• Published 30th Oct 2015
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The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm - Corvo Storm

The return of two villains is enough, but a stallion protecting them both and having hidden feelings for them is even worse, or is that better. Join a changeling, alicorn, and half-breed vampire as they try to convince others that the bad have good.

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The News and to Help a Filly

The next morning they all went to the dining hall for breakfast. Corvo was as happy as he could be. The same went for his two lovely mares. The three sat by each other once they got to their seats. The residents of the were happy for the three. They had a great time chatting and sharing laughs.

All of that was interrupted by a teenage looking colt who looked at out of breath. He had a light blueish red coat with a gray colored mane and tail with a blue stripe through it. He had a telescope as a cutie mark. He quickly regained his composure and shouted for everyone to hear, "The elders have bad news."

Corvo looked at him confused and said, "Calm down Star Streaker and tell what happened."

"Yes master."

He took sometime to gather his thoughts before standing tall and informing, "We have confirmed reports of your father. Though there is a problem as well. The scouts have sighted a black mist forming around the gate to Tartarus. It is believed to be 'him.' That's all the information that I know of so I'm sorry if you wanted to know more master."

"It's okay Star Streaker I understand I'll ask the elders soon. You can leave now," the half breed reassured his apprentice and let him leave. He didn't know what to think of this information. The first bit of information was great. He could finally see his father again, but at the sametime have to deal with what his father was trying to protect him from in the first place. It seems that these turn of events is going to not only endanger himself but everypony in Equestria.

Corvo made his decision he would have a meeting about this later. Right now he needed to head to Ponyville to talk to Scootaloo. He entered Scootaloo's dreams and saw that they were nightmares. He then went into her memories and couldn't believe his own eyes. He told what he saw to Nightmare and Chrysalis who couldn't believe their ears at what he explained.

The half breed was broken out of his thoughts by his two loves asking him, "Who is 'him'?" He felt that they should know but not now. So he answered, "I will tell you both later. Right now we need to speak with a certain pegasus filly in Ponyville. The two mares nodded and knew that was more important at the moment.

They decided to fly to the town so they could stretch their wings more. Once they arrived they began looking for Scootaloo. They looked all over and couldn't find her anywhere. They then made their way to her and her friend's clubhouse to see if she was there. Sure enough she was and she looked happy as can be with her friends.

The half breed cleared his throat and said, "Scootaloo can you come out here so we can talk to you in private?" The filly came out annoyed but said, "Sure but be sure to come around a time when I'm not with my friends okay." After saying that she told her friends she would be back in a bit and went to talk with the three.

"What is it you want to talk about exactly?" Scootaloo asked wanting to be with her friends. Corvo looked at her for a second then answered, "I know what your parents are doing to you Scootaloo and I don't like it at all." The filly's ears went back after hearing that and she began to get nervous. She gulped and said, "What do you mean?"

He knew she was trying to avoid this conversation but he wouldn't let that happen. So he answered, "You know what I mean Scootaloo. They always beat you and don't care for you. You always are with your friends and you have nightmares about your parents taking them away from you. So stop trying to hide it. You don't have to be scared anymore. I'll call a social worker who can take care of this then we can help you recover from your traumatic experience."

That was when Scootaloo broke down crying and hugged him tightly. He hugged back and comforted her as she sobbed. Scootaloo then choked out, "It's true. T-they always beat me. They say I was a mistake and shouldn't even exist. They never told me w-why they-y h-hate m-me." She looked so broken and fragile at that moment.

Corvo told his two loves to comfort her while he went to see Rainbow Dash to talk to her about the crying filly. They just nodded their heads and went to comfort the filly. He nodded back at them and began flying to Dash's home. Once he got there he knocked on the door to see if she was home.

She was and when she opened the door he was met with an annoyed look from her as she was straightening out her mane. "What do you want Corvo?" she asked glaring at him. He ignored the look she gave him and answered, "I'm here to talk about Scootaloo." Dash was confused at why he was concerned about the orange pegasus filly.

"I don't get why Scootaloo is the issue," she wondered. He answered her, "Scootaloo is being abused." Dash thought he was just making a sick joke until he explained everything to her. She couldn't believe that Scootaloo had to go through. She was only a filly. Despite how tough she is when not with her parents, it wasn't the same when she was around.

"I don't get how that's possible. Scootaloo is always so happy and yet she lives a life like that. I just don't get," Dash said astonished at the filly. The half breed knew what she meant. He was surprised by that fact too. It was probably the fact that the filly has loving friends that they keep her happy even through what she has to go through. He then looked at Dash and said, "I feel we should let someone know and see what we can do for Scootaloo. Come with me and I'll take you to her."

Dash nodded and flew with Corvo back to the clubhouse. As they neared they heard faint shouting. As they got closer the shouting louder. Once they arrived they saw Scootaloo's parents in a shouting match with Nightmare. Chrysalis was off to the side trying to comfort the filly. Scootaloo's friends came by to help as well.

The features that didn't slip away from both Corvo's and Dash's eyes were the red hoofprint on Chrysalis' cheek and the forming bruises on the Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo didn't look any better. She had bruises covering her, some cuts, and what looks to be a broken foreleg. Dash was furious at seeing all of this but not as Corvo. He was fuming.

He then looked back at his changeling love, who was trying to heal Scootaloo, then back at his alicorn love and went over to her. Once he stood beside her he put his hoof over her mouth so she would be quiet so he could talk. Scootaloo's mother then turned to him and said in a venom filled voice, "Thanks for quieting down this lousy mare. She thought she could take my daughter away from me."

