• Published 29th Jan 2016
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Asriel's Change of Fate - Corvo Storm

After being fatally injured by an unknown assailant. Asriel is transported to the magical land of Equestria. He will the magic of friendship and how it could help him return home with a soul that can save him from the fate of being a flower again.

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Asriel's Fatality

Asriel was tending to the golden flowers that grew on Chara's grave. He was glad to not have his soul anymore. It was nice but that feeling of nice will only last for few more moments before he turns back into that evil flower. He stood up to look over the flowers to see if any of them needed to be tended to. When he felt all the flowers were tended to he decided to look around the area.

Wherever he looked all he could see darkness. When he looked back at the flowers something sharp went into his back, through his heart, and out of his chest. He looked over his shoulder to see a figure standing in the dark holding the hilt of the blade that stabbed him.

"Why?" he asked.

The figure answered simply, "You are going to turn into a flower that will hurt people. That fate isn't right for someone like you. What I'm doing is giving you a second chance."

"By killing me?"

"No. I'm giving you a second chance by sending you to a place that will help you. What will happen is that you will turn to dust-" the figure explained only to be interrupted by Asriel.

"So you are killing me then?"

"Let me finish," the figure said in annoyance, "You will turn to dust which will be turned to nothing. When you wake up you must find a small town. The forest you'll wake up in will have dangerous. To get to the town, you need to turn around when you stand up and keep heading straight. You'll reach the town in no time. After that its all up to you."

Asriel was beginning to see black but asked the question he needed to know, "Who are you?"

The figure laughed a little then answered, "A friend." The figure pulled out his blade cleaning it off and walking into the shadows leaving Asriel clutching his chest.

Asriel's vision was leaving him and all he could feel was the pain he got from the stab. He didn't understand how he would be transported to who knows where. He looked over into the darkness to find the figure. He didn't find the figure so he just looked back at the golden flowers.

That was the last thing he saw before he blacked out and turned to dust.

Author's Note:

That was sad. The show must go on!

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