hook after everything they done plus what they did was to rule over all of Equestria."

"Ah have ta agree with RD whatever you were thinking it isn't going to help everypony like you might think," explained Applejack. Corvo didn't like what she said and countered, "Well then if you were in their hooves you would see what they went through just like I have."

That surprised Nightmare and Chrysalis. They wondered what he went through to feel the same amount of pain they went through.

He then continued, "They meant no harm. Nightmare went through the pain of not being appreciated for her night and was stuck on her own moon for a thousand years. Chrysalis went through the pain of failing to care for her subjects and being dethroned by those same subjects for her failure."

"It's obvious they're controlling you and you don't realize it dear but we'll help break that spell," Rarity said thinking he is under spell and doesn't realize it at all.

He couldn't help but chuckle at that statement finding it amusing for something like that to actually be false.

"Here I'll cast a spell to free from their control so you can help us take these two to Celestia and-" Twilight began but was interrupted by his chuckling turning into laughter.

"Stop laughing or I'll kick flank all the way to the moon and back," Dash threatened. It did nothing but make him laugh harder.

As quick as laughter came it went away just as fast scaring everypony. Then he explained, "I hate to say but no matter what you say it will always be false. The reason is that you can't mind control anything that is a vampire. You may not realize but vampires are immune to spells that can alter the mind. That even includes those who share traits of a vampire despite that same being doesn't act like a vampire."

Dash didn't buy it at all and flew over to get in his face and yelled, "YOU ARE BEING CONTROLLED BY THEM!" He didn't like how close Dash was so he used his magic to push Dash away a distance and after he did that he kept his magic ready for anything else that might happen while he speaks.

Before he could say anything Nightmare Moon spoke her thoughts on the mind control belief, "You really think we could be capable enough to mind control him. Sure I could if he didn't share traits of a vampire. I learned that the hard way. Besides that his beliefs should be taken into consideration."

Chrysalis continued for her, "She has a point his beliefs could help us well and it's to prove that we never meant to hurt anypony."

"Yeah right, this is just a trick isn't it?" Dash asked.

"No we're being honest. Maybe if you all weren't so judging of others actions you'll see that not knowing others for who they are might teach a thing or two about life," explained Nightmare annoyed at the pegasus' stubbornness.

"Ah think yall are trying to lie to get away with whatever y'all are planning," stated Applejack. Chrysalis couldn't help but facehoof. She couldn't believe how stubborn these ponies are. So she said, "If we knew about this stallion in the first place we wouldn't be having this discussion in the first place."

"Chrysalis has a point. This would have never happened if they knew of Corvo in the first place," observed Twilight. Nightmare and Chrysalis liked that observation she made.

Corvo liked what was happening. They were all behaving well. He looked over at Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy to see why they were so quiet. Pinkie looked like she going to explode and Fluttershy is hiding behind her mane showing she was scared, but you could tell she was happy for him all the same.

Then he said to them, "If you two want to be involved feel free to." With that said Pinkie went off like a firework.

"Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh you going to one of my most amazing parties ever! You two will have so much fun and see how you aren't that bad at all and everypony will treat both of as if you were normal ponies as well!" exclaimed Pinkie with one of her big smiles on her face. The alicorn and changeling were surprised by this pink pony but couldn't help a small chuckle escape them.

Fluttershy was hiding behind her mane but managed to approach them and say,"I'm glad to see that everything looks to okay for the time being. It would be nice to get to know you two better than what you both demonstrated when we first met."

Twilight, Dash, Rarity, and Applejack couldn't believe what was happening. Two of their friends were already accepting of these two villains they have fought before.

"Pinkie, Fluttershy dears you two already accept them for who they are already but how?" Rarity asked dumbfounded. "Because they already knew about these two before we arrived," Corvo said. He explained everything of how they knew in the first place.

"So what do we do now, we have been here so long we should find them a place to stay before informing the princess's about this," Twilight asked wondering their next course of action.

"i have a place for them to stay in my castle," Corvo stated glad he was to get through to them. "How do we get there exactly?" asked Dash clearly irritated from the sound of the voice.

He smirked and said, "Oh you'll see once were in an open plain."

The Home of the Storm

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The group of eight made their way through the everfree and back to Ponyville. They said nothing as they made their way. When they got to the edge of town Chrysalis changed into a pony with a green mane and tail, a neon coat, and a typewriter for a cutie mark. Nightmare Moon cast a spell that made her mane, tail, and eyes look normal and hide her wings.

Corvo didn't wear his cloak he arrived in Ponyville. He felt that his appearance shouldn't matter. The reason being that a new structure is going to appear when they get to an open plain.

As they walked through the town getting occasional glances at them Twilight couldn't help but ask, "How is a open area of land help us get to your castle exactly?" Corvo looked at her with a smile and said, "My magic will help with that besides it's been a while since I was home in my castle ever since this entire search began."

"But how did you know about their past exactly?" she asked wondering how that was possible. He chuckled and answered, "I own a crystal ball containing unimaginable power to let me see the past and future. With it that ability in my possession I'm able to tell what I need to know before I do anything at all. That's when I looked into the past of those two mares. I saw their pain and how it all went down. I decided to do what I thought was right and help them both out."

Twilight couldn't help but be amazed at such an object having immense power but didn't question him further so she could think. They all walked until they reached an area that a little ways from Twilight's castle.

"So now what genius?" Dash asked sarcastically. Corvo didn't look at her and answered, "Oh you'll see." And with that said he closed his eyes and concentrated as hard as he could. His horn glew black and then a rumble could be felt.

Then the ground ahead of them began to split apart the most menacing looking castle rose out of the ground. The clouds began to turn black and began combining into a swirling storm. The castle that rose out of the ground had a wall that surrounding the entire castle. Four spires evenly spread out were along the wall. The courtyard was extremely large and at the back area of the was were the main structure tall and proud. In the center of the courtyard was the largest tower reaching toward the sky. The top of it had four claw structures curving upwards and looked liked it could hold a giant ball. The front gate had two large pony statues with spears tucked under their wings.

The spires then lit up and shot a red beam from each other at the central tower. The blast combined at the top creating a giant ball of energy in the claw like top. Then the main tower used that energy by shooting it into the storm and creating a portal that let terrible things out of it. Skeletal dragons wearing armor came out landing on the spires. Many other creatures exited the portal and took positions on the wall or in courtyard. After the last creature left the portal it closed up and the energy ball that was in the central tower's claw disappeared.

Everypony except Corvo had their mouths open in shock from what just happened right before their own eyes. Then Corvo said to them all snapping them out of their shock, "Follow me everypony and stick close to me. You could easily get lost in my home." They all didn't say a word and followed him.

As they got closer to the gate the both statues' eyes lit up red and they kneeled down and said in dark, menacing voices, "Welcome home Lord Storm." Corvo just nodded to them and they returned to their normal stance. As the group walked through the courtyard he informed Nightmare and Chrysalis, "You can drop your disguises now everypony here knows about you two and encouraged me to do all of this."

They did as they were told and dropped their disguises. Chrysalis couldn't help but ask what was on her mind, "What is this place and what do you mean by 'everypony' exactly?" He replied knowing a question like that was going to be asked, "This is my home, Castle Dreamwalker. There are others living here as well. Some were friends of my parents and the rest is family."

They all arrived at the castle doors feeling nervous. Two demon-like guards stood guard and the opened the doors for them. After they escorted them inside they said to them, "The feast will be ready soon." With that said they went back outside and closed the doors behind them.

"What did they mean by feast if you don't mind me asking?" asked Fluttershy shyly. Corvo was confused at the question for a few seconds before realizing that he never told them of the feast that was being prepared. He lead down a corridor leading to the dining hall and answered the question, "There is a feast being prepared for a reason. It's because this castle has been in a different dimensional plane for a very long time ever since my parents past away. I was given the task to find a spot to bring the castle to stay at forever and where the castle is now is perfect. The feast is to celebrate the return of this place in this world, but it's also to celebrate my successful search."

He turned to look at Nightmare and Chrysalis and gave them both a warm smile which they gratefully returned. They all began to hear from up ahead and when they got closer they could tell there was a considerable amount of ponies here. When they entered the dining hall they saw at least six ponies, nine griffins, and two pony sized dragons that looked to be brothers.

The entire dining was silent until Corvo's remaining family members cheered at his return. The rest of the group that occupied Corvo looked at each other and knew this was going to be the strangest experience of their entire lives.

The Nightmare's Memories and The Realization

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Up in Canterlot the appearance of Castle Dreamwalker began to worry the citizens and the guards are being doubled to prevent anything that might threaten the city. Shining Armor was at Canterlot training some guards before they went to the Crystal Empire for posting, but now he was assembling as many able ponies as possible to deal with this new possible threat.

Celestia and Luna were on the balcony of their castle looking down at their old enemy's castle. The enemy was destroyed a very long time ago, but that doesn't mean her followers aren't still around. Luna looked to her sister and asked, "How is this even possible sister?"

"I don't know Luna, but that doesn't change the fact that Equestria is in danger," replied Celestia knowing not to overlook the possible danger. "How will we defeat them this time. They brought back their castle and are able to bring a whole army through a portal with ease. That has to mean that they have gotten stronger over the years," explained worried of how they have such power.

She was afraid of having to deal with these dangerous being again. They destroyed everything in their path and showed that they don't take no for an answer. Her counterpart Nightmare Moon appeared a few times before the whole thing with eternal night began. The reason why was because she felt every emotion Nightmare Moon had. One certain emotion caught her attention when it came to their old enemy's son.

It seems that Nightmare Moon had a small crush him. Nightmare Moon saw him train under his mother and watched as his power increased. She was amazed by his growing power and how well he mastered any spell his mother threw at him. They did meet eventually and Luna couldn't help but chuckle at how Nightmare acted around him. She did learn his name though. Corvo Storm was his name and he talked about the spells he knew.