The mare's husband nodded in agreement. Corvo wasn't happy at the mare's tone and replied, "I know you both beat your daughter everyday and I have to say it's wrong. She's a young filly who deserves love not abuse. You both are horrible parents and should have been happy to have such a wonderful filly. I'm going to take Scootaloo into my care until this is all settled out." He then turned to Dash and said, "Take Applebloom and Sweetie Belle to their sisters and explain what happened here. I'll take Scootaloo to Twilight so we can get somepony to help deal with this mess."

After he said that he teleported himself, his two loves, and the abused filly to Twilight's castle. Dash then had the other two fillies get on her back so she could take them the Applejack and Rarity. Once she was gone Scootaloo's parents looked at each thinking the same thoughts and left the area to go back home.

Twilight was organizing her library until a flash was heard behind her. She turned around and saw Corvo with NIghtmare and Chrysalis who were trying to comfort Scootaloo who was still crying. Once Twilight the filly's condition she immediately was worried.

"What happened?" she asked. The half breed answered, "Try her parents abusing her for no reason. I want to help her get away from them somehow. I need you to message somepony to help me in this situation."

Twilight nodded and yelled, "Spike!" The baby dragon came up after a few minutes and sleepily asked, "What do you need Twilight?" The dragon was woken up from his sleep. His question was partially answered when he heard Scootaloo and looked over to see the scene in front of him. He then turned to the alicorn princess who said, "I need you to send a letter to the Canterlot orphanage to have them send down a social worker to help get Scootaloo away from her parents. I'll explain everything after you send the letter."

He did as he was told and sent the letter after writing it. Once it was sent he looked at Twilight for an explanation. Corvo explained everything instead since he had more information about the matter than Twilight. The baby dragon was shocked to say the least. He was glad Twilight made him send that letter. At least Scootaloo can rest easy now that she won't have to worry about her parents anymore.

"So what do we do now Corvo?" the princess asked. The half breed answered, "Now we wait for the social worker. How long until he or she gets here?"


Corvo felt relief go through him. He had an idea that would make the orange pegasus filly very happy. For now though he needed to get this mess dealt with at once. After waiting a few minutes a flash appeared in the room and a mare was standing where the flash came from. She was elderly mare. She looked over to Twilight first giving a quick bow before turning to Corvo.

"I got the letter that was sent to me. I'll see what I can do," the mare stated. She then began to make her way to the castle door. Not before asking, "Can you lead me the the filly's parents please?" Corvo nodded and then teleported them all to where Scootaloo's parents were. After teleporting they were in Scootaloo's house standing in front of her parents who were having their lunch. They looked none too pleased at their sudden guests.

"What do you want?" asked the filly's mother in the same venom filled voice. Corvo stepped up with a smirk and said, "This a social worker all the way from Canterlot. She's here to take Scootaloo away from both of you." The two parents were surprised before they both smirked. That surprised the entire group. The mother then stated, "Go ahead and take her. She doesn't deserve to be with and she would be better off in an orphanage unloved than staying here with us being useless. While she's at the orphanage she can learn how to grow up away from her friends."

It was Corvo's turn to smirk. Scootaloo's parents were surprised at this. He then said, "Scootaloo isn't going to an orphanage at all. The reason is because I'm going to adopt her." The jaws of everypony dropped at what he said. The one's more shocked were the filly's parents. They weren't expecting that to happen. Before they could say anything the social worker gave them a slip that showed they no longer had custody of Scootaloo. After that was given to them they left the house.

The social worker turned to Corvo and asked, "Are you sure you can take care of a foal by yourself?" The half breed looked at her and said, "Of course, I took care of a foal before. Though it was a long time ago. Anyway if I need any help with caring for a foal I always have the servants in my castle."

The worker was surprised at the mention of servants and a castle. She then asked, "When did you have a castle?" He looked over to her and answered, "I own the castle that appeared not long ago." The worker was surprised but smiled and said, "Well then you can already have the filly if you're royalty. Just let me have your signature and I'll be on my way." He signed the paper she gave him and after giving it back she said goodbye teleported back to Canterlot.

Once everything was said and done Corvo turned to Scootaloo and said, "You don't have to worry about your stuff. I already teleported it all of it to the room you'll be staying in the castle. Go ahead and tell your friends goodbye for now and then we'll head to the castle to get you settled in." The filly had a big smile on her face and nodded and ran off to find her friends to tell them everything that happened and say goodbye.

Once she left the half breed's two loves turned to him and said, "You did a good thing today Corvo. We knew we made the right choice in falling for you." They had a slight blush on their cheeks after saying what they had to say. Corvo smiled at them both nuzzled them both. He then said, "Let's go get Scootaloo and take her home so she can get settled in." The two mares nodded and followed him to the clubhouse. Once they got there they got Scootaloo and said goodbye to her friends.

Then the half breed put the filly on his back and the four flew back to the castle. Once they got there Corvo took the filly to her room while his loves explained everything.

Later that night after dinner Corvo was tucking the filly into her bed. "My parents never tucked me in at night," Scootaloo stated. The half breed just gave her a smile which she returned. Then he said, "Goodnight Scootaloo." Before he could walk away the filly wrapped her forelegs around his neck in a hug and said, "Thank you. For everything. Dad."

Corvo's heart warmed even more after hearing her call him that. He hugged back and they said goodnight to each other before Corvo left to his room. He went to bed knowing that he did a very good deed today. He let out a content sigh and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Author's Note:

Chapter name was hard to come up with. Anyway enjoy and the next chapter will be posted as soon as possible.

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