• Published 8th Mar 2016
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The Xeno That Came to Equestria - Corvo Storm

A pod crash lands in the Everfree carrying a lone xenomorph who lost everything dear to him. He will learn that the world he landed on isn't as hostile as any other world. He will protect this world from the clutches of WY.

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Bookworm meets Xeno

A lone space vessel, with big yellow letters that read WY, slowly made its way toward a planet. The ship had suffered catastrophic damage when a lone xenomorph broke out killing 93% of the crew and destroyed 76% of the ship's engines and power systems before being jettisoned toward the planet they're heading to now.

On the bridge of this vessel stood a man in his late 50s watching the planet slowly come closer. He was thinking to himself when his thoughts were interrupted by one of the last remaining crewmen, "Mr. Weyland we are closing in on the planet the xenomorph landed on. At the pace we're going now we'll be there within two days."

"Good. I want you to monitor the our progress. I'm going to go speak with the doctor," Weyland said before walking to the bridge exit, not letting the crewman respond. He made his way to the elevator and pressed the button labeled 'containment cells.' Once the elevator stopped he went to the only active cell there was.

Inside sat a woman that was giving him a death glare. He chuckled at her and said, "It seems that we'll be reaching that planet soon. It won't be long now before we have the xenomorph you created."

"He won't ever listen to you," she threatened, "I made him be able to feel more emotions than the ones a xenomorph usually feels."

"And that's why he considers you to be his mother, seeing as he will only listen to you."

"You aren't going to get him no matter what you try. He will try to save me and kill everybody on this ship," she said smirking.

Weyland just chuckled and began to walk away while saying, "We'll see." Once he was in the elevator he pressed the button labeled 'bunks' and went to his room to rest up. Not only is he getting back the xenomorph, but he'll also have a planet to put a facility on.
Fluttershy made her way through town to the library where her friend Twilight lived. Once she arrived she knocked on the door and waited for a few moments before the door was opened by Spike. "Oh hey Fluttershy. What are you doing here?" he greeted.

"I'm here to see Twilight about something important," she said.

"If you're here for a book about animals we have a few somewhere."

"Oh no, it's not about that it's about something I found."

"What did you find?" a voice asked from behind her. She was startled and turned around to see Twilight with Dash. The unicorn was wondering what Fluttershy found hoping it could be the alien from the pod they found.

Fluttershy was about to answer when she remembered her fear that she swallowed when meeting the alien. She let out scream(though not very loud) and jumped so high she ended up clinging to one of the branches of the library. Her friends looked at her in confusion before she explained everything that happened.

Twilight looked like she was about to faint from excitement while Dash made sure the timid pegasus wasn't hurt. Once they all calmed down they made their way to Fluttershy's cottage to go meet this alien.

They arrived and walked in to have their jaws drop at what they saw. One of the walls were covered in a black substance that looked as if it was made of bone and tubing. They something crunch and turned to see Shadow munching on a fish bone. Fluttershy looked and saw that he ate the rest of the fish that she kept for the other animals.

She turned back when she heard hiss-like laughter coming from him. The first one to speak was Twilight, "It's amazing! Just look at its body structure! Oh and its tail and the second mouth it has! How does it even have that?!" He was startled by this new creature. It was like the white one he saw before except there weren't any diamond pictures on its hindquarters and it had a different color mane and tail as well as purple fur.

He wasn't comfortable around her at all. He immediately didn't like being around her when she pulled a syringe from her bag. It was empty which made him feel better knowing he wouldn't be knocked out. He shuddered at the thought of remembering the restraints he was in when waking up.

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt the needle prick his chitin-like skin. Twilight drew some of his blood and was about to put it under the microscope she brought when it began to burn through the syringe and drip onto the floor. She and her friends stared wide eyed at the floor as his blood began to eat away at the wood.

"How is he even alive?!" Dash clearly surprised to see such a creature have blood capable of hurting someone.

"I don't know, but I think it's best that we shouldn't try to see what else is in its blood. We don't want somepony to get hurt," the unicorn informed. Ponies? he thought, Now I know what they are, but now I need to know what types they are. He decided to wait a bit to see if they mention what they are.

"Fluttershy what do you know about this thing?" Twilight asked wanting to know what other things she should know just in case.

"Oh well its carnivorous. It has a lot more intellect than a normal manticore. It also is able to see somehow without eyes," she informed seeing as this information and prove useful. After some more talk about what he is they began to talk about his gender and species.

