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Shadow is a genetically engineered xenomorph who lost everything. His hive was destroyed and he was tricked into going into trap that was to get him off the ship he stowed away on. He crash lands on an unknown world and sees an opportunity to finally live without the worry of WY. When he discovers a small cottage and discovers that there isn't a human living in it but a talking pony, his life flips upside down. These creatures treat him nicer than the humans and he vows to not let WY step foot on this planet. He will start his own hive and hope to find a way to have his species strive once more. Will he succeed or will he be captured and experimented on?

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I've always been a fan of the xenomorphs so when I saw a crossover with them I was like :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

This looks interesting. I think I'll keep an eye on this story.

How... is he gonna make a new hive in Equestria without upsetting the inhabitants:applejackunsure:, cause I don't think ponies, or any creatures are gonna be happy(or approving) finding out how xenomorphs are born:twilightoops:? Unless Twi or Celestia's magic can alter their biology, making so they don't need a host to reproduce.:duck:

Interesting... Following :ajsmug:

You've turned a xenomorph, one of the most vicious mindless killing machines of American cinema, into a whiny Special Snowflake.

2/8 b8. As trollfics go, I've read better.

What this story is about?

Meh. Even as big an Aliens fan as I am, I can't see myself reading this. It just seems so odd for a Xenomorph, one of the most dangerous and vicious killing machines in cinematic history, to become something that feels actual human emotions, biologically altered or not. Sorry, but I won't read this.

Plus you need an editor. The description needs major reworking.

7010049 Think of it as a redemption to his species.

7010409 There are fics in fanfiction.net that do this too.

7009834 The xeno will figure it out. Even if it means drastic measures must be taken.

7010439 and I won't be reading them, as I barely visit fanfiction anymore (it's been almost a year since the last time).

Other than gramatical errors this seems promesing. I will track it for now and see ware it goes.

7010438 ok and how is it going to make it new hives without you know what?

7010492 I might have an idea how but it will take sometime before we get to that point

from a mix of this chapter and the description, he who shadow want to kill the most will get to equestria with some wayland goons and try to attack and capture the local lifeforms but shadow may or may not happy about that, and then shit hits the fan

okay, needing an editor but other than that not to bad all in all.

Very interesting concept. :derpyderp2: A tall order but if done right it could be amazing. :rainbowkiss: I am looking forward to where this mite go. :twilightsmile:

A day in the life of Shadow the xenomorph:pinkiehappy:

Disliked it for OOC Xeno. Other than that it's relatively fine.

Acrually I'll write a parody of this, with actual In character Xeno

7011209 I agree that the xeno is ooc but having a regular xeno would make the story pretty short with a very predictable outcome. At least the author gave a decent explanation for the xeno's actions all we need now is the reasoning for the name.

This is definitely very interesting. I wonder what else you have planned.

I'm really starting to get into this

Really nice chapter. Though I can only imagine what will happen once weyland touches down. Good job and I'll see you in the next chapter.

7017505 simple shit is going down with lots of gunfire

Removed from favorites. Completely unable to buy any of the interactions here.

7017505 How do you feel about the xenomorph in this story? I'm curious to know everyone's opinions on him including yours.

7019297 I was actually intrigued that you chose to humanize the xeno to where he has the ability to have human emotion and cognitive thought rather than the trademark killer instinct that most of his race is bred with. It's definitely an interesting take on the xenomorph as a whole and one that I've thoroughly enjoyed as the story progresses.

7019361 That's great to hear! To be honest I thought a regular xeno would make things too predictable and shorten the story.


I thoroughly agree with you. Giving Shadow human emotions was not something I expected from a Xenomorph making him a truly unique character, this is especially obvious when he first sees a pony and doesn't feel the need to kill. All together though the concept and story so far is pretty good! Even if my opinion doesn't matter, I still enjoy story's like this so keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Face huggers really? I cant say for sure if thats what they were called in the movies but come on your going to tell me the species calls them that... you couldnt call them carriers or spiders or even just huggers would be better.

On a lighter note it is an interesting story thus far. Name choice aside.

7022011 I didn't exactly think about what the xenomorphs would call them. My bad!:twilightsheepish:

not sure how much you actually follow the alien lore and all but even though they are a bio-weapon made by a kinda dead race there not stupid they have a hivemind type deal in there DNA the drones and other members of the race will only act on it's own to reach the stage where they have a queen and a drone/egg can change into a queen given enough time and the right triggers.
all wayland created drones that were dumped into a hive were killed in the comics and books etc or the control was simply taken away from wayland by the queen.
basically they all have a DNA bomb in them unless you have the type of tech lvl that the ones who made them had you could not override the basic DNA programming that is there base DNA eventually it would simply have a "need" to morph into a queen or gather host and etc which is kinda the failsafe for the weapon that is the xeno.
the one that you have in the story as it's "mom" would be it's queen it would fill the need that the DNA requires but like you see in one of the movies it would kill everything else as it's not part of the hive or it's queen.

but it's fanfic so you can kinda spin the whole "hive" thing into it basically claiming pony kind as part of it's hive while keeping the human "mother" as it's queen.

Well done once again. The memories in this chapter definitely added a bit more to shadow as a character. I can't wait to see the next one.

Hmm I loved it hope to see more soon :pinkiehappy:

This will be a great story in my opinion. Let's see how this ends shall we?

Yes lets see how this ends, great story so far I am honestly happy this exists. It brings a different feel to a Xenomorph. A xeno protecting others? Thats clever! Keep up the good work and I hope to see more! SOON!

Twilight nodded in agreement. Whatever caused this amount of damage surely was a force to be reckoned with. She shook away that thought and said, "Maybe it needed food. Or the organs for something else. Who knows but what i know is that it's carnivorous."

Couldn't help but smile at this a bit, lol

A sapient xenomorph? Go on.

Like to see what the synths will do :trixieshiftright:. also you have a new follower :twilightsmile:


7056259 Sorry but my internet has not been that cooperative this week. It has begun to tick me off. If not this week then next week is when the next chapter will be out. Again sorry for the inconvenience.

7056570 now that i know why theres a cliffhanger...Things are ok

BRING IT ON YA FOOKIN SYNTHS!!!!!! and yes...i play fallout 4...and i yell that at those fookers when i see em

Oh crap this just got real! I am pumped for the next chapter!

magic vs slow synths well that will end in a massacre

...wait synths whit weapons.... i wonder if they are any better than "Alien Isolation" ones....

7060284 They sorta will be. All I have to say is that they are not going to last long either way.

i cant really say anythinng that hasent been seid if your going to make this work you need to make a xeno a fucking xeno not a snowflake i get tired of seeing monsters turned carbear its a fucking xeno

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