Then it struck Luna like a train. He said he knew a spell that could transport his home to different dimensions and only he could. "Sister, her son knew a spell that only he knew!" she said unexpectedly.

Celestia looked at her after her sudden outburst. She asked confused, "What do you mean Luna?" Luna knew that this might be some sort of way that they might be able to use. So she answered, "Corvo Storm was known to have immense power that still grew even past our own combined."

"What are you getting at sister?"

"What I mean is that he was even more powerful than his mother, Night Star. This even means a spell she always tried but failed to do so. This spell was shown to Corvo and he pulled it off like it was nothing," Luna explained. Celestia was beginning to understand and motioned her sister to continue.

Luna then explained, "The spell Night Star tried to use was able to transport ponies and objects to different dimensions. When she saw she couldn't do it she gave up. That was until her son was born. He proved to be even stronger than her already and she knew he could do what she could not. So she taught him every spell that was known. In the end she sacrificed herself while Corvo transported her castle to another dimension."

Luna was glad that she figured out how the same castle came back, but now that she thought about it Nightmare Moon was in control after Luna did her part in helping defeat Night Star. When she looked at Corvo she could see the hurt on his face. She flew over to comfort him and he said to Nightmare before pushing her away and transporting the castle away, "I will return after the events in this world play out. You will see me again and another will join you in future to keep you company. Remember to stay strong and never give up hope. You, me, and this unknown companion will change Equestria forever. Goodbye my truly great best friend."

Luna was broke out of her memories by Celestia saying, "Well this information proves useful. Come on Luna we're heading down to the castle now to speak with this Corvo and see if we can make some sort of peace with him if possible." Luna just nodded to her sister. Celestia then left the balcony to inform Shining that the royal guard should stand by for a while before they did anything rash.

Luna sat there for a few moments to think. Nightmare Moon was devastated when Corvo left. She never showed after the events that played out. When she came back to bring eternal night, she wasn't just wanting to bring night to last forever but to also make Celestia pay for driving away Corvo in the first place. It seems that Nightmare Moon wanted to not only get revenge on Celestia but also avenge Corvo's mother for him to a least ease his pain for when he lost her.

Luna just shook her head and went to find her sister to depart for Castle Dreamwalker. Unknown to her that a mysterious creature that was able to read her thoughts was under the balcony and caught everything and began to make its way back to its master with this new information in tow.

Luna caught up with her sister and they began to talk. Celestia talked about their plan on how to bring peace and make sure he didn't cause any trouble. "He proves that he is powerful so we won't be able to beat so the only other is to go to his castle and try to reason with him," she explained.

Luna knew this wasn't going to be easy but she needed to voice her thoughts on why he returned. "Sister I might have some type of reason of why he returned," she started. Celestia looked at her and said only one word, "Continue." With that Luna explained her thoughts and reasons.

They were at the carriage when she finished explaining. Celestia couldn't help but feel dumbfounded by this. She then turned back to Luna and said, "Well we might need to be wary about this then and if what Corvo said was true then we might be in bigger trouble than we thought, but that doesn't mean we can't reason with him. Come sister we have to speak with him now."

With that said they got on the awaiting carriage and left to meet with Corvo who will be expecting them.

The Feast

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Back at Castle Dreamwalker everypony was having a surprisingly great time. Twilight talked with a pegasus vampire who shares the same amount of interest in as her. Dash hung out with the dragons. They got along nicely. The dragons were daredevils themselves and boastful just like Dash. Fluttershy talked with some of the griffins and they were a lot kinder than Gilda and they loved helping animals. Rarity spoke with an old earth pony who knew nearly every style of fashion.

Applejack spoke with a unicorn who turned out to be the castle gardener, and she knew how to make any plant grow to full size in just mere days. Pinkie was getting along with everypony. She made them all laugh, and they all had a good time.

Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis mainly talked with Corvo. They couldn't help but feel connected to him some how. Nightmare knew him a very long time ago and couldn't help but wonder what his statement from when he teleported his castle away meant. So she asked, "Corvo what you said before you left a long time ago. What did it mean?"

Corvo knew what she meant and couldn't help but chuckle before answering, "What I meant was that I knew your feelings for me and I wanted to return them as well. However, I felt that there was another that would join us in the future. So I did what was necessary and waited. You see I wanted to get to know you better but also know the ex changeling queen herself as well."

Nightmare and Chrysalis were blushing at what he said and tried to hide it. Corvo reached over to them and revealed their blushing faces to him and complimented, "You both look cute when you blush." That them blush even deeper. All he did was smile and say, "Look after seeing both of you and getting to know you both; I have decided to not have one mare by my side but two to help me run this castle. You both are what I'm looking for and I want you two to be my special some ponies and marry me when the time is right."

He let them soak in that information and their faces became even more red at his proposal. They took the time to think about it before deciding the best course of action.

Chrysalis spoke first, "I will accept your proposal, but I will not marry you until the time is right." Nightmare Moon looked at her for a moment and then back at Corvo and said, "I will also accept and wait until the time is right as well my beloved Storm."

Corvo had tears in his eyes and the biggest smile he ever had in a long time. He placed his hoof on theirs and said, "Thank you for such kind words. I promise to never ever let anything happen to both of you as long as I live."

It was Nightmare and Chrysalis' turn to have tears in their eyes. He was very truthful with that statement and they could only smile at him.

Everypony was watching the three and couldn't help out a 'aww' after seeing this heartwarming scene.

Nightmare and Chrysalis gave Corvo a peck on his cheek and hugged him warmly. He returned their affections. Before he could say anything the creature he sent to spy on Celestia and Luna arrived and touched its forehead to his horn. He gained the information the creature gathered.

He then stood and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, "It seems that the princesses of the sun and moon are coming here to speak for peace. I will see if we can accomplish peace. If not then I don't know what to do."

Nightmare and Chrysalis began to get nervous. They had to encounter Celestia again but this time they don't know they are still around and that Corvo wishes to be married to them when the time is right. They were scared. Corvo saw this and hugged them to help soothe them. It worked a little bit but not much.

The mane six had to admit they enjoyed themselves and they liked these ponies, griffins, and dragons. So they went over to Nightmare and Chrysalis to help comfort them as well.

The two mares couldn't believe what was happening. The mane six themselves were trying to help calm them down. It was astounding to see that they were beginning to accept them.

Then Corvo said to everypony, "I want the cooks to prepare an extra dish for our two guests who will be arriving shortly, but in the mean time let us all eat."

And with that the cooks brought in the food and drinks. The food ranged between fruits and vegetables to meat to satisfy those with certain taste. All in all the feast was full of talking and laughs as well as plans being made in the future when peace is made. Corvo will do anything to get peace and keep his future queens in the long times ahead, but for now it's time to just relax and hang out with friends and family.

The dining hall has never been so lively in such a long time. Then the doors to the hall was opened by the guards. Everypony went silent when they heard the doors open. Three alicorns stood there shocked. The alicorns were Celestia, Luna, and Cadence. They were shocked not by the beings in the hall nor the mane six but two beings in general.

Once they came out of their shock they all yelled in unison, "NIGHTMARE MOON AND QUEEN CHRYSALIS!"

The Speak of Peace

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After the three princesses got over their shock they got into battle stances. "You two will both be sent to tartarus for everything you have done," Celestia spoke threateningly. Luna and Cadence nodded in response.

Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis were as scared as they were now and were cowering behind Corvo who had kicked away his chair at the princess's' arrival. He didn't like the threat Celestia made. "Well Celestia long no see. When was the last time we met? Ah yes, when you destroyed my mother," he said bitterly.

"Corvo I know you are upset about that, but tell me why those two are here," Celestia replied eyeing Nightmare and Chrysalis.

Corvo decided to tell the truth since it would make itself known in the future. So he answered, "They are my special some ponies Celestia. They are the reason I came back in the first place."

Luna's suspicions were right about Nightmare Moon loving Corvo, but Chrysalis too? How is that even possible to love two mares? Cadence wasn't handling it that much either. She couldn't get over the fact that the changeling queen was in a relationship with Corvo as well.

Celestia then spoke, "How could you be in love with two mares instead of one and be in love with are two enemies?" "Because I saw their pain and wanted to help them out as well as show that they meant no harm at all," he explained clearly annoyed.

He looked at the princesses, picked up his chair, sat down, and clap his hooves together twice to signal the servants to bring their guest their food and get comfortable since they know they were going to be there a while. They brought the princesses food, shut the curtains, and doused the torches in the room giving it light. Then the candles on the tables, that weren't lit, ignited on their own.

Two shadows began to take shape and lift off the floor and form two demon looking guards with the most sinister looking spears at their sides.
The princesses were surprised by Corvo's change of attitude and scenery. He looked as if he was going to do something sinister any moment.

"Why are you changing the scenery and have two guards by you?" Celestia asked confused by all this. He answered in a very serious voice, "The scenery is how I like it to be when discussing treaties and the guards is to not just to protect me but Nighty and Chrsy." Nightmare and Chrysalis actually were touched by him conjuring up his guards to protect them. They also liked the nicknames he gave them.

"Why would you-" Celestia started but was interrupted by Corvo. "They are under my protection and if you want to make peace forget about it and state your claims so we can see if we can agree to terms."

Celestia looked to her sister and nephew who nodded in response and they sat down to begin the discussion. Once they were all got settled they began to talk. "Alright I shall state my claims and then you shall," Celestia informed to Corvo who just nodded. She then cleared her throat and began, "I want you to agree to never bring war on our land, to never threaten towns, cities, and other rulers homes. I also want you to hand over those two beside you so I can take them into custody."