"We need to find out if its a he or she and know what species it is," the unicorn said looking toward Shadow as watched them with interest. She wondered what the thing was thinking about everything that has happened. It seems to be curious at the moment and wondered if it would let her check its gender.

He knew that they needed to what he was but having to know gender would be a bit embarrassing seeing as there is only one way to know. He decided to try and communicate with them. So he went to one of the walls and began to carve his name into it with his claws. They all watched amazement as he did this.

Once he was done he pointed at his name then to himself. They seem to have understood. Dash spoke first, "Okay so that its name but that doesn't tell us anything about its gender." They looked back to see that he had facepalmed at what she said and carved 'male' into the wall. He was annoyed at how the cyan one wasn't that bright.

He then carved something else. Once he was done he showed them what it read, My species is called the xenomorph. They now knew what he was and what his species is. Now the only question is how he got here. Twilight gave him a pen and paper for him to write on. Then she cleared her throat and asked, "You can understand me right?"

He wrote down 'yes.'

She gave him a smile and asked, "How did your ship crash here?"

It isn't mine.

"Then how did you get here?"

I was a test subject to some humans that imprisoned me. I escaped and killed a extremely large number of them before their leader launched me into space in that escape pod you found.

The three mares stood there in shock looking at what he wrote. They thought humans were a myth, but not only that he killed a lot of them when he escaped before being launched here. Now they knew that it wasn't best to put him in a confined area or try to experiment on him.

The unicorn gulped knowing that he could end her at anytime. She then asked hesitantly, "Are you the only one that came here?"

She regretted asking that after what he wrote down. Yes. My hive was killed by these humans. I'm the only survivor. He was looking at the floor remembering what happened. The humans coming in shooting up the hive, him fighting to try and stop anymore from coming in, being caught and dragged onto the dropship, and the hive being destroyed in an explosion.

He dropped the pen and paper, went into a fetal position, and began to whimper. He always tries to avoid showing weakness, but every time he remembers what happened to the hive, he couldn't control himself. The yellow one was in a flash by his side stroking the side of his head.

He was visibly shaking. He hates being like this. He knows he has to be strong and move on but it's hard when those memories come back to haunt him. After a few minutes had passed of his whimpering he was back on his feet feeling much better. He was glad to have got that off his chest.

He grabbed the paper and pen and began to write down the questions he needed to know. Where he was, what type of pony they were, and who they were.

The unicorn answered them all, "You're in Equestria. I'm a unicorn, and my here are pegasi. My name Twilight Sparkle, this is Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash."

He nodded at them all before writing down 'nice to meet you all.' Dash decided to leave to go do something instead of talking and asking. Once she was gone, Fluttershy decided to go and get some more fish so she could feed the carnivorous animals including her new guest. The only ones left are Shadow and Twilight.

After a few moments of awkward silence Twilight spoke up, "I'm amazed that you're able to communicate with us. Is all of your species this nice?" He gave her a look that read 'it's obvious' before writing something down.

She looked to see what he wrote, No. My species would have either killed you or taken you to a hive to become hosts. She shuddered at that writing. She thought all of his species would be nice. Looks like she was wrong.


Hosts are used to make more of my kind. The queen lays eggs that hatch out facehuggers. These facehuggers latch onto a host's face and puts an embryo into the host's chest. After a certain period of time has passed the youngling bursts out of the chest.

The unicorn was scared that something like that would happen to her if he was like the rest of his species. She shook off the thought and decided to stop asking questions. They talked a bit or rather she talk, him write. They continued doing this before the unicorn decided to go back to the library to message the princess about this.

She left leaving him alone to think. These ponies treat me better than any other human did. Well except one. He decided to go to sleep seeing as the days events had tired him out.

Fluttershy came in with two baskets full of fish and saw that Shadow had begun to crawl into a crevice in the strange muck. He practically blended in with it well. She went over to her fridge and poured all the fish in one basket into a drawer of her fridge. She did the same with the other and poured it into a different drawer.

Once she was done she went back outside to do some of the things she needed to do that day before being interrupted by Shadow attacking Grumpy. She looked up at the sky and saw that it was midday. She looked back in one more time before heading out the door.

Author's Note:

Amazing how things work out isn't it. Do note that you need to pay close attention to how Shadow acts. Remember that he lost those dear to him in order get how he feels. Oh and I couldn't think of a better title for this.

Edit: I finally realized that a error about Shadow being the only one in Equestria was the answer no not yes. I fixed so it makes a bit more sense. I really need to proofread my stories or get an editor.

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