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This story is a sequel to The Affection of Princess Nightmare Moon

Sequel to "The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon" and "The Affection of Princess Nightmare Moon".

An unknown villain tries to pit Princess Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis into another battle. Nurse Bandaid is caught in the middle. All the while Celestia is distracted with personal matters and Court Vizier Twilight Sparkle must try to run Canterlot on her own. Discord is unaccounted for, but he loves his sisters dearly. Who is pulling the strings of conflict between the five Children of Faust?

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 56 )

Been a while since you done one of these. 😄

Yay bandaid is back. :pinkiehappy:

omg, omg, omg another one!!!!!
eeeeeeeeeee *dies*

Ohh OHHHHH Time for rereads!!

Why no cover art???

Otherwise :pinkiehappy: squeeeeeee

Sequel, Bandaid!

Bitch Sticker rides again! :rainbowlaugh:

“Burn your ships,”

And so began the great burning of the Equestrian Navy.

3 years without a new story, and without this one I never would've found the others. Gotta give 'em a read now since they look too good to resist.

Welcome back

Burning the picture soubds a vit extreme... but knowing Celestia she is keeping it as a shrine.

Seeing the Pattern

What Princesses Need (realistic take on Luna/Nightmare Moon rather than getting shot by rainbow beam then boom everything is fine, being all alone for thousand years on the moon does things to you).

Luna's Story Part 1, 2 and 3

and there is also this series :).

Certainly skirting the edge of that Mature tag, aren't you.

Good chapter, it's nice to see Bandaid and Nighty having some peaceful and relaxing time together.

Oh yes, there were about twelve hours of panicking, a long session of stroking her own tail, a steaming bath to drain her stresses, plenty of wine to give her courage

Aw, poor Twilight. What a cutey.

and a sordid masturbation session or two to get the endorphins going


Oh yes, there were about twelve hours of panicking, a long session of stroking her own tail, a steaming bath to drain her stresses, plenty of wine to give her courage and a sordid masturbation session or two to get the endorphins going


That just escalated fast.

That is the one part I don’t like. Anything overly sexual was just the screen goes dark. Now things a hare too explicit for my kids.

That's the Aegis Shield I remember! Welcome back and thanks for writing more delicious fanfics.

And look at all these american prudes in the comments!

It's not the end of the world... unless he goes beserk again

and now Bandaid is learning and how to use that, the VERY thing that Nightmare Moon is scared of in last fanfic when she watched her mother's match.

Nevertheless, both of them are good parents and nothing can take that away

Poor First Aid... Damn this story is so good!

Looking forward to Mom’s reaction when she hears her gentle, caring son has kicked the stuffing out of Queen Chrysalis not once, but three times. Should be entertaining!

I can almost hear Chrysalis next chapter talking to Nightmare. “Honestly? If I never see tour pet stallion again, it will be too soon. Every time I end up in pain or my children end up broken or dead. That pony is just bad luck, plain and simple.” :rainbowlaugh:

One hole in the storytelling so far—what happened from Bandaid’s perspective when he was spirited off to the Badlands. Even if it was just “I went to sleep in Ponyville and woke up in the tallest tower of Chrysalis’ castle,” the reader needs to hear it. The longer it draws out before we learn this, the more annoying it becomes, at least for this reader.

Yeah, that "warning" would have done less to set me against Celestia and more to draw me to her as help.

I can't help but feel that Bandaid's dad is being a bit of a selfish prick on several levels. Yeah, he might have been justified in enforcing the agreement for Dazzle not to train Bandaid back when he was a foal...but now he's a grown stallion who's life circumstances have changed drastically. Bet First would feel real great if the next thing to go after Bandaid and Nighty severely injures him or worse when having his mom's training could have prevented it.

Geez Bandaid's dad needs to get over himself. > <



To be fair if I was disappointed in how my wife raised our first 6 kids i'd be darned determined to protect my 7th. Especially sense it seems most of them became delinquents. His dad just want another member of the family that isn't into violence.

Luna's still a pervert.

Heh his interaction with Luna was adorable.

If luna wasn't already the moon then I'd gues that NMM evil/good half is doing this behind her back

What do you wanna do about it? She has probably seen her fair share of those 'things':rainbowwild:

Some of my best friends are perverts.

I somehow missed this sequel...glad I found it.

When is the next chapter?

Not gonna lie, in the first few paragraphs I was expecting there to be a twist that showed they were just playing dungeons and dragons.

Is this being scrapped?

The stallion lay sleeping, hugging a pillow and resting peacefully.

"Sleep with one eye open, hugging your pillow tight."

A five-foot-wide sinkhole was hidden under Bandaid’s bed.

"It's just the beast under your bed..."


They’d asked her how she felt. No context, just there in the middle of the meeting ... but she’d been checking her notes on the three-way mountain passage between Equestria, Alpacastan and the Crystal Empire. She’d spoken her answer without thinking, without measuring, without anything of the sort. The silence she’d received in return was all it took for her to excuse herself. But the blush didn’t leave her face after that meeting, nor the next day when the meetings continued. Those three small words… why, why had she said such a thing to foreign diplomats, in a foreign country?!

I want to see that, I don't expect to, but I really want to.

4 months and no new chapters. Is Aegis Ok?

To be fair, her keeper is the local goddess of Lust, if I'm remembering it correctly.

Obligatory "IT LIVES!" post.

Hey guys, have you heard that it lives?

I forgot how much I missed this story.

It’s alive!!!


Chrysalis peered around the living room with bald curiosity. The bookshelf hosted a whole row of Ponies and Castles books, a radio, a line of tiny plastic figurines, some picture frames of ponies she didn’t recognize, and a meager music collection. A pair of spider-webbed barbells sat sadly in the corner, five pounds each. A pile of mail was on the table. She pawed through this and that, but saw nothing unusual. His couch, his sitting chair, the windows… it was all so ordinary. Her eyes rested on a poster frame of a map of Maredore. Why, that wasn’t even a real country! The Queen rolled her eyes, sticking her head under the couch for a few moments. Nothing.


Is the story dead?

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