The half vampire then made his claims, "I want my own land, a supply of animals for my corals, and to have the two beside me to be pardoned for their crimes and to walk freely among other ponies." The sun princess didn't like one of his claims that much. Mainly because it involves one of her claims being counteracted and put to where the alicorn and changeling by his side can move around freely in Equestria and she could do nothing about unless they committed a crime.

"That goes against one of my claims Corvo Storm," Celestia warned. The half vampire just smiled at what she said. In return for the obvious observation he replied, "I know Celestia. I believe you're holding more than their crimes against them. It matters not though. I believe we can agree on two claims each of us made, so we can have peace but I want my final claim to be approved."

Celestia then did something nopony even expected. She smiled. Even Corvo was surprised to see that she had a genuine smile on her face. One that shows she accepts his final claim. She then said in a calm voice, "I had a feeling you would say that and to be honest, I'm happy that you show those two great respect and will do anything to protect them. So I will let you have your final claim come true and we can have peace from now on. I hope you take good care of them both."

With that said Celestia produced a treaty of peace out of thin air and placed in front of Corvo. He just looked at for a few moments and switched his view to the sun princess eyeing her to look for any signs of deception. He saw none and turned back to the treaty and read through it to see if there was a catch. He saw one catch that was actually quite minor.

He read it out loud, "In the acception of letting Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis roam among ponies, they will need to be monitored under the watchful eye of the royal guard." He looked at Celestia for an answer to his silent question on why the royal guard need to them. She gave him his answer, "They will need to watched until I give the order to leave them alone when I consider them reformed."

Corvo nodded in understanding on that point of view. So he looked the treaty over again before conjuring up a quill and dipping it into a inkwell he also conjured and signed the treaty. After he signed the document disappeared. Then he looked over at Celestia who was talking with her sister and nephew. She was calm while Luna and Cadence talked to her in frantic whispers. He could hear the conversation thanks to his increased hearing.

"Sister are crazy. Letting those two be around other ponies. That shouldn't be why we're here. I mean yes we needed to make a peace treaty but letting those two go just like that there has got to be a plan you're making," said in a quieted voice. Cadence nodded her head and agreement and said, "I agree with Luna. We can't let them go free like this. Chrysalis trapped me in the Canterlot crystal mines and tried to take over Equestria from impersonating me at my own wedding."

Celestia spoke in a normal volume voice, "I know your concerns about but I wish to give these two a chance." Then Celestia got up and started heading for the dining hall door. She stopped in front of it and said, "Twilight, you and your friends should start heading home. Oh and Luna, Cadence. Corvo heard everything you said to me."

After saying what she needed to say she left the hall and headed back to the carriage to wait on the two alicorns. The said alicorns looked at each other then at Corvo who just smirked at them. Then they left the hall to go with Celestia. The mane six was next. They all got up all confused at what just happened but decided to worry about it later. They said their goodbyes and left.

Now with all their guests gone the others began to leave the hall. Corvo sent away the guards and had a friend of his father take Nightmare and Chrysalis to the rooms they will be staying in. They all said their goodnights and went to their rooms. The half breed went to his room in the castle main tower. Once he got up there he looked off of his balcony looking over the landscape.

He let out a sigh and looked towards the stars. He let out another sigh and said, "Let 'him' not know of my return." After saying that and watching the stars for a while then he went back inside to get some sleep.

The Revealing of the Nightmare and Changeling

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The next morning Corvo woke up early to start helping with getting the castle ready for any of the locals in Ponyville that may come by. The first thing he did was take a shower and brush his teeth. He then made his way to his throne room. It was a bit of the same design of the one in the Canterlot castle. The only difference is the color and the stained glass. The color matched that of the the castle. A black carpet leading to throne which was made of some sort of ebony stone with jewels encrusted on the top of the backrest.

The room had gray colored walls and a marble floor. The stained windows showed Corvo's parents of their happy times together. The ones opposite from the others had his parents except the first window showed his parents looking down with warm smiles on their faces. They looking were at a foal that looked like him. The foal was asleep with his bat wings wrapped around him and his legs tucked in.

Corvo felt tears come to his eyes after looking over each window. Tears were beginning to fall as he remembered the times he spent with his parents before he lost him. He believes his father is still alive though and he is going to send scouts all over Equestria to find his father. In the meantime he needed to help get the castle ready for any possible visitors.

In another part of the castle in the guest bedroom Nightmare and Chrysalis are just now waking up from a very pleasant sleep. They haven't slept that great in a long time. They each had their own room. The guest bedroom actually has a spare bedroom in it that separates from the main one. They slowly got in a greater mood than they have ever been.

Nightmare went into the main guest bedroom where Chrysalis was stretching to get rid of the stiffness in her muscles. "Good morning Chrysy," Nightmare greeted. Chrysalis just looked at her with a smile and replied, "Good morning to you too, Nighty." They both giggled at the nicknames they had and gave each other a kiss on the cheek.

They then began to leave the room to go find Corvo. They talked while they searched for him. "I see you're not wearing your armor anymore," Chrysalis observed. It was true Nightmare didn't have her armor anymore. It was still in pieces in the old castle. Nightmare looked at the changeling with a knowing expression and said, "I know that I am not wearing it. I'm glad though. It was always weighing me down and I never really wanted to wear it in the first place."

"Just be glad you're out of that stupid armor."

"I am glad remember?"

They shared laughs as they continued to find Corvo. They did eventually though. What they actually a sad sight.

Corvo had finished getting the throne room prepared for any visitors and decided to look over the windows again. Once he had enough looking at the windows he summoned one of the servants to bring him the 'accursed' document. The document was a prophecy that he read after teleporting the castle to a different dimension.

It stated that a great evil will rise from the depths of Equestria threaten all ponykind. There is only one who can defeat it but that same one is what this creature seeks. It will take the one's power and use it for its own intentions. Only with the combined might of the one and two other ponies can the creature be fully defeated and destroyed forever. When the return of a castle happens, the great evil will be released from its prison and will do nothing but destroy everything in its path to gain the special one's power.

Corvo knew full well that he was the special one. His father sealed away this evil for a long time. He said that he may not survive in the process of sealing this evil. If he did live however, he will be stuck to live in Equestria for the rest of his life until the day he dies. Corvo was just a young colt at the age of seven when his father told him this. He was struck deeply in his heart when he heard that tried to keep his father stay and find another way.

In the end though his father left him and his mother to cry as he went to imprison this evil. The half breed was broken out of his painful thoughts as the servant arrived with the prophecy. Reading it one more time he asked the servant to do him a simple task. "Anything you need my lord," the servant said hoping whatever it was that his lord needed would cheer him up.

The half breed looked at the prophecy for a few seconds before rolling it up, giving it to the servant, and saying, "I want this prophecy to be destroyed. It's too much of a reminder on what my father did to save me. Take it to the main tower and throw it into the eternal flame. Then after that is done have the others prepare a carriage. I'm going to Ponyville with Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis."

"Yes my Lord," was all the servant said before leaving to carry out his master's orders. He ran into the mares the half breed mentioned and said sorry to both of them before leaving.

Then the mares entered the throne room. They asked at the same time, "Why are we going to Ponyville?" The half breed looked at them with a slight smile on his face before answering, "We are going to reveal you both to the public. Don't worry I will make sure that nothing bad happens to both of you."

The mares were nervous. Revealing themselves already? Everything that happened yesterday went by so fast. Corvo discovering them to taking them to his home to confessing their feelings to each other and finally to a peace treaty with Celestia who accepted their return. They were surprised to see that he was wiling to reveal already.

As if reading their thoughts he tried to soothe them by saying, "it's best to get it out of the way now than wait. Trust me on this okay."

They just nodded their heads and knew he was right. Best get it out of the way now than wait until it was too late.

The servant from before came back and said, "My lord the carriage is ready and the prophecy was attempted to be destroyed but-" the servant trailed off knowing that his master would be angry. Corvo was angry but couldn't blame the servant. So he went over the cowering subject who expected something bad to happen to him. He looked up at the half breed to see him holding out a hoof to him. He took it and was lifted to his hooves. Then the half breed said, "It's not your fault that the prophecy wasn't destroyed. I should have remembered the material it was made. You are free to go about your business."

"Yes my lord," was all the servant said before leaving the room. The half breed turned to his two lovers and said, "Shall we?" The two mares just said, "We shall." Then they made their way to the awaiting carriage.

Once they made it to the carriage they saw what it looked like. It was colored a blackish red with blue and green mixed in. It was made out of dragon bones that looked older than the castle itself. The carriage was pulled by two skeletal centaurs. They turned to Corvo, Nightmare, and Chrysalis and waved at them before gesturing for them to get in. They did and as soon as they did the carriage started to move out of the castle courtyard to the main gate which opened for them.

The statues from before kneeled again and said, "We await your return." After they said that the statues went back to their original positions. The inside of the carriage looked very comfortable. The seats were stuffed with cotton and made out of a soft fabric. The windows were partially covered by purple curtains on both sides. The rest of the inside was the color gray and the inside was quite roomy.

The mares were amazed at how the carriage was made and how comfortable it was. All Corvo did was watch them as they marveled the carriage. Then Chrysalis turned to him and asked, "How did you get such a carriage Corvo?" He looked at her as if she should know and answered, "I had this carriage for quite a while. It was my mother's. She made it to my liking because I always said I liked soft things."

Nightmare stopped looking around the carriage to turn to him and say, "She did a good job at making the carriage suit your needs. It feels like I could fall asleep in here and not wake up for quite a long time." He just laughed at statement. He explained to them that he fell asleep in this carriage and wouldn't wake up unless he was taken of the seat because of how soft it was.

They kept sharing stories about the good times in their lives and shared some laughs. They stopped talking when the carriage stopped and the carriage driver opened the door for them. Corvo stepped out first to let the townsfolk know it was him from yesterday when he searched for Nightmare and Chrysalis.

