• Published 30th Oct 2015
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The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm - Corvo Storm

The return of two villains is enough, but a stallion protecting them both and having hidden feelings for them is even worse, or is that better. Join a changeling, alicorn, and half-breed vampire as they try to convince others that the bad have good.

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The Home of the Storm

The group of eight made their way through the everfree and back to Ponyville. They said nothing as they made their way. When they got to the edge of town Chrysalis changed into a pony with a green mane and tail, a neon coat, and a typewriter for a cutie mark. Nightmare Moon cast a spell that made her mane, tail, and eyes look normal and hide her wings.

Corvo didn't wear his cloak he arrived in Ponyville. He felt that his appearance shouldn't matter. The reason being that a new structure is going to appear when they get to an open plain.

As they walked through the town getting occasional glances at them Twilight couldn't help but ask, "How is a open area of land help us get to your castle exactly?" Corvo looked at her with a smile and said, "My magic will help with that besides it's been a while since I was home in my castle ever since this entire search began."

"But how did you know about their past exactly?" she asked wondering how that was possible. He chuckled and answered, "I own a crystal ball containing unimaginable power to let me see the past and future. With it that ability in my possession I'm able to tell what I need to know before I do anything at all. That's when I looked into the past of those two mares. I saw their pain and how it all went down. I decided to do what I thought was right and help them both out."

Twilight couldn't help but be amazed at such an object having immense power but didn't question him further so she could think. They all walked until they reached an area that a little ways from Twilight's castle.

"So now what genius?" Dash asked sarcastically. Corvo didn't look at her and answered, "Oh you'll see." And with that said he closed his eyes and concentrated as hard as he could. His horn glew black and then a rumble could be felt.

Then the ground ahead of them began to split apart the most menacing looking castle rose out of the ground. The clouds began to turn black and began combining into a swirling storm. The castle that rose out of the ground had a wall that surrounding the entire castle. Four spires evenly spread out were along the wall. The courtyard was extremely large and at the back area of the was were the main structure tall and proud. In the center of the courtyard was the largest tower reaching toward the sky. The top of it had four claw structures curving upwards and looked liked it could hold a giant ball. The front gate had two large pony statues with spears tucked under their wings.

The spires then lit up and shot a red beam from each other at the central tower. The blast combined at the top creating a giant ball of energy in the claw like top. Then the main tower used that energy by shooting it into the storm and creating a portal that let terrible things out of it. Skeletal dragons wearing armor came out landing on the spires. Many other creatures exited the portal and took positions on the wall or in courtyard. After the last creature left the portal it closed up and the energy ball that was in the central tower's claw disappeared.

Everypony except Corvo had their mouths open in shock from what just happened right before their own eyes. Then Corvo said to them all snapping them out of their shock, "Follow me everypony and stick close to me. You could easily get lost in my home." They all didn't say a word and followed him.

As they got closer to the gate the both statues' eyes lit up red and they kneeled down and said in dark, menacing voices, "Welcome home Lord Storm." Corvo just nodded to them and they returned to their normal stance. As the group walked through the courtyard he informed Nightmare and Chrysalis, "You can drop your disguises now everypony here knows about you two and encouraged me to do all of this."

They did as they were told and dropped their disguises. Chrysalis couldn't help but ask what was on her mind, "What is this place and what do you mean by 'everypony' exactly?" He replied knowing a question like that was going to be asked, "This is my home, Castle Dreamwalker. There are others living here as well. Some were friends of my parents and the rest is family."

They all arrived at the castle doors feeling nervous. Two demon-like guards stood guard and the opened the doors for them. After they escorted them inside they said to them, "The feast will be ready soon." With that said they went back outside and closed the doors behind them.

"What did they mean by feast if you don't mind me asking?" asked Fluttershy shyly. Corvo was confused at the question for a few seconds before realizing that he never told them of the feast that was being prepared. He lead down a corridor leading to the dining hall and answered the question, "There is a feast being prepared for a reason. It's because this castle has been in a different dimensional plane for a very long time ever since my parents past away. I was given the task to find a spot to bring the castle to stay at forever and where the castle is now is perfect. The feast is to celebrate the return of this place in this world, but it's also to celebrate my successful search."

He turned to look at Nightmare and Chrysalis and gave them both a warm smile which they gratefully returned. They all began to hear from up ahead and when they got closer they could tell there was a considerable amount of ponies here. When they entered the dining hall they saw at least six ponies, nine griffins, and two pony sized dragons that looked to be brothers.

The entire dining was silent until Corvo's remaining family members cheered at his return. The rest of the group that occupied Corvo looked at each other and knew this was going to be the strangest experience of their entire lives.

Author's Note:

Another chapter done. I have done a lot of work to make this story. What's annoying is that I had more dislikes than likes. Sure I shouldn't complain but come on. I bet some ponies didn't even read the story and already gave a dislike or maybe they saw how my typing is at first then disliked just like that. Who ever reads this and if they have an account please like or dislike and feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts on the story so far. Anyway the next chapter be here as soon as possible. Later!

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