• Published 8th Mar 2016
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The Xeno That Came to Equestria - Corvo Storm

A pod crash lands in the Everfree carrying a lone xenomorph who lost everything dear to him. He will learn that the world he landed on isn't as hostile as any other world. He will protect this world from the clutches of WY.

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Synth Takedown and C5 Betrayal

Everything was quiet when the programmed voice finished its sentence. The only sound that was heard was the hissing growl that Shadow made at the synths who stood there emotionless all except for C5 who tried to hide in the very back of the group behind one of the research synths.

They all stood there for few more moments until the xenomorph screeched loudly and charged at the group. The combat synths opened fired with the bullets being able to stun instead of kill. Shadow felt several of the bullets hit him and shock him. He began to dodge them to the best of his ability until he finally reached the synths.

He grabbed the one closest to him and used it as a shield to block and ram into the other synths. The combat synths lost their bearing giving him a chance to stab one with his tail and lift it in front of him to finish it off. He opened his mouth and shot his dagger-like tongue into the head of the synth.

The white blood tasted horrible, but he ignored it and ripped off the synth's arms. It began to spit out white blood from its mouth before deactivating. Shadow removed his tail from the destroyed synth and grabbed the next that tried to shoot him.

He was quicker and grabbed the gun. He pulled the synth closer to impale it with his claws that extended. He then moved his claws upward and created large deep slashes in the synth as it began to spit out blood and fall to the ground to deactivate. Shadow turned to see the three remaining combat synths charging him with stun batons.

He jumped over them and brought his tail down one of the synths head going, slicing down to where it was almost split in half. The synths turned around struck him with the stun batons. He screeched in pain from the electricity going through his body and grabbed both of the synths by their arms and throwing them away from him.

He spat acid at one them and hit it the leg. It began to erode away and the synth fell to the ground unable to do anything but watch. The other synth charged at him again and got impaled by his tail. The synth used this to its advantage and used its stun baton to shock Shadow's tail. He screeched in pain before grabbing the stun baton and shoving it in the synths mouth causing it to begin convulsing.

The white blood began coming out of its mouth as he continued to shock the synth showing no signs of stopping. He eventually let go of the stun baton, leaving it in the synth's mouth, and pulled his tail away from the synth's stomach. It was convulsing nonstop until the stun baton lost all of its charge.

The synth fell to the ground and convulsed some more before going motionless. He looked at the other synth that watched with no emotion at all. He walked toward it and smacked its baton away with his tail once he was close enough. It continued to look at him as he glared down at it. He leaned down and got in the the synth's face.

He used the sharp fangs at the end of his mandibles, lodged them into synth's skull and lifting it up off the ground. It was beginning to bleed its white blood over his mandibles and leak from its mouth. Shadow opened his mouth and shot out his dagger-like tongue into the its skull killing it.

He removed his mandibles and let the synth body hit the ground with a loud thud. He looked to the the research synths picking up the combat synths weapons. They had an equal number of research synths to combat synths. Before he could do anything the synths began to convulse violently.

Electricity began to be seen on them before they fell to the floor and catching on fire. The everyone looked from the burning synths to the only one left in the room. C5 had something in his hand with a button flashing red. He saw that all eyes were on him and he dropped the device he had and fell to his knees.

He was scared and looked to be begging for his life, "Please don't hurt me! I helped you get rid of the other synths! Just don't hurt me!" Shadow looked at him then to the burning synths. He remembers this synth from his imprisonment. He ran experiments on him that hurt. He hissed at the cowering synth before walking slowly toward him.

C5 was petrified and didn't dare move seeing as it would be pointless. He was grabbed by the neck and brought up off the ground to look face to face with Shadow who was hissing menacingly.

The ponies were in shock at what just happened. They had just witnessed Shadow destroy the combat synths as if it was nothing. The first one to break out of her shock was Fluttershy. She saw that he was about to end C5. She spoke loud enough for him to hear her, "Shadow please don't kill him. He didn't do anything. He didn't try to hurt you so please put him down."

He looked over at her before turning back to C5 and screeching in his face and throwing him to the ground. C5 was relieved to say the least. He was about to die and he was saved by that pegasus. He was about to say thanks when guards came in after hearing the gunshots and screeches from Shadow.

They grabbed C5 and pinned him down. "Let him up. I want him to explain what he and these strange beings were doing here as well as tell us what that device he had was," Celestia ordered. The guards hesitated before doing what they were told but kept a close eye on him to see if would try anything.

He got up and looked at the ponies with a look of thanks and confusion before looking over at Shadow that was still hissing at him. They were all wanting an explanation so he should talk now before the xenomorph decides that he isn't worth keeping alive. He began to explain, "Hello my name is C5. I am a synth and that's what the dead things are as well."

They all gave confused looks. He knew seeing as he doesn't look anything like the synths lying on the ground. "I'm a type of synth that looks more human. Me and my team were sent here to scout this world and, if possible, capture the xenomorph that ended up here."

He looked at Shadow who was ready to end him then and there. He gulped from just looking at the xeno. He continued to explain, "We have scouted the crash site of the pod that was sent here and the tracks leading away from it. It lead to a dead creature I identified to be a manticore from Persian mythology. We then began to pick up readings coming from this area. Are pilot went back to our space vessel until we needed to call him back to pick us up."