The said mares were scared. They were being revealed to the public already and it was nerve wrecking. The half breed turned to the carriage held out his hoof to them. They looked at each other for a moment then turned back to him. Nightmare put her hoop in his first and he lead her out of the carriage. The residents were silent as they watched him help her out and then look back and do the samething to Chrysalis who also came out.

The residents were beginning to murmur among themselves when he helped them out of the carriage which started to be guided by the driver to a place where they can keep it until they head back to the castle. It was quiet before a few shocked ponies panicked and yelled, "It's Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis! Everypony run!"

After that was said the other ponies began to panic and run away from them. Corvo wasn't having any of that so he shouted as loud as he could, "Everypony stop what you're doing now so I can explain everything!" His order succeeded in getting everyone to stay where they were and listen to what he had to say about the alicorn and changeling at his side. He explained everything to all of them about how they were wronged to their relationship they had now.

After he finished explaining he let everypony carry about their business. Surprisingly everyone in the Ponyville accepted them quite well.They then went around the small town to enjoy themselves. They didn't have the type of currency that ponies uses so they couldn't buy anything. It didn't matter though they were having the time of their lives. They went to sugarcube corner to grab a snack in which they ran into Pinkie Pie who was manning the register.

When they got to the front Pinkie just dramatically like she did when Twilight first arrived to Ponyville except this time she didn't run off to prepare a party for them. Pinkie had a huge smile on her face and said, "What are you three doing here? Is to see the town? Reveal you two? Oo oo are you here on a date together?" The pink mare kept asking them questions so fast they didn't have time to answer any of them.

Corvo just held his hoof up to Pinkie's mouth to quiet her down. It worked and he said, "Pinkie we're here because I decided to reveal these two to the public here. It went nicely surprisingly. Now please can we have some cupcakes to take with us please?" The party pony nodded quickly before leaving and coming back with a box of cupcakes for that at a speed that would make Rainbow Dash jealous.

Corvo took the box and said, "Thank you. I will pay you back somehow since I don't have the currency that Equestria uses." Pinkie shook her head and replied, "No don't worry about it, it's on the house. Wait the cupcakes aren't on the house their on your back! Besides it's your first time here in Ponyville and I figured you wouldn't have money anyway, but that's okay. Oh one more thing before you go. I'm throwing a party for Rainbow Dash just for being one of the best ponies ever! So will you three come?"

The three looked at each for a moment and just shrugged and nodded their heads. "Great, see you all there tonight," the pink pony said. They all said their goodbyes and the three left to the park to enjoy themselves. When they arrived they picked a spot near the pond to sit down and relax.

As they calmly talked and laughed while eating the cupcakes they heard three splashes in the pony and turned to look. All they saw was the ripples in the water from where the splash came from and bubbles coming towards the surface. The bubbles began to head to shore where they sat and watched.

Once the bubbles reached the shore three fillies burst out of the water gasping for air. The fillies were Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. They climbed out of the water not knowing who they were near. Scootaloo let out a annoyed sigh and said, "Looks like were not getting are cutie marks by holding are breathes underwater."

"Ah thought for sure that was going to be are special talent," Applebloom replied disappointed. Sweetie Belle then said, "What about uh, wait no we tried that. Uh, what about no no we tried that too. Hmm."

"Why don't you three think about what you're great at so far"

The fillies jumped at the sound of the voice. They looked over to where the voice came from and stared wide eyed at Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis upon seeing them.

Corvo knew what they were thinking and reassured them. "Listen you may know who these two are, and don't worry their harmless."

They just looked at him before going awestruck at the two mares and asking a lot of questions about them. "Where did you come from?" Sweetie Belle asked. Applebloom then asked, "Why are yall here?" Scootaloo wasn't worried about the why's or where's. She was more curious about the how's.

She looked at Nightmare and Corvo and asked, "How did you two get your cutie marks?" The half breed and alicorn decided to answer. Nightmare went first, "Well I'm Luna's counterpart so my special talent would be to control the moon. I won't be able to because I'm not in control to anymore. I'd rather not talk about."

The fillies were curious why but decided not to push it. They then looked at the half breed with curious eyes. He then did his cutie mark story. "Let's see here. I got my cutie mark by my ability to create the blood moon and have bats carry out my will. I learned this ability by casting my magic at the moon. My magic was weaker back then because I was only seven anyway I made a blood moon that way and I learned that I could manipulate the moon to my will the same happened with bats but without magic."

When he ended his story the three fillies stared at him in awe. They broke out of their trance and asked in a loud unison, "Can you help us get our cutie marks?!" Before the three could answer two more fillies arrived. "Well well what have we here?" said the light pink filly with the tiara. The other filly with glasses then said, "It seems the blank flanks are hanging out with the bad ponies." The two fillies shared a laugh.

"What do you want Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon?" asked Scootaloo annoyed. "We couldn't help but notice you two hanging out with ponies who shouldn't even be here," Diamond said meanly. Before any other words were spoke Corvo got up unexpectedly walked over to the two bullies and leaned his head down to be eye level with them.

He then said in a serious voice, "You two may not realize but the castle that showed up is because of me. It's my home. Not only that but these two mares are my dates at the moment and I don't mind those three interrupting it. You two must have a reason to bully them. I might know why."

Before the two could say anything he said, "I believe you're jealous because you don't want to be stooped down to their level because you don't believe you all can't be friends."

"That's not the reason at all because we don't like blank flanks. Blank flanks aren't cool at all and shouldn't even exist," Diamond explained denying his observations. Silver Spoon shook her head in agreement.

He just continued, "You two should know that we all were blank flanks before. That would mean you shouldn't exist either. Now back on topic; you two are hiding the truth from yourselves as well. I recommend that you take sometime to think about what I said now leave."

The two fillies looked dumbfounded at what just happened. Diamond Tiara just mumbled something under her breath and left with Silver Spoon. The three fillies that watched what happened couldn't believe what Corvo just did.

Sweetie Belle was the first to get over her awe and exclaimed, "Wow how did you do that?! You got them to leave us alone!" The other got over their awe and smiled real wide. They also asked a lot of questions on how he did it. Scootaloo asked the one question they all were wondering, "Why did you say they wanted to be friends with us? There is no way that they want to be friends with us at all that's for sure."

Corvo looked at her and explained, "You would be quite surprised actually. I was bullied like that in my past. At first I didn't like them until my mom made me get to know them better. Turns out they just didn't want to be stooped down to my level like those two that just left not too long ago. They apologized and later we became great friends."

The three fillies understood and wondered if that would ever happen. They just brushed it to the side for later and asked the same question before they were rudely interrupted. "Can you help us get our cutie marks?" He just laughed at the sudden change of attitude from them and said, "Sure."

The three smiled again and started to drag him off with his dates in tow who were both giggling at the three's over excitement. They did skydiving off of the pond bridge, rock climbing, dancing, candle making, painting, and daredevil stunts. All of these failed to help the three fillies get their cutie marks.

The half breed was exhausted as well as his dates. They helped out the fillies in as many ways as they could. They had two more activities to do that they thought would work. Right now they were at Sugarcube Corner for some milkshakes. They needed to rest and after these two activities were done they all would head home since it was starting to get late.

Once they were done with their milkshakes they went to the Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse to start the next activity that the three crusaders had planned. They were going to practice their group's theme song. Once they got to the clubhouse the crusaders began to practice their song. It was going well so far.

Corvo, Nightmare, and Chrysalis had to admit they were pretty good. Scootaloo needed to practice some more and Applebloom just needs to tune her voice just slightly. Sweetie Belle was just perfect in singing. She helped provide the lyrics to the song and her voice hit the notes perfectly.

The loving trio looked at each other knowing that Sweetie's special talent would be singing. Applebloom was on the deck of the clubhouse when it collapsed from underneath her. She then climbed out of the rubble and groaned knowing she had to fix it again since the last time Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were there.

She went to the building supplies from last time and began to repair the deck. She was done in at least a fifteen minutes. The loving trio knew right away construction was Applebloom's special talent. They knew Scootaloo would more likely have a special talent at riding her scooter. The reason being that she had a lot of practice and manages to pull off a lot of tricks that looked as if they can't be done.

As the day progressed the last activity was a water balloon fight which resulted in all of them being all wet. They all laughed before saying their goodbyes and parting ways. The loving trio began to head back to the carriage and were as happy as can be. When they got back to the carriage they saw Scootaloo standing in front of a house and go inside. When she opened the door a mare grabbed Scootaloo roughly and pulled her inside. They then heard faint yelling and thought that Scootaloo just didn't come home any sooner. So they brushed it off and got in the carriage and they were off.

They chatted on their way back and once they got back they said their goodnights and went to bed. On the mornings of the next few days was spent revealing Nightmare and Chrysalis to the rest of Equestria. It started with the small towns then to the cities. Everypony was skeptical at first before accepting the two mares who were very grateful.

The last place was Canterlot and it went slightly different than the last times but in the end everypony accepted them as well. Once they got back to the castle again they bid each other goodnight and went to bed relieved that everypony accepts the two mares and know that they're here to stay. They all went to sleep with the biggest smiles on their faces as they knew they could rest easy now.

The News and to Help a Filly

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The next morning they all went to the dining hall for breakfast. Corvo was as happy as he could be. The same went for his two lovely mares. The three sat by each other once they got to their seats. The residents of the were happy for the three. They had a great time chatting and sharing laughs.

All of that was interrupted by a teenage looking colt who looked at out of breath. He had a light blueish red coat with a gray colored mane and tail with a blue stripe through it. He had a telescope as a cutie mark. He quickly regained his composure and shouted for everyone to hear, "The elders have bad news."

