• Published 8th Mar 2016
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The Xeno That Came to Equestria - Corvo Storm

A pod crash lands in the Everfree carrying a lone xenomorph who lost everything dear to him. He will learn that the world he landed on isn't as hostile as any other world. He will protect this world from the clutches of WY.

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3 Years Later

Shadow looked from the bridge of the research vessel, which had been covered in the resin to make the hive, and was thinking about everything for the past 3 years. He had kept his promise to Fluttershy and visited her once a week. His hive has grown more as volunteers were willing to sacrifice their lives to help his species grow. They all survived when Celestia had some doctors be around to surgically remove the chestburster before it kills its host.

Surprisingly they were able to counteract the effects of the carapace the chestburster leaves behind. Thanks to this the same volunteers were willing to become hosts again when they make a full recovery. A large team of scientists had taken the dropship to study it and come into his hive to take some of the equipment off the ship.

They somehow managed to take off one of the intact engines and transport it to Canterlot to study. As the the second year began Twilight had become a princess. A few months after that a centaur named Tirek attacked and the entire hive took the egg, that has been producing the facehuggers to grow the hive, to a safe location incase Tirek hits the area where the egg was.

After he was defeated by Twilight and her friends she had gotten her own palace and is known as the princess of friendship. As soon as she got her palace and when she became a princess in the first place there were ponies who demanded that he and his species to be gone. She denied them and said that it wasn't her choice because Celestia was the one who allowed them to stay.

Overall he was happy over the past years. He learned the terms his species uses. Facehuggers are known as seekers and the egg is known as a carrier. He didn't mind these terms and started using them more while maintaining his hive.

A loud thumping in the vents and something jumping out of them interrupted his thoughts. He didn't need to turn around because he knew who it was thanks to the hive mind. "What is it Slash?" he said in a tired tone. He hadn't been resting for a few days ever since his big change.

You have visitors father. They haven't seen you for awhile and wanted to check up on you seeing as you missed your weekly visit with Fluttershy, Slash informed.

"Thank you Slash. I go to them shortly. You may go.

Slash left through the vents leaving Shadow alone again. He looked out the window for a few more minutes before looking at his reflection in the glass. He had grown a least a foot and now possessed four arms. He had the head crest a queen has indicating that he leads the hive. He had been feeling irritated for awhile before needing to cocoon himself to help the irritation.

He emerged like he is now and had been quite tired for the past few days because he barely got any rest with all the voices of the hive becoming stronger and being able to feel the emotions of all the other xenomorphs. It hasn't been helping him but Slash assured him that he'll get used to it eventually and he'll be able to get some rest.

He looked at his reflection for a few more moments before staring down at a few pictures for a few seconds then heading out of the bridge to greet his friends.

The first 3 pictures were of him and Sarah during the happy times they spent together. The other pictures were of him and his friends. One showed him and Dash neck and neck in a race. Another showed him with Twilight enjoying a good book. There was one with him having shoving a piece of cake in the princess's face though she didn't mind because of the smile on her face. There was also one where he was trying to figure out how Pinkie got from one place to another so fast.

One showed Rarity trying to measure him for a gift she wanted to give while he made a game out of it. The next one showed him carrying a large basket of apples while helping Applejack. Next was one that showed him and Fluttershy. She was smiling while he had a arm around her and ruffling her mane with the other. The final picture showed him and all of his friends together when Twilight got her palace.

These pictures show that he will always have friends no matter what. They all bring him happiness and he won't ever forget it.

Author's Note:

This concludes this story. Hope you all enjoyed because it took a lot of time to do all this. This now concludes Shadow's legacy in Equestria.

Or is it the beginning?

Stick around for awhile because I'm going to be whipping up something to go after this story right after I get some other stories made. I have to make a story with Chrysalis in Fallout and a Nyx story as well as something else before I begin the next story for this.

Catch yall later!

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Comments ( 40 )

7136901 I just posted the epilogue

yay the possibility of a Nyx story gosh how the little Alicorn filly is so loved

This story was really good. I'm glad I was able to follow it to the end.

Good...good.....hope there's more.

7136919 It's a story that I'm going to make to the best of my ability.

OH MY GODS.....that's a good ending

I'll be honest, it hardly the best book I've read, but it's decent.

question is shadow able to make new eggs?

7137589 The change didn't change his gender.

What the next story going call?

Maybe Ellen Ripley will be the guest star in the sequel? Just askin' :twilightsmile:

Well story is decent but just feels quite boring most of the time. But i still enjoyed it. Not quite a fave but a like still.

7146417 That's good enough for me.

7169714 no the monster from alien is also called Xenomorph. Both reconfigure the human DNA they are implanted in to create new bodies.

7235853 You are forgiven and I pretty much alternated the school for a reason. Think about the school getting some work done that allows it to have more than a one room class. Besides I always thought the school was bigger seeing as you only get to see one room of it and that's it.

7304485 ? I now know that it is from something else . . . .

7169714 you aware about to get so much rage from aliens zealots. Also, nope. It's from a series called aliens.

all I want to know now is, how would our protagonist react to changelings?

7350857 Ok still . . .

7378554 most xenomorphs are part human in the movie so they should all be slightly sapient

7351058 Oh geez............

Sequel is needed....... NOW!

7429057 I'll get the sequel but I have some other things to do first. Please be patient.

THE END........or is it


i like it, needs more of something but it's still good.

This was an amazing story kinda sad that it was so short but I'm also glad I finished this as I read WAAAT too many thus I go to others in the middle of some anywho GRATE story and I really did enjoy what would be nice is to see a sequel to this where equus is very advanced and up to date with humans and so on anywho grate story!

7769355 It seemed fitting.

god dammit... i am bad with emotional final chapters!
this was a fantastic story!

I enjoyed this story. Great job author, hope to see more. :P

hello 7769633 So he becomes a queen or king?
I ask because I am collecting all the stories where there is alien queen
Here is the address


I loved this so much, but I just wish there were more chapters :fluttercry:

I love the artwork on this story although the only thing that irritates me is the ultra bright shade of white on the claws. brighter than :trollestia:

This has been one of the best stories I have ever read. If you decide to make a sequel, please do it soon. The cover art is fantastic and the story itself was epic! Hope you continue to make more awesome stories like this, Good luck! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:

He's a male and last chapter he said he became a King and father and in this one he was called Father, so he's a King, just with a head crest of a queen that shows he leads the hive/xenomorph race (on the planet)

But is he, himself, along with all his biological crew, considered expendable? All that will be left, is whatever androids and gynoids he brought with him; it is, again, called LIFE SUPPORT for a bloody reason: it supports life! As in: life cannot support itself without it! You know, little things, like: freezing to death, or cooking alive, or being exposed to the vacuum of space, or nothing attenuating incoming radiation!

Basically, assuming nobody brought any droids aboard, with orders to land the vehicle safely (assuming it was programmed with the capability to do so, or can gain those capabilities by itself, without orders), the only way they are arriving on planet, is if that fucking tombship crashlands!

Because, again, nothing living will be on board that ship, by the time the ship reaches its destination.

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