"The synths that began to short circuit did that because of the remote in my hand. I had tampered with it to do that to try and gain this xenomorph's trust. I want to be rid of Mr. Weyland. His company may have created me but I was given free will. I want him dead because he hurt a friend of mine. Her name is Sarah and he has her imprisoned on that vessel," he finished.

They were amazed to say the least.Twilight looked like she was about to faint from this information and Celestia was in deep thought. He looked over at Shadow to see that he was in deep thought as well since he stopped hissing at the synth.

She's still alive! I thought she was killed after I was sent into space. Why would they keep her alive and for what reason? Shadow couldn't believe that Sarah was still breathing, but not only that, C5 wanted to get rid of Weyland too. This could prove useful. They all looked at Celestia who cleared her throat before speaking, "It seems that this information can help us in the future. C5 will stay here with me while I teleport the rest of you back to Ponyville."

They all nodded and waited for the spell to be cast. Once it was they all found themselves in Twilight's library. Shadow felt dizzy from the teleportation spell. He didn't understand how it worked nor did he care at the moment. While was recovering the mane 6 were talking to each other.

"Ah don't know about this Twi. Those things proved to be dangerous and could have harmed us if they wanted to," Applejack stated a little worried.

"Maybe if we show them a good time by throwing them a party! Right Mr. Author person?" Pinkie said while breaking the 4th wall when she isn't supposed to!

"Oops my bad!"

The others looked at her strangely before putting it aside as a Pinkie thing. "These things that attacked weren't that strong. After all Shadow put a beating on them without trouble," Dash said believing it was simple.

Rarity gave her a look that said 'you're kidding right.' Sighing, Twilight looked at Dash began to list the obvious, "Rainbow Dash those had weapons. Weapons that can shoot faster and farther. They are well trained and won't stop until they have completed their orders. They are dangerous and shouldn't be messed with."

Dash was about to say something when Rarity interrupted her, "I have to agree with Twilight. How could we fight such uncivilized beings that could easily beat us?"

"By throwing them a-" Pinkie began.

"Shut up Pinkie!" the others all said in unision. Pinkie kept quiet knowing that wouldn't have told her to shut up unless this was serious. She shrugged it off before pulling out a batch of cupcakes and beginning to devour them. They all sighed at how Pinkie was acting before deciding that she is just doing what she does best.

Fluttershy spoke after a long silence, "What are we going to do? How would we be able to defeat this type of evil? If you don't mind me asking that is."

"Fluttershy just stick by me and you'll be okay. Promise," Dash claimed. The others couldn't help but facehoof at Dash for thinking that she could take on the synths. Shadow heard what she said and couldn't help but quietly laugh in a hiss-like way at how she thinks that she could beat synths easily. It had taken 2 months before he could beat a group of synths when he was in captivity, in open combat.

"Rainbow you can't expect to beat these ruffians do you?" Rarity asked worried that Rainbow Dash would try to beat them on her own.

"Once I beat up a few of them they'll leave us alone," Dash declared. She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a page that had some writing on it being held by Shadow, who found paper and pen.

It read, Synths aren't to be taken lightly. They are programmed to follow their orders without question. Weyland is also a man that won't give up until he gets what he wants. Your species is in danger as well as any other species that lives on this world. You can't beat him unless you had help.

Dash rolled her eyes at what she read. The others read it and agreed that was the confirmation they needed to prove that they were right. Shadow was glad that the rest of them saw reason while Rainbow was being stubborn. Fluttershy decided it was time to go home with Shadow. He nodded in agreement knowing it was best to get some rest.

They said their goodbyes before leaving. Of course Shadow staying out of sight. Once they left the CMC decided to go to their respective homes. They left as well. That left Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie. All was quiet for a few moments until Pinkie broke it, "I hope we can still throw a party after the bad guys are gone!"

The others shook their heads at Pinkie. "Girls it would be best if came up with some type of plan to prepare us for what's to come," Twilight said not wanting to know what would happen if they were caught by Weyland. They began to plan on what to do.
Weyland was watching the footage repeatedly. He watched the video the research synths recorded. The fight and C5's betrayal. He was pissed. He watched one of the synths turn to C5 to see him press a button then the video going to static.

The crew didn't dare talk to Weyland when he was angry. He always lashed out when someone tried to get him to calm down. He stood watching the video one last time before turning to one of the crewmen. "Is the ship able to continue to the planet?" he asked wanting a good answer.

One of the crew stepped up nervously and answered, "Y-yes sir. The planet can be reached within 2-3 days. More if we have to reroute power to any other systems."

Weyland smiled at how good that sounded and turned to the crew. They all looked at him waiting for their orders. "Everyone I want all power put into the engines. We should get on that planet as soon as possible. No excuses," he commanded. The crew began to work and he felt the ship jerk forward a bit as it began to continue its journey.

He wanted to be on the planet as soon as possible and nothing can stop him now.

Author's Note:

There you have it another chapter. I couldn't think of a good name for the chapter so that's why it was given this name. I hope you all enjoy!

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