Corvo looked at him confused and said, "Calm down Star Streaker and tell what happened."

"Yes master."

He took sometime to gather his thoughts before standing tall and informing, "We have confirmed reports of your father. Though there is a problem as well. The scouts have sighted a black mist forming around the gate to Tartarus. It is believed to be 'him.' That's all the information that I know of so I'm sorry if you wanted to know more master."

"It's okay Star Streaker I understand I'll ask the elders soon. You can leave now," the half breed reassured his apprentice and let him leave. He didn't know what to think of this information. The first bit of information was great. He could finally see his father again, but at the sametime have to deal with what his father was trying to protect him from in the first place. It seems that these turn of events is going to not only endanger himself but everypony in Equestria.

Corvo made his decision he would have a meeting about this later. Right now he needed to head to Ponyville to talk to Scootaloo. He entered Scootaloo's dreams and saw that they were nightmares. He then went into her memories and couldn't believe his own eyes. He told what he saw to Nightmare and Chrysalis who couldn't believe their ears at what he explained.

The half breed was broken out of his thoughts by his two loves asking him, "Who is 'him'?" He felt that they should know but not now. So he answered, "I will tell you both later. Right now we need to speak with a certain pegasus filly in Ponyville. The two mares nodded and knew that was more important at the moment.

They decided to fly to the town so they could stretch their wings more. Once they arrived they began looking for Scootaloo. They looked all over and couldn't find her anywhere. They then made their way to her and her friend's clubhouse to see if she was there. Sure enough she was and she looked happy as can be with her friends.

The half breed cleared his throat and said, "Scootaloo can you come out here so we can talk to you in private?" The filly came out annoyed but said, "Sure but be sure to come around a time when I'm not with my friends okay." After saying that she told her friends she would be back in a bit and went to talk with the three.

"What is it you want to talk about exactly?" Scootaloo asked wanting to be with her friends. Corvo looked at her for a second then answered, "I know what your parents are doing to you Scootaloo and I don't like it at all." The filly's ears went back after hearing that and she began to get nervous. She gulped and said, "What do you mean?"

He knew she was trying to avoid this conversation but he wouldn't let that happen. So he answered, "You know what I mean Scootaloo. They always beat you and don't care for you. You always are with your friends and you have nightmares about your parents taking them away from you. So stop trying to hide it. You don't have to be scared anymore. I'll call a social worker who can take care of this then we can help you recover from your traumatic experience."

That was when Scootaloo broke down crying and hugged him tightly. He hugged back and comforted her as she sobbed. Scootaloo then choked out, "It's true. T-they always beat me. They say I was a mistake and shouldn't even exist. They never told me w-why they-y h-hate m-me." She looked so broken and fragile at that moment.

Corvo told his two loves to comfort her while he went to see Rainbow Dash to talk to her about the crying filly. They just nodded their heads and went to comfort the filly. He nodded back at them and began flying to Dash's home. Once he got there he knocked on the door to see if she was home.

She was and when she opened the door he was met with an annoyed look from her as she was straightening out her mane. "What do you want Corvo?" she asked glaring at him. He ignored the look she gave him and answered, "I'm here to talk about Scootaloo." Dash was confused at why he was concerned about the orange pegasus filly.

"I don't get why Scootaloo is the issue," she wondered. He answered her, "Scootaloo is being abused." Dash thought he was just making a sick joke until he explained everything to her. She couldn't believe that Scootaloo had to go through. She was only a filly. Despite how tough she is when not with her parents, it wasn't the same when she was around.

"I don't get how that's possible. Scootaloo is always so happy and yet she lives a life like that. I just don't get," Dash said astonished at the filly. The half breed knew what she meant. He was surprised by that fact too. It was probably the fact that the filly has loving friends that they keep her happy even through what she has to go through. He then looked at Dash and said, "I feel we should let someone know and see what we can do for Scootaloo. Come with me and I'll take you to her."

Dash nodded and flew with Corvo back to the clubhouse. As they neared they heard faint shouting. As they got closer the shouting louder. Once they arrived they saw Scootaloo's parents in a shouting match with Nightmare. Chrysalis was off to the side trying to comfort the filly. Scootaloo's friends came by to help as well.

The features that didn't slip away from both Corvo's and Dash's eyes were the red hoofprint on Chrysalis' cheek and the forming bruises on the Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo didn't look any better. She had bruises covering her, some cuts, and what looks to be a broken foreleg. Dash was furious at seeing all of this but not as Corvo. He was fuming.

He then looked back at his changeling love, who was trying to heal Scootaloo, then back at his alicorn love and went over to her. Once he stood beside her he put his hoof over her mouth so she would be quiet so he could talk. Scootaloo's mother then turned to him and said in a venom filled voice, "Thanks for quieting down this lousy mare. She thought she could take my daughter away from me."

The mare's husband nodded in agreement. Corvo wasn't happy at the mare's tone and replied, "I know you both beat your daughter everyday and I have to say it's wrong. She's a young filly who deserves love not abuse. You both are horrible parents and should have been happy to have such a wonderful filly. I'm going to take Scootaloo into my care until this is all settled out." He then turned to Dash and said, "Take Applebloom and Sweetie Belle to their sisters and explain what happened here. I'll take Scootaloo to Twilight so we can get somepony to help deal with this mess."

After he said that he teleported himself, his two loves, and the abused filly to Twilight's castle. Dash then had the other two fillies get on her back so she could take them the Applejack and Rarity. Once she was gone Scootaloo's parents looked at each thinking the same thoughts and left the area to go back home.

Twilight was organizing her library until a flash was heard behind her. She turned around and saw Corvo with NIghtmare and Chrysalis who were trying to comfort Scootaloo who was still crying. Once Twilight the filly's condition she immediately was worried.

"What happened?" she asked. The half breed answered, "Try her parents abusing her for no reason. I want to help her get away from them somehow. I need you to message somepony to help me in this situation."

Twilight nodded and yelled, "Spike!" The baby dragon came up after a few minutes and sleepily asked, "What do you need Twilight?" The dragon was woken up from his sleep. His question was partially answered when he heard Scootaloo and looked over to see the scene in front of him. He then turned to the alicorn princess who said, "I need you to send a letter to the Canterlot orphanage to have them send down a social worker to help get Scootaloo away from her parents. I'll explain everything after you send the letter."

He did as he was told and sent the letter after writing it. Once it was sent he looked at Twilight for an explanation. Corvo explained everything instead since he had more information about the matter than Twilight. The baby dragon was shocked to say the least. He was glad Twilight made him send that letter. At least Scootaloo can rest easy now that she won't have to worry about her parents anymore.

"So what do we do now Corvo?" the princess asked. The half breed answered, "Now we wait for the social worker. How long until he or she gets here?"


Corvo felt relief go through him. He had an idea that would make the orange pegasus filly very happy. For now though he needed to get this mess dealt with at once. After waiting a few minutes a flash appeared in the room and a mare was standing where the flash came from. She was elderly mare. She looked over to Twilight first giving a quick bow before turning to Corvo.

"I got the letter that was sent to me. I'll see what I can do," the mare stated. She then began to make her way to the castle door. Not before asking, "Can you lead me the the filly's parents please?" Corvo nodded and then teleported them all to where Scootaloo's parents were. After teleporting they were in Scootaloo's house standing in front of her parents who were having their lunch. They looked none too pleased at their sudden guests.

"What do you want?" asked the filly's mother in the same venom filled voice. Corvo stepped up with a smirk and said, "This a social worker all the way from Canterlot. She's here to take Scootaloo away from both of you." The two parents were surprised before they both smirked. That surprised the entire group. The mother then stated, "Go ahead and take her. She doesn't deserve to be with and she would be better off in an orphanage unloved than staying here with us being useless. While she's at the orphanage she can learn how to grow up away from her friends."

It was Corvo's turn to smirk. Scootaloo's parents were surprised at this. He then said, "Scootaloo isn't going to an orphanage at all. The reason is because I'm going to adopt her." The jaws of everypony dropped at what he said. The one's more shocked were the filly's parents. They weren't expecting that to happen. Before they could say anything the social worker gave them a slip that showed they no longer had custody of Scootaloo. After that was given to them they left the house.

The social worker turned to Corvo and asked, "Are you sure you can take care of a foal by yourself?" The half breed looked at her and said, "Of course, I took care of a foal before. Though it was a long time ago. Anyway if I need any help with caring for a foal I always have the servants in my castle."

The worker was surprised at the mention of servants and a castle. She then asked, "When did you have a castle?" He looked over to her and answered, "I own the castle that appeared not long ago." The worker was surprised but smiled and said, "Well then you can already have the filly if you're royalty. Just let me have your signature and I'll be on my way." He signed the paper she gave him and after giving it back she said goodbye teleported back to Canterlot.

Once everything was said and done Corvo turned to Scootaloo and said, "You don't have to worry about your stuff. I already teleported it all of it to the room you'll be staying in the castle. Go ahead and tell your friends goodbye for now and then we'll head to the castle to get you settled in." The filly had a big smile on her face and nodded and ran off to find her friends to tell them everything that happened and say goodbye.

Once she left the half breed's two loves turned to him and said, "You did a good thing today Corvo. We knew we made the right choice in falling for you." They had a slight blush on their cheeks after saying what they had to say. Corvo smiled at them both nuzzled them both. He then said, "Let's go get Scootaloo and take her home so she can get settled in." The two mares nodded and followed him to the clubhouse. Once they got there they got Scootaloo and said goodbye to her friends.

Then the half breed put the filly on his back and the four flew back to the castle. Once they got there Corvo took the filly to her room while his loves explained everything.

