The Xeno That Came to Equestria

by Corvo Storm


Shadow woke up unexpectedly and fell out of the crevice he made out of the resin he put on the wall and slept in. He got up and wondered how he managed to fall out of it before remembering the dream he had. It was more like a nightmare. He went to the door and opened it to go outside. Once outside he closed the door quietly as to not wake Fluttershy.

He saw that it was the middle of the night and was glad it was. He looked at all the stars there were helping ease his mind. It didn't help him stop remembering the nightmare though. His nightmare was about all that happened to him. He decided that the best way to ease his mind is to remember all the good times in his life.

That's what kept him from letting his primal instincts get the better of him. That also was what was told to him by mother. He began to remember the good times with her.
He walked around his cell bored out of his mind. The humans that have been watching him have only been writing down everything he did. He thought about taking a nap when he heard the door open. He looked to see someone that he recognized all too well. He ran over to her with excitement.

She was an average height woman with some gray streaks in her black hair. She was around her 60s but looked to be around her 40s surprisingly. She wore a white lab coat with a patch that looked to be sewed over something. She laughed at how he acted stroked the side of his head. He knew she had something on her judging by the scent.

She knew he smelled what she had on her and took out of her coat pocket. It was a heart of an animal she got from the slaughterhouse in in the colony she lived in. She took off the plastic wrap and gave it to Shadow who was happy to take. It was fresh and he liked it when his meals were fresh.

He raised it into the air above him, opened his mouth, and pierced the heart with his claw to let the blood flow out into his awaiting maw. After it was drained of blood he devoured the empty heart. The woman laughed at how he acted before sitting down and taking some sharpies. He saw what she pulled out and knew it was time for his lesson.

He sat down in front of her and was given a sharpie. "Let's see if you can write my name shall we?" she said before using her sharpie and writing down five letters, S-A-R-A-H. He looked at the writing for a few seconds before crudely writing the same letters down. After he did that she looked over at it and nodded seeing that the letters matched each other.

She then pointed to the letters while saying, "Sarah." He watched and listened as she did this. When she finished he tried to do the same. He pointed at the letters that spelled sarah and tried to speak it. It resulted in it being more of a hiss than an actual voice saying the word.

She laughed at his attempt. She then said, "My name is Sarah. Do you understand that?" He looked at her for a few seconds before nodding. Sarah smiled seeing he knew what she was saying. She then watched has began to write something down. When he was done he drew an arrow toward her.

She looked over and saw that it said 'mother.' She couldn't help but smile at what he wrote. That smile turned into a frown though. He wondered why. Before being able to write the question she stood up quickly and left the room. He was confused. What made her leave? Was it that bastard who had him locked in here? Or was it something else? He didn't know.
He awoke when he felt something nudge him. He looked to see Fluttershy standing over him. He must have fallen asleep when remembering mother. He knew that she wasn't supposed to be his mother because the queen is his mother, but he knew who created him and gave him the ability to feel.

That's what pained him more. Sarah was his creator and he believes the creator would be his mother not the queen of his species. He was the only xenomorph that didn't have some type fail safe put in his head to prevent him from going anywhere. He wondered why though. HIs thoughts were broken when he was nudged by the yellow pegasus again.

He looked at her again and wondered what she want. She gestured to the something and he looked to see a bowl of fish with a bowl of water. He took the fish first and ate each at a time. Then he drank the water last. Once he was done he went to the chicken coop Fluttershy had to watch the chickens.

He couldn't even watch them for long when they began to freak out and head back in the coop when they saw him. He couldn't help but burst into hiss-like laughter when a few of them laid eggs when they saw him. He knew what that meant because he had caused humans to do the same thing except it wasn't eggs.

After his laughter died down he saw Fluttershy walking toward the wooded area he was going to follow when he remembered that these animals will be scared upon seeing him. He decided to just stay at the cottage. He went into it and began to look around, impressed at how creatures like the pegasus are able to be just like humans. Well kinda sorta.

They seem to not use violence on everything they encounter. Well except that blue pegasus with the rainbow mane and tail. She threatened to knock him out if he hurt Fluttershy. He was about to hiss at her when the timid pegasus managed to get the blue one out of his face and stop making threats that weren't going to do anything.

Still this world isn't that hostile. He was still surprised to see mice and rats running around the cottage not causing any trouble. He remembered how humans hated that type of vermin. Some were scared of such vermin while others didn't like them in general. Then again Fluttershy cares for all animals so that doesn't mean all ponies in this world care for animals.

He looked around a bit more before looking in drawers to try and find some paper. He found a pencil then the paper in a drawer in one room. After having what he needed, he went into the living room and sat down at the coffee table. He put down a sheet of paper and began to draw with the pencil.

He drew the hive he was a part of and Sarah sitting against one of the walls while stroking his head as he lay beside her with his head in her lap. He knew that would never happen. One the hive would try to kill her or make her a host, and two the hive is destroyed. He was taught how to draw by her as well.

She was teaching him many things that humans did. He began to remember when she first started to teach him how to draw.
He was watching the scientists as they looked into the room taking notes on his behaviour. He could tell that they weren't happy with what they were recording. Especially when he covered the window that allowed them to look in to observe him. He still found it amusing when he covered it up that one day to see what their reactions would be. It was priceless. Their confusion and anger when they saw what he did. He was knocked out after they activated the gas made to knock out xenomorphs without killing them.

When he awoke, he was in his restraints watching as they removed the substance. As he watched them he heard the door open knowing who it was. He turned to see Sarah coming in with some type of object. When she sat it down she put a white canvas on it. She began to explain what it was and what it was used for.

She left the room for a few moments before returning with 3 cans of something, a screwdriver, and some brushes of all sizes. She placed them down by the easel which holds the canvas. She opened the cans with the screwdriver. Each can had a different color. One was red, one was blue, and the other one was yellow.

He was curious to know why she brought all these items in his cell. He watched carefully as she explained. "The cans contain a substance called paint. Humans use paint to create pictures. These pictures created by paint are called paintings." She then took one of the brushes and dipped the hair-like part into blue paint, and then painted a circle.

He watched as she did these actions before grabbing a brush and doing the same thing. He saw how she smiled when he began to learn new things. She explained other ways paint is used such as mixing colors to make new colors. Eventually they stopped painting when he decided to have a bit of fun and dumped one of the cans of paint over her head.

She yelped when he did that and tried to get her revenge by pouring paint over his head. She failed with the can but succeeded with the other. He had to admit that for her age, she was rather fit. They eventually calmed down from the fun they had from covering each other in paint and she had to leave to get cleaned up.

He had to molt because it was time to and it helped him not have to be sprayed with water. He hated the way he was cleaned whenever he got covered in something. They always sprayed him with a powerful jet of water that hurt from the amount of pressure it delivered. He was glad he had to molt when it was required. At least he didn't have to deal with powerful water spray.

His molted skin was retrieved to be studied. That is if they manage to wash it. He lied down and began to fall asleep. The next day Sarah came back with the easel and a new canvas. This time they drew with a pencil. The other scientists forbid her from using paint to teach him how to make art. They had fun drawing many things. He was extremely happy that day.
He looked at his finished drawing. He would have tears in his eyes if it wasn't for the fact that he didn't have any eyes. He left the drawing where it was on the table and went to the resin-covered wall and climbed into the crevice he made and went to sleep. He managed to sleep soundly that night.