• Published 30th Oct 2015
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The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm - Corvo Storm

The return of two villains is enough, but a stallion protecting them both and having hidden feelings for them is even worse, or is that better. Join a changeling, alicorn, and half-breed vampire as they try to convince others that the bad have good.

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The Epilogue

A few weeks has past since Kron's defeat. During those weeks the wedding between Corvo, Nightmare, and Chrysalis was being prepared. The first week was spent getting the castle chapel decorated for the wedding. The second week was spent baking the goods for the party after the three lovers were wedded. The wedding was done by the third week which kept the three lovers apart so they can get the clothing they'll be wearing when it's time. That week was also used to throw party for the three.

The three didn't like being separated for a long amount of time but decided it was best seeing as it could make the wedding better since they would reunite in the end.

The wedding was today and Lightning Storm was helping Corvo get ready. "I hope this all goes well. I hope I don't mess up. What'll happen if I mess up?" said a nervous Corvo.

"It'll be fine. I went through this before and it all went well," assured Lightning. He didn't want his son to worry too much. He knows how it feels when you're about to get married. He did his best to calm his son down.

With Night Star things were a bit of the same. Nightmare and Chrysalis were also nervous. "I don't want this to be a disaster," said Nightmare hoping everything goes well.

"If it goes well we'll be married to the one who captured our hearts," sighed Chrysalis. She was nervous but decided to look on the bright side of things.

"That's good Chrysalis just keep calm. The same goes to you Nightmare. You need to keep a clear head," informed Night. She tried her best to calm them down.

Eventually it was time for the wedding. Corvo and Lightning went up to the pedestal to wait for the two brides. The that was wedding the thre was Celestia herself. She smiled at Corvo who returned it. She was happy for Corvo. He was marrying two mares that were once enemies and now they are allies who wanted to redeem themselves. She felt that if there were more ponies out there willing to give those who were bad a second chance, then maybe Equestria could finally live in peace without having to worry about a new threat appearing out of nowhere.

She looked over the crowd that had come. The Mane 6 were seated in the first row. Her sister and niece were next to them. In between Twilight and Cadence was Shining Armor who Cadence wanted to come and watch the wedding with her. Behind them was Applejack's brother and grandmother, Big Macintosh and Granny Smith. Beside them were Twilight's parents with Spike sitting beside them. Next to them were Rarity's mother and father who decided to come with their daughter wanting to spend some time with her and her sister.

Behind them was the entire castle staff who were happy for Corvo and couldn't wait for the wedding to start. Their wishes were rewarded when the pipe organ began to play 'Here Comes the Bride.' After it started playing the main doors opened and Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle came skipping down the aisle while spreading flower petals out on the aisle.

After they got to the end of the aisle they took their seats. The first bride to come down the aisle first was Chrysalis who was escorted by Star Streaker. Once he handed off Chrysalis he took his place by Lightning's side. Then Nightmare came down the aisle being escorted by Corvo's friend, who had come for the wedding, Blade Crysto. Once they reached the end Blade handed Nightmare off and took his place as best stallion.

Celestia spoke after making sure everypony was quiet, "We are gathered here today witness these three be wedded. Now before I begin does anypony have any objections as to why these three should not be wed."

No one spoke or had any objections so Celestia continued, "Then let us begin."

Time Lapse to the 'I do's' because I don't want to figure out how I want to do the vows.

"Corvo do you take Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis as your lawfully wedded wives from life until death, in health and in sickness, and to the end of time," Celestia asked.

"I do, now and forever," Corvo answered.

"Nightmare Moon do you take Corvo and Chrysalis as your lawfully wedded husband and wife from life until death, in health and in sickness, and to the end of time," Celestia asked.

"I do, now and forever," Nightmare answered.

"And do you Chrysalis take Corvo and Nightmare Moon as your lawfully wedded husband and wife from life until death, in health and in sickness, and to the end of time," Celestia asked.

"I do, now and forever," Chrysalis answered.

"Then with the power infested within me I now pronounce you three mares and colt. You may kiss," before she could finish Nightmare and Chrysalis pulled Corvo into that seemingly impossible kiss which surprised him but went with it anyway. Celestia finished with a laugh, "The groom."

Everypony laughed as well and cheered for the newly wedded couple. After everyone was done cheering they all went to the courtyard where the party was being held. Pinkie Pie helped with the treats and Rarity helped set up the decorations. The music is being played by DJ-PON3 aka Vinyl Scratch.

Everypony was having a good time. When the time for the cutting of the cake began everypony gathered around to watch the newlyweds cut the cake(obviously). The three used their magic to grab the knife which allowed them to cut the cake together do to their magic being combined. They cut a slice for everyone. The last slice was shared between the three.

Corvo was as happy as can be. He knew that from this day forward, that he and his two loves were going to be together for all of eternity.

Author's Note:

Some romance, a bit of humor, and BAM, great chapter.:pinkiehappy: I was wanting to type chapter for a long time and not wanting to at the same time. The reason why I say this is because I didn't want this story to end. But as I said before 'everything has to end some time.' Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this story and I hope that the next I type will be even better. Oh and this story will have a sequel so the three love birds will be having more adventures in the future. For now though I'll see you all later!:heart:

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nice job

8169377 Thanks. Glad to know you enjoyed my first story.

8169348 Yeah I might come back and take a look at it Later I had Just got done reading a real 3edgy5me self insert . So it might have bleed over unjustly. I'll remove the dislike for now and add it to my read later.

Ps. It was far better than my first story. anyways so who am I to judge.

Nice story. The ending was very sweet. This is going in my favorites.

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