Later that night after dinner Corvo was tucking the filly into her bed. "My parents never tucked me in at night," Scootaloo stated. The half breed just gave her a smile which she returned. Then he said, "Goodnight Scootaloo." Before he could walk away the filly wrapped her forelegs around his neck in a hug and said, "Thank you. For everything. Dad."

Corvo's heart warmed even more after hearing her call him that. He hugged back and they said goodnight to each other before Corvo left to his room. He went to bed knowing that he did a very good deed today. He let out a content sigh and fell into a peaceful sleep.

The Reunion

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Corvo was woken the next morning by a servant who was pretty excited. "My lord I have great news! Your father is here and he wants to see you immediately!" He was up as soon as the servant said that and was quickly going through his morning routine so he could go meet his father. As soon as he was done he ran to the guest bedroom that his two loves were staying in to wake them up so they could meet his father.

Once he got to the guest bedroom he didn't even knock before bursting into the room and forcing them to get up quickly. They thought it was an emergency until he explained everything to them. That made them excited as well but extremely nervous. They were worried that his father wouldn't accept them and have them kicked out of the castle and force them to fend for themselves.

Corvo knew what they were thinking and had them all stop so he could talk to them. "Don't worry I'm sure he'll accept you both," he reassured. Chrysalis asked worriedly, "What is he going to think about you dating two mares instead of one?" Nightmare looked at him with the same worry begging him to answer the question. He looked at them both before placing a hoof on the back of their heads and somehow manage to get them all into a kiss that's filled with all of his love for them.

After he ended the kiss Nightmare and Chrysalis were a trance like state for a few seconds before shaking their heads and smiling at Corvo. They then gave him a kiss on his cheeks. After the little moment they had they began heading to where the half breed's father was waiting. This time they walked side by side. The half breed had his wings draped over the backs of his loves and held the two close to him.

Once they reached the throne room they were all nervous and excited. Excited that Corvo's father is now back and they going to meet him soon, but nervous about what he'll think about their relationship. They saw the stallion talking to some of the castle staff who ditched their duties to go welcome back the half breed's father.

The three lovers walked up to him and greeted him as well. When he turned to greet them back he stared at them for a few seconds before smiling big and wrapping a foreleg around Corvo's neck and rubbing his head lightly. They both laughed at these actions as well as everyone else in the room laughing.

Once he stopped rubbing his son's head he then said in a raspy voice, "It's good to see you again Corvo. It has been a long time hasn't it?" "Yes it has father," Corvo replied. They heard small hooves hitting the galloping across the floor and turned to see what it was. Scootaloo was rushing in to see what all the commotion was. She walking toward the dining hall but got lost and went looking for a servant for directions. Instead she heard laughing in the throne room and ran to see what was going on.

She looked at the half breed's father wondering who he was. She asked, "Who's he?" Corvo turned toward her and answered, "This is my father, Lightning Storm. He's also your step grandfather." Lightning Storm was surprised to hear that he was a grandfather even though he wasn't related by bloodline. Scootaloo was also surprised. She had a grandfather that would treat her nice. She never met any of her grandparents so this was her first grandparent. She was happy and ran to Lightning and hugged him.

The stallion was surprised at first before he hugged back. Once they were done hugging he turned back to Corvo and noticed the two mares that were standing close to his son. The half breed knew what his father was about to ask and introduced his two loves, "Dad this is NIghtmare Moon and this is Chrysalis." he paused a bit before saying what needed to be said, "The three of us are in a relationship. It's uh not a uh friend relationship. It's a love relationship. You I'm dating them both." After he finished explaining the relationship he was in he waited for his father's response.

Lightning was taking sometime to process what his son just said. He's dating two mares not one. That isn't right but he looks happy. He wants his son to be happy and he doesn't have say in his son's life. So he decided that as long as Corvo is happy he's happy. He looked toward the anxious three seeing how nervous they were. He finally said, "I can't change how you live your life son, but as long as your happy I don't care how wrong this relationship might be."

The half breed let out the breathe he didn't know he was holding and smiled at his father and thanked him. After welcoming back Lightning they all went to the dining hall to go get some breakfast. They all had a great breakfast and it seems that Corvo was feeling even better than he had in a long time.

One of his emotional wounds has been healed and now he can get to know his father better now that he's back. Once breakfast was over Corvo asked his father if he wanted to go out into the courtyard so they could catch up some more. Lightning agreed to the request saying it was a good idea. The half breed said to his loves and step daughter that he's and his father are going to catch up a bit. They let him go talk to father.

Nightmare and Chrysalis believe they need sometime to catch up anyway but they did say that afterwards he should take Scootaloo to Ponyville so she could be with her friends. Afterall the idea of adopting her was to keep her near her friends and not have to leave the town she grew up in.

He after he agreed to do that and then he and his father went to the courtyard. Once they were out in the courtyard they began to talk. "I have to admit son you did take good care of the castle," Lightning stated trying to make conversation. Corvo said, "Yeah. It wasn't hard. You being gone before mom was destroyed." He looked down for moment remembering what happened before looking back at Lightning with sad smile.

Lightning didn't want his son to be sad about what happened to Night Star. He felt that it was best to tell his half breed son that there was a way to see his mother again. "Son I know how much miss your mother so I've decided to tell you a way to bring her back," Lightning informed. Corvo looked up to surprised. He then asked, "How?" His father explained, "Your mother was never destroyed. She was banished to Tartarus and was never able to get out. The only way to free her is to use a ritual spell that can only work with the blood of the who ever you want to bring back. We can use your blood to bring her back Corvo."

The half breed was speechless. He thought his mother was destroyed, but instead she was banished. He looked at his father with a look of determination and nodded his head in agreement to do the spell. His father led him the throne room so they could begin. Once in the throne room Lightning taught Corvo the spell and cast a spell the made ritual markings appear on the floor. After that he called for a guard and asked him he could his dagger.

Lightning then told Corvo to go over to the markings and hold his hoof out above them. The half breed did as he was told and waited to see what's going to happen next. His father came over to him and cut the under part of his son's hoof. This caused some blood to fall on the markings and they began to glow white.

After giving the dagger back to the guard and dismissing him Lightning then told Corvo to cast the spell. He began to cast the spell and the markings began to glow brighter. They kept getting brighter and brighter until they were the brightest they could be. Then a column of light shot out of the center of the markings and a figure began to appear in it. After the light subsided there stood a pony with bat like wings, yellow eyes, a black mane and tail, a crimson coat, and fangs for a cutie mark.

She was confused on what was going on. She looked around and started to remember where she was. Then her eyes fell on Lightning and Corvo. She smiled big and ran over to them and gave them both a big hug. The two stallions were happy as well and hugged back. After they were all done hugging they began to talk.

"It's good to see you both again. You've grown Corvo," said Night Star happily. The half breed smiled at her and said, "Yeah I have. It has been a long time. I was only sixteen when I thought you were destroyed." Night was just gave him a smile and gave him a hug and said, "Don't worry about it. I'm here now and that's all that matters."

After she ended the hug Corvo told her, "I have to be honest with you. You see I'm in love with two mares and have a stepdaughter that I adopted." He continued to explain everything that happened in the past few weeks. When he was done his mother took a few seconds to absorb this information before smiling at him and saying, "I'm happy for you. You're in love with two mares that make happy which is good. Not only that but you have a daughter that will also make you happy as well. My baby has grown up a lot faster than I expected."

"Moooom i'm not a baby anymore," whined the half breed. "You're still my baby," Night said. Lightning then informed, "I think we should introduce you to the new residents of the castle and get you settled back in." She looked at him nodded with a smile. They then called everypony to the throne room and they met Night Star. Corvo introduced her step granddaughter and his two loves. After the introductions Corvo took Scootaloo to Ponyville to let her be with her friends.

NIght, Nightmare, and Chrysalis got along nicely. They talked while Lightning managed the staff. Corvo returned and said that Scootaloo wanted to spend the night at her and her friends' clubhouse and he said it was okay. After he informed them about where Scootaloo is staying he began to spend sometime with his two loves. His mother did make a comment on how cute they all look together.

After the day ended they all went to bed. The half breed's parents were staying in their old room. It wasn't a tower room like Corvo's but it did have a balcony. Everypony went to bed except the half breed. He was standing on his balcony looking over the courtyard. He let out a sigh and looked toward the floating orb beside him. It showed something sinister coming out of Tartarus and heading in the direction his castle was.

Corvo knew who this was and knew that it was a matter of time before 'he' arrived. Preparations need to be made before 'he' gets to him. After sending the orb back to where he got it from and went to sleep making plans in his head on how to defeat this being once and for all.

The Great Evil

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Corvo woke the next morning with a plan in his head on how to deal with the upcoming danger. He then went to the throne room and had a servant gather everypony and meet him in the throne room. He knew that his parents were going to be worried once they heard who is making his way here.

Everypony was all in the throne room confused at what was going on. The half breed cleared his throat and quieted everyone so he could speak. Once everyone was quiet he began to speak, "Alright I bet you're all wandering what's going on so I'll be blunt. Kron has returned." There were several gasps throughout the room as many remembered him. Corvo continued, "Yes he has returned and if you all remember he wants the power I have inside of me. He's on his way here as we speak. He won't stop until he gets me."

He looked over at his two loves and saw their scared faces. He knew what they were thinking. They were worried for him and scared that they might lose him. He gave them a small smile before turning back to everyone in the room. He was also scared as well in fact he was terrified but he had to look strong for his loves and everyone in the castle. He explained his plan, "I have a plan on how to get rid of Kron once and for all. We all know that the prophecy is referring to me as 'one of the ones' to defeat Kron. I want to take the prophecy to Twilight and see if she can find a way to identify the others that will be helping me defeat this great evil. Once we figure that out we can be rid of the most dangerous being in the entire universe!"

