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When I'm not doing homework, drawing or playing guitar I like to write. And watch MLP FiM.


Hi. The name's Discord. I'm 15 and everyone calls me the gangly kid. Even though I'm not a kid. I'm a dracconequus. Everyone else is an alicorn. And they're all magical and perfect. What I can do is different. It's almost like I was made for chaos. Which is weird because I'm supposed to be the ruler of someplace. Not that I know where I come from. Anyway there's this chick in my class, Celestia. She's hot. Maybe you know her?

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Sorry about the short chapter I ran out of ideas. :ajsleepy:

So english is not your first language I take it

1509208 oh shit my bad its just that you kept putting maths class as opposed to math:twilightsheepish:

1509303 we say Maths in New Zealand. :twilightsmile:

sounds good, will read soon

1509370 well that explains it im from the states

1503285 I've got some ideas for the chapters:
Discord asking Celestia to be his girl/filly/mare friend.
Discord using chaos on other ponies and turning a few into different objects
Celestia breaking up with Discord ( from Celestias AND Discords views)

Sorry if these are allready in there. I don't useally read stories until their compleatly done.

goin on read later cause now i gotta finish a paper

Oh gawd. This is going to be amazing. I'll read it later. :trollestia:

Oh geez.
This is awesome. :rainbowlaugh:

Dammit, Luna. Why!? :ajsleepy:

Nice job breaking it, Discord.

This...is a step forward. Keep this up, I'm starting to like this.:moustache:

...the book wasn't THAT much better...

good story but i feel that the transformation to nightmare moon was a little rushed. still ill fave this story to keep tabs on it. no thumbs up for now though. you gotta work for that

Ggggrrrreeeeaaaaat job Discord, great job. You just HAD to reject the sister with slight mental unstability. You just had to. Nicely done, nice. It's SURE to get you points with Celestia, now that she'll haver to lock her sister in the moon at what, age sixteen? Stupendous, perfect. :twilightangry2:

And Luna, you do know that ponies are diurnal, and rarely sleep during the day, and are awake during the night? It's not your or their fault, it's genetics. Blame genetics.

I gave it a thumbs up before I'd even read it. Anything with Dislestia is good to me. :pinkiehappy:

1509551 Discord is planning to ask Celestia out but he doesn't have the guts.

Good ideas maybe I'll use some :twilightsmile:

1510047 I know, but I wanted Celestia to say something that made it look like she was defusing the situation.

1510082 it was a bit rushed looking back and reading it again :applejackunsure:

1511764 all in all though, great story

I might just start on the next chapter right now cuz I got nothing else to do :derpytongue2:

Dis b gud. And I am ready for more:twilightblush:

A boy says that he likes her sister so she turns into nightmare moon... that escalated quickly (Overused meme is overused.) :facehoof:

Great job Iove this story please update soon:pinkiehappy:

Hey bro, nice story!!!!! I did a double take when I saw it was you!

Nice. And the book was way better.

I dance for what seems like ages, then I sit down upstairs in a room somewhere.

This is Discord; I figured he'd rather be sitting uproom in a stairs somewhere.

Why do you call it "maths class"? Everyone I've ever encountered, either in real life or the internet, calls it "math class".

1. Discord is just a kid right now and I might do a sequel where he gets assigned Equestria. Right now he's just a naive teenager. Besides, what fun is there in canon? :derpytongue2:

2. I'm from New Zealand and I've always called it Maths. Do you think I should change it to math? :duck:


Well, I actually thought the movie was better until we watched it heaps for film study. Feather and I can pretty much recite scenes word for word!

Seriously Chrysalis, you need to learn how to write. :facehoof:

Also, something I've been waiting for my whole life...

FIRST! :yay:

Well that makes two of us

Moar.......... NOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAWW:flutterrage:


Not...good...for inhabitance...DRAMADRAMADRAMADRAMA.

...wat...dafuq...SOMUCHEPICNESSICANBERELYBREATH-*gets hit with baseball bat*-Thanks, I needed that.:pinkiecrazy:

Wow, this is so good!:pinkiehappy:

Uh, I think you mean "homework I've missed" Not mist.:twilightblush:

1543175 oh crap whoops...:pinkiegasp:

Well that escalated quickly.
You need to be more descriptive, but otherwise, I liked it :trollestia:

And I don't mind if it takes time to update school is important for life
And also good chapter:pinkiehappy:

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