Everyone began to cheer after he finished. They knew if this plan succeeded Kron would be destroyed forever. Corvo then went over to one of the servants and told him to get the prophecy and have a carriage ready to head to Twilight Sparkle's castle. He did as he was told and rushed off quickly knowing time was on the line.

The half breed went over to his parents and two loves who looked worried about him. He knew what he was doing was risky but it needed to be done they were going to be rid of Kron for good. He wants to live in a world where he can be with his two loves and raise a family with them. That is if his plan works. The 'if' isn't really calming. All it does is let you know that what you're trying to do will or will not work.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when his parents began to speak to him worriedly. "Son do you know what you're trying to do! You're trying to quicken your fate faster!" his father explained. He looked to his mother who had tears in her eyes. She lost him once when she was banished, she doesn't want to lose him again. He gave her a hug and tried to comfort her. It somewhat worked.

She told him, "Whatever you're planning to do once the two allies are found, just promise me that you will return to me safe and sound."

"I promise I will return safe and sound," he said determined to keep his promise to her. The half breed then turned to his two loves and pulled them both into a hug wanting to comfort them as well. They couldn't hold back their tears and sobbed into his coat. They knew that if his parents were worried about this Kron, then they knew his plan was going to either succeed in Kron's destruction or fail and take away the only one who gave them a second chance at living a normal life.

He did his best to try and stop them from crying. They soon stopped crying just enough they could talk. Nightmare was the first to speak, "Please come back to us when this over and done with please just please." She started to cry again.

Chrysalis began to speak, "Corvo whatever you do just make sure you know what you're doing before you do it. Also me and Nightmare have been thinking and talking with each other and we decided to accept your proposal. We will marry you."

Upon hearing that he couldn't stop himself from pulling them both into the same, seemingly impossible kiss. Everyone in the room was surprised on how he managed it but 'awed' nonetheless. The staff knew that they would need to prepare a wedding when Kron is destroyed. They had a feeling that Corvo is going to succeed in his plan.

Once the half breed ended the kiss he gave Nightmare and Chrysalis a reassuring hug and left the throne room to go to the courtyard where the carriage would be waiting. When he got to the courtyard he saw the carriage was ready and the servant that was sent to retrieve the prophecy and prepare the carriage. He looked to what was pulling the carriage and saw it was being pulled by two dragons who looked to be teenagers but really full grown pony sized dragons. They were armored head to claw and were looking back at him waiting for him to enter the carriage.

After he took the prophecy from the servant who told him that a letter was sent to Twilight telling her of the situation and that the half breed was meeting her soon. Corvo thanked the servant and stepped into the carriage set off Twilight's castle. The trip was short thanks to the dragons flying all the way there. The half breed thanked the dragons and told them to head back to help protect the castle. They nodded and took off.

The half breed then went into the princess of friendship's castle. When he walked in he saw Twilight and her friends talking about the letter that was sent to them. They noticed he came in when he opened the doors and looked at him. The first thing Twilight's eyes landed on was the prophecy he was holding but had no idea what it was. The others noticed it and began to think that this just some document that he needed help with.

Before the mane six could utter a word he had went into the middle of the room and opened the document which showed ancient marking and pictures. The markings were glowing a faint blue showing that they were written by some type of magic entity. He gestured for them to come over to him so they could talk about the prophecy.

Once they walked up to him the alicorn princess asked, "What is that?"

"This is the prophecy that tells of three beings that are going to defeat and destroy the greatest evil known as Kron," he answered. The half breed knew that they didn't know about Kron. He even knew that Celestia and Luna themselves didn't know about this evil either.

He began to explain, "I'm here because I need help to figure out who the other two beings mentioned in the prophecy is so I can destroy Kron once and for all. He can't be allowed to take my power and destroy the entire universe. He is a being that believes that destroying all of existence will create the perfect universe."

"Well we'll stop him that's for sure!" Rainbow shouted.

Corvo knew she was hot headed but he needed help to figure out who else is involved in the prophecy. He turned to Twilight and gesture to the prophecy. She looked at it before going over to and began to read it. It took some effort to decipher the writing but she managed. After she finished reading it she put her hoof to her chin in a pondering look.

"One who has been to the moon and back, and the other to that can hide in plain sight hmm," she said allowed. After giving it some thought she realized that there was only two who these descriptions and that they were already found.

She turned to the half breed and exclaimed, "I know who they are!"


"Their-" she started before a loud demonic laughter was heard in the air. They all ran outside and saw a black mist. Inside the mist you could see a pair of red glowing serpent eyes. Then something erupted from the mist. That something is what owned the pair of eyes. It looked like a large snake with skinny arms and ended with three talons for fingers. It had six wings on its back and a some hair that went backwards in a circular saw look and was the same color as the mist and its skin. It let out more laughter as if everything is a game.

Corvo was unfazed by it but the mane six were. "What is that thing?!" asked a shocked Dash.

He answered, "That is Kron, the six winged serpent."

The Battle of a Lifetime

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"That's Kron?!" asked a scared Twilight.

"Yes and he's here for me if you don't remember," answered a sarcastic Corvo. He didn't have time to just stand around and not do anything; he needed to stop Kron from hurting anypony. He opened his wings and flew in front of Kron's path and flew toward a bit to help stop the serpent from getting any closer to Ponyville.

It worked. Kron stopped advancing toward the town and stopped dead in his tracks. The serpent wasn't scared, but he was amused. He saw the one half breed he was looking for who was now standing in front of him. He let out a howl of laughter when seeing that he was trying to protect the small town behind him. What's even more entertaining is that the half breed doesn't have the two allies from the prophecy. This means he can easily take what he wants, and what he wants is the power the half breed has to help him eradicate everything from existence.

After Kron was laughing at the things he observed he spoke, "Well now ain't this a surprise? Here you are standing in front of me making my job easier and the two allies aren't around to help you defeat me. How about you make my job even easier by letting me take your power and I'll make sure your death is quick and painless."

"You'll never get my power. The universe will continue to exist as long as you don't get my power," Corvo responded.

Kron just laughed and said, "Then I'll just take it and make your death as slow and as painful as possible." After saying this he aimed the palm of one his three taloned hands and shot a red demonic beam out of his hand. Corvo dodged it and counter attacked by shooting a large ball of magic at the serpent. It hit its mark but failed to do any damage against the serpent's scales. Kron laughed at the failed attack.

He attacked again with a volley of fireballs. The half breed managed to dodge them all and shot off a beam of magic at the six winged serpent. again it had no effect on him. All it did was bounce off and hit the ground hard enough to make a crater. The half breed was to see that another one of his attacks failed to even dent a single scale on Kron.

The serpent shot off another volley of fireballs at Corvo which he dodged easily except for a beam of magic being shot at him. He was launched to the ground. He got up holding the spot he got hit at. Kron was laughing at Corvo. His surprise attack worked perfectly. Before the half breed could attack Kron shot off multiple beams of magic. The half breed was having trouble dodging all of the beams. Eventually he was hit by one of them and fell back to the ground.

He got up and ignored the pain he felt and flew back up to the sky and dive bombed at Kron when he got close enough he shot off the spell he was charging when he was dive bombing. The spell hit its mark and actually managed to stagger the six winged serpent. He was annoyed that Corvo managed to stagger him. The half breed went into another dive bomb but Kron was ready. When Corvo close enough Kron opened his mouth and spewed fire at the half breed who narrowly avoided it.

"How are you able to do that?!" Corvo asked surprised.

Kron just smirked and said, "There's a lot more to me than meets the eye." Kron then stabbed his talons into the ground and black tentacles came out of the ground and went after the half breed. He avoided them all and after a while of dodging Kron began making the tentacles sprout spikes on all of their sides to try and catch Corvo. It still failed to take the half breed out of the sky. The half breed summoned up a magical blade and began to cut down the tentacles one by one until none remained.

Kron was disappointed to see that another one of his attacks failed to its job. "You are quite the opponent Corvo. I will admit even though you don't have the 'prophesied' allies you prove to be quite a challenge," Kron complimented impressed.

Corvo smirked and replied, "I have been training in combat after all. This battle is proving quite difficult though."

"But it can end only one way."

"And that's for you to be destroyed."

Kron just smirked and shot off more spells while Corvo began to use shields to block any spells he couldn't dodge. He knew now that if he was to avoid anymore hits is to block most of them. He was managing to dodge and block every spell coming at him while also managing to hit Kron with every chance he got. Each time he hit the serpent he managed to only Kron angrier.

As he went in for another attack Kron used his tail and surprised the half breed who had little time to react before being hit out of the sky. He collided with the ground and before he could get up Kron grabbed him and threw right into Ponyville. Corvo crashed through a house and a crater trail was left in his wake when he collided into the ground and went a bit of a way.

He managed to get out of the crater but failed avoid beam of magic that launched him into a cart that was smashed to pieces upon impact. Kron slithered his way into the town and found Corvo trying to stand again. So he grabbed him and threw him again. The half breed hit the ground and skidded a bit of a way. The serpent went over to the downed half breed and began shooting spells at him continuously.

The attacks was making a giant cloud of dust, dirt, and smoke. Eventually Kron stopped his assault to see his work. He flapped his six wings to help clear the smoke. Once it was clear there was a crater that was formed from the amount of spells impacting the ground. In the middle of the crater was Corvo lying on the ground groaning in pain from the beating he took.

Kron laughed at Corvo and said, "It seems that you were wrong about how this was going to end. This is going to end with me taking your power. Unfortunately the quick and painless death would have been better than the slow and painful one." He let out more laughter before charging up a spell.

Before he could cast it a powerful blast of magic that was blue mixed with green hit Kron in the face hard. The blast staggered Kron enough for him to catch himself from falling over. It didn't just stagger him, it also took off a couple of his scales. He felt the pain when his scales were blasted off and turned to where the blast came from with vicious anger burning in his eyes.

Corvo also looked to see his saviors and was shocked to see who the attacker or attackers were. Standing on the roof of a house was Nightmare and Chrysalis, with their magic ready, glaring at Kron who was glaring back with pure hatred. The two mares flew over to Corvo and healed him the best they could.

The half breed was able to fight again in no time at all. He asked, "What are you two doing here? Shouldn't you be at the castle?"

Chrysalis answered the questions, "We watched as you took a beating so we left to come help."

Nightmare then said, "We couldn't take seeing you hurt so we eventually left after the volley that reptile fired at you. So we left the castle to come help you."

"Well that attack you two did actually affected Kron. So it seems you two are the two allies in the prophecy. I'm glad to have the two most beautiful mares that I love fighting by my side," the half breed said surprised to see that his two loves were the two allies this whole time.

They both blushed at his words but focused their attention back on Kron who was getting even angrier at the two mares and stallion. He knew that was real and not a dream because he can still the pain from having some of his scales being blasted off. Corvo stepped in between his two loves and shouted at Kron, "I was right Kron. Your destruction is how this is going to end. So get ready because no matter how much you fight you're only delaying inevitable."

Kron knew he could only delay it but he wouldn't stop until he had the power he needed and destroyed the universe once and for all. So let out a battle cry and shot a large beam of magic at them. They all dodged it, regrouped back in the air, combined their magic, and shot their own beam of magic at Kron who wasn't able to dodge in time.

The attack took off more of his scales and caused a lot more damage. The serpent fired a volley of fireballs and beams to try and knock them out of the sky and attack them on the ground. They blocked the entire volley with a shield. Once the volley was over they attacked again with weapons they summoned up and flew at blinding speeds that make even Rainbow Dash jealous. They made deep cuts on Kron's body that made him howl in pain as more and more began to be made.

The three all regrouped and dispelled their weapons. They looked over at Kron to see all the pain that he was in. He was clutching his side where one of the deeper cuts were and holding the area on his face where the pain from his missing scales are still present. He looked over at them and narrowed his eyes. He let go the area where the missing scales on his face were and pointed a talon at them. It shot a beam of magic that just went in between the three and missed.

He let a growl for having missed that shot. He then said, "If you're going to destroy me then do it already, but I will be back no matter what happens I will return and take your power to destroy the entire universe. Until we meet again Corvo Storm until we meet again."

The three nodded at each other and charged up a large magical ball. Once it was finished they launched it at Kron. When it hit him he was yelling in pain. His silhouette could be seen within the magic ball and began to fade away until it was gone. Once it was gone the magic ball dissipated and all that remained in its wake was a crater. The middle of the crater crumbled inward and water began to spew out. It continued to fill crater until it was full. The crater now turned into a lake thanks to the water spout .

The three landed and the Mane 6 met up with them. Behind them was entire town as well as the three princesses. "That was amazing! You were like 'this will end only one way' and he was like 'it will with me taking your power' and then boom, pow, whoosh, crash, and then kaboom!" exclaimed a very excited Pinkie Pie who continued to ramble about the battle.

Rainbow Dash began to talk about how fast they were going and how she will one day that fast as well. In fact the entire Mane 6 was talking about the battle except for Twilight. "That battle as amazing as it was how exactly did you manage to do all that?"

The three just shrugged. They honestly didn't know how they managed to call up all that power and speed with ease. They'll figure it out later when they have time. Corvo answered, "I don't know how we managed to do that but I don't want to answer any questions right now."

Twilight nodded in understanding and refrained from asking anymore questions. The princesses stepped up to the three all with amazed looks. They didn't expect two of their old enemies would help rid Equestria of a major threat. Celestia was the first to congratulate them, "Great job on getting rid of the six winged serpent. There's no telling what he could have done if he got what he wanted."

Luna spoke up, "I agree. I was skeptical about those two at first, but now I see that they were allies in the end."

Cadence congratulated them last, "The same is about me when I was skeptical as well. I have to admit it was rather surprising that you both were willing to help all of Equestria even after what you two tried to do."

By the time they finished congratulating the three the entire staff of Castle Dreamwalker had arrived to see if they were alright. The ones who were more worried was Corvo's parents. When they arrived they immediately went over to him to see if he was alright. He assured them that he was fine and they calmed down and told him to never do anything like that again. He said he couldn't make any promises.

"I think it's safe to say we won't have to worry about Kron anymore," the half breed said glad that he was gone for good this time. He hid it well but he couldn't get rid of that statement that serpent said about him coming back. He just ignored the statement for now seeing as everypony was happy to be rid of such a foul beast.

The half breed just decided to just celebrate that serpent's defeat.

Celestia then made an announcement, "Everypony may I have your attention please? Today a major threat to not just Equestria but the entire universe has been eradicated before it could finish its plans. These three have vanquished the greatest evil today, and I would like to congratulate them on their victory. I shall make this day a holiday to remember the bravery these three have shown. This day is now known as the day of the Fallen Serpent. Let us rejoice on this day and remember these brave heroes."

After finishing her speech everypony began to cheer for the three. Nightmare and Chrysalis were happy that they could help and be cheered for. Corvo was even happier because not only did he and his two loves destroy Kron but after this he is going to be married to the two most beautiful mares that he loves.

He was content, something he longed for a very long, long time.

The Epilogue

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A few weeks has past since Kron's defeat. During those weeks the wedding between Corvo, Nightmare, and Chrysalis was being prepared. The first week was spent getting the castle chapel decorated for the wedding. The second week was spent baking the goods for the party after the three lovers were wedded. The wedding was done by the third week which kept the three lovers apart so they can get the clothing they'll be wearing when it's time. That week was also used to throw party for the three.

The three didn't like being separated for a long amount of time but decided it was best seeing as it could make the wedding better since they would reunite in the end.

The wedding was today and Lightning Storm was helping Corvo get ready. "I hope this all goes well. I hope I don't mess up. What'll happen if I mess up?" said a nervous Corvo.

"It'll be fine. I went through this before and it all went well," assured Lightning. He didn't want his son to worry too much. He knows how it feels when you're about to get married. He did his best to calm his son down.

With Night Star things were a bit of the same. Nightmare and Chrysalis were also nervous. "I don't want this to be a disaster," said Nightmare hoping everything goes well.

"If it goes well we'll be married to the one who captured our hearts," sighed Chrysalis. She was nervous but decided to look on the bright side of things.

"That's good Chrysalis just keep calm. The same goes to you Nightmare. You need to keep a clear head," informed Night. She tried her best to calm them down.

Eventually it was time for the wedding. Corvo and Lightning went up to the pedestal to wait for the two brides. The that was wedding the thre was Celestia herself. She smiled at Corvo who returned it. She was happy for Corvo. He was marrying two mares that were once enemies and now they are allies who wanted to redeem themselves. She felt that if there were more ponies out there willing to give those who were bad a second chance, then maybe Equestria could finally live in peace without having to worry about a new threat appearing out of nowhere.

She looked over the crowd that had come. The Mane 6 were seated in the first row. Her sister and niece were next to them. In between Twilight and Cadence was Shining Armor who Cadence wanted to come and watch the wedding with her. Behind them was Applejack's brother and grandmother, Big Macintosh and Granny Smith. Beside them were Twilight's parents with Spike sitting beside them. Next to them were Rarity's mother and father who decided to come with their daughter wanting to spend some time with her and her sister.

Behind them was the entire castle staff who were happy for Corvo and couldn't wait for the wedding to start. Their wishes were rewarded when the pipe organ began to play 'Here Comes the Bride.' After it started playing the main doors opened and Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle came skipping down the aisle while spreading flower petals out on the aisle.

After they got to the end of the aisle they took their seats. The first bride to come down the aisle first was Chrysalis who was escorted by Star Streaker. Once he handed off Chrysalis he took his place by Lightning's side. Then Nightmare came down the aisle being escorted by Corvo's friend, who had come for the wedding, Blade Crysto. Once they reached the end Blade handed Nightmare off and took his place as best stallion.

Celestia spoke after making sure everypony was quiet, "We are gathered here today witness these three be wedded. Now before I begin does anypony have any objections as to why these three should not be wed."

No one spoke or had any objections so Celestia continued, "Then let us begin."

Time Lapse to the 'I do's' because I don't want to figure out how I want to do the vows.

"Corvo do you take Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis as your lawfully wedded wives from life until death, in health and in sickness, and to the end of time," Celestia asked.

"I do, now and forever," Corvo answered.

"Nightmare Moon do you take Corvo and Chrysalis as your lawfully wedded husband and wife from life until death, in health and in sickness, and to the end of time," Celestia asked.

"I do, now and forever," Nightmare answered.

"And do you Chrysalis take Corvo and Nightmare Moon as your lawfully wedded husband and wife from life until death, in health and in sickness, and to the end of time," Celestia asked.

"I do, now and forever," Chrysalis answered.

"Then with the power infested within me I now pronounce you three mares and colt. You may kiss," before she could finish Nightmare and Chrysalis pulled Corvo into that seemingly impossible kiss which surprised him but went with it anyway. Celestia finished with a laugh, "The groom."

Everypony laughed as well and cheered for the newly wedded couple. After everyone was done cheering they all went to the courtyard where the party was being held. Pinkie Pie helped with the treats and Rarity helped set up the decorations. The music is being played by DJ-PON3 aka Vinyl Scratch.

Everypony was having a good time. When the time for the cutting of the cake began everypony gathered around to watch the newlyweds cut the cake(obviously). The three used their magic to grab the knife which allowed them to cut the cake together do to their magic being combined. They cut a slice for everyone. The last slice was shared between the three.

Corvo was as happy as can be. He knew that from this day forward, that he and his two loves were going to be together for